Back to the whole Aliens thing I’m afraid, very afraid…!

So, the Irony isn’t lost in yet another class news story from the other side of the world…

The headline reads :
Russian politician claims he met aliens on Moscow balcony“…

Nothing unbelievable about that surely? What’s not to believe about visitors coming probably light years across the universe to visit the future president of the World Chess Federation on his balcony…

*Aliens compete to qualify in the Galactic Chess Championships

It's your move Cyril...

Maybe they were worried about being late for entry, wanting that extra time to familiarise themselves with the rules or just simply hoping to get special rates on ring side seats.

I enjoy a good game of Chess now and again however I’m not sure I’d be hot footing it across the universe to meet the head of the organisation beforehand though, especially on his balcony. You’d have thought his secretary would have had something to say about the whole affair being a little unexpected.

“Sorry, Mr. Ilyumzhinov isn’t available right now, he’s currently busy being telepathically shown around an Alien spaceship on the balcony at the minute, if you’d like to leave a message he’ll get back to you shortly…”

And so another unremarkable day at the office passes without incident. Not sure who his usual guests are but you’d think someone would be a little more phased by the events, like maybe his Driver, the minister who was apparently present and the ‘other’ guest, unless of course the other guest that isn’t mentioned happens to be Buzz Lightyear…

Of course it’s purely speculation but the story fails to mention anything about the fact that being met by Aliens on your Balcony isn’t a matter of concern to anyone other than the people in the FIDE (the World Chess Federation), who may somehow doubt his credentials for re-election.

“Bizarrely, Mr Lebedev said he felt it was necessary to check whether Mr Ilyumzhinov had revealed details about his job or state secrets during his unusual encounter.”

His Job, state secrets… WTF! I mistook Chess for a game. Somehow, lost in translation is the fact that whilst moving Bishop to King Pawn you may divuldge state secrets. I wondered why every time I lost I had to sign an official secrecy act form.

It all makes sense now. My previous rant about Aliens, didn’t allow the insight or wisdom of Mr Hawkings to comment on a preempted visit by the local Intergalactic Chess appreciation society, who may all be after Kasparov’s secrets, not to mention maybe a touch of global domination in between matches…

Thankfully Domino players worldwide can all now breathe a sigh of relief until the next visit from your table game friendly Aliens from afar…

Fortunately they didn’t come to Greece, otherwise trying to decipher a friendly game of Tavli would have left them wondering what move the ‘Malaka’ move was as its so commonly thrown about during matches…

Plus I don’t care how good they are at parking, balcony or not, only a Greek can find somewhere to park in Athens…

E's the Law

Peachyness is the Law...

Like peachyness – it’s the law!

(*Image of Aliens by unknown source)


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