Nevermind the crisis, what about the things that can be fixed…?

Well, its been a while.
11:22 on 07 April 2009

Unfortunately I haven’t had a great deal to write about lately due to the complications my life has thrown at me recently, the joyful honeymoon period of feeling Greece was great has worn off to the harsh reality of what it truly is.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love its madness and so many other aspects to what it has to offer but I’m just physically drained by how useless as a country it actually is.

I’m not here to upset people by saying any of this, I’m truly not, however I’ve been here nearly a year now, exactly one year in 26 days so I feel I have seen quite a bit and have as much a right to my views now as anyone, and I have paid my dues and have now suffered as many Greeks do on a regular basis anyway, and this last year I have seen much of the darkness this country has in store for all people from all walks of life anyway to be able to say my bit, and so I will.

E's a Greek

Tin Katsame (We’re doomed)

So where to begin…

Well, working in Exarhia prior to Christmas and seeing the city become a war zone in a matter of hours day after day was something I hope I never experience again, anywhere in the world, not just in Greece.

Its one thing when you turn on the TV and see rioters burning and destroying a city, Police openly beating protesters and demonstrators alike, and buildings being set on fire, yet when you have to make your way through the chaos, stumbling through broken glass and debris to try to sneak your way out of the area without getting beaten or hit by missiles, well its something else.

I’m not saying the riots were wrong, but as an innocent person trying to get by in life, neither the rioters nor the Police had any respect for anyone other than themselves at times and the fact that more people didn’t die as a result was quite amazing. And yes I can complain as our office was in the centre of Exarhia, we used to sit with our eyes streaming as the Tear gas hovered in the air as we tried to do our jobs, this after having to walk through it for some 4-500 yards as we avoided the glass and fires that raged along our street, watching the builders try to patch up the businesses as the fire brigade tried to put out the remnants of the nights folly, this all as we tried not to get arrested each morning for being in the area anyway.

Having had my first bad experience with a Taxi driver who stole my clothes on my Birthday to now having worked for a nasty lying piece of sh*t who openly lied and stole his way through his career has also been an experience. Despite him openly admitting to the staff that he was fraudulently fabricating receipts for money over the last five years at least, I still laugh in bemusement as no one is prepared to do much about it without a push, but there’s a push, and you can count on it… Everything from the way he treats the staff to the poor unfortunate refugee’s that are supposedly sent there to receive help is just shocking, and yet in Greece its seen as almost normal, he owes me several thousand euro’s and is being chased for rent owed and several other unpaid matters also, and again, who cares, no one. (The saga of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS will be highlighted later on). I have now been attacked and nearly robbed by a drunk Taxi driver, (outside the Police station at that, and in view of three officers), and yet as the Taxi driver tried to drive me into another vehicle they didn’t see a thing, however after I was dragged into the station and wanted their testimony they didn’t see a thing or want anything other than to lock me up for the weekend for being a foreigner who wanted justice to be done, (outrageous I know), however fortunately a dear friend saved the day and kept me from having to hire a helicopter to fly me out of Prison.

E's Scum

No morals, No Ethics, unbelievable Bullsh*t…

Lets not forget that this is after the incident whereby a Prisoner had already stolen a Police car having been left unattended in the car with a firearm, he then went on to nearly escape, this is also after the Scandal whereby elements within the Clergy tried to sell off Holy land here in Greece, and before the classic case whereby a known criminal and offender who had previously escaped a so-called maximum prison by helicopter, escapes a maximum security prison by helicopter…

Now excuse me while I struggle to suppress a laugh, however if I offered a script like that to Hollywood, they’d have me thrown out and probably locked up too. You can’t make sh*t like that up unless you come to Greece and see it first hand, and that’s only scratching the surface of this last year, honestly…

I’m not sabre rattling either trying to say the UK is any better, if it were, do you think I would have left…? Hell no, that’s not my point, I’m just surprised and shocked about how poorly run, how few rights people have and how impossible things are to get done here.

In some aspects its very much worse than a third world country, broken beyond the point of normality in its governing system, run by dictators and people who have no reason to share the rights of the country with its people, and devoid of compassion for what should be or for those who truly want to attain any greatness in their lives. This is the truly shocking part for me.

No matter what you try to do, get done or want doing, you can’t as there is no sense of pride or achievement in most people as everyone knows the systems so unbelievably f*cked anyway, so why bother…

A friend of mine here informed us that recently where he works, out of a number of positions that were going within government, half had to be assigned to a select group of people who were friends, family or people who had been promised the jobs, the rest were to be just given out by someone who didn’t have any relevant experience anyway.

So, the next time you deal with the government and you wonder why nothing f*cking works and why no one has a f*cking clue, ask yourself if in a country whereby some idiots f*ckwit cousin gets a job he can’t do, is it probably because he’s stood in front of you…

And again I can confirm this on many levels, I’m not just clutching at straws on these matters, I’ve been here a year, had to endure some real sh*t and have dealt with the system with the help of informed friends, Greek’s who thought they knew the system too, only for us all to end up wondering what Planet we’d suddenly woken up on. When I first arrived, the UK embassy, the Greek consulate, the local authorities, the Immigration centre and the Police. ALL didn’t know where I was to go to obtain my Residents Permit. Every website link, every office we were told to speak to, every dumb assed office we were sent to, and every senior person within the afore-mentioned organisations, all didn’t have a clue…

Again, don’t get me wrong – I truly love Greece. I love the country, I love the madness, I love the weather, I love the people who suffer as I do, but I can’t stand a society that rattles on about being the architects of so-called democracy when they can’t even get the basics right 2000 years on. Now since I’ve been here, most people have pre warned me to the sh*t that happens here, and I thank you for your honesty, but don’t let what could be a great country be destroyed by a few that don’t care.

This isn’t just about Greece either, it’s anywhere where things are wrong. When something doesn’t work and screws the people its there to help, its fundamentally wrong on all levels and against why it was elected in the first place.

I see the coming election details appearing more and more on the news and sadly don’t feel I know or understand enough of your country and the mentality yet to be a true voter, however you all do! You know what you want and you know what is wrong probably far more than I do, so for god’s sake, don’t let the next elections allow the same sh*t to happen any longer.

My nan was heavily into Politics and always said you can’t complain if you don’t try to change the way it is, and she was right. You all have the right, I’m one person, a foreigner that no one gives a damn about at that and I don’t expect to change the world to suit me. Nice though it may be, I know it’s not possible, however you all can, its your country, you suffer, and you have the right to some things that some parts of the world take for granted.

Your rights…


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