How to create your own NGO in Greece.

Saving Strawberry Jam.

Well Its been a while since I had a good old rant, and after this last saga of life, rant I will…

So, after being witness to a corrupt Non Government Organisation that receives funding from the very same Ministries that have employed three of the recent Board of Directors, two of which have been employed by (KEELPNO) and who have worked at Andreas Syggros Hospital as Doctors!

E's Scum
Pretending to be a Doctors Brilliant...

This is despite not being registered or qualified as medical staff! Two members of the board of Directors are in a relationship, one of which is the President of the Board and the other of which is the Financial Director, so, the two responsible for funding and who are also responsible for nearly ten years of non accountability and financial irregularities as well as the complete lack of legal framework in their actions so far, are and have been allowed to do as they want without question. After hijacking an Organisation that wasn’t operating for nearly ten years, of course.

As they have then gone on to implement and work on non legally protected projects, this is after of course, making it possible for them to receive funding from other Government Ministries and Private sector bodies, YDAS and Khiels etc! They then set about putting at risk the very people they claimed to be helping.

Of course, I nearly forgot about ensuring the fact that you could do this for nearly ten years without question or getting caught, the option there was to just vote themselves in, thereby guaranteeing that no one would be able to investigate or spot irregularities as it was none of their business, plus if you work for the Ministries that are funding your organisation, you can just do as you want anyway, who’s going to ask, the other member of the Board…?

As for the Elections, Hmmm… When five people vote for themselves though, its pretty hard to end up with eight votes, or is that just me being a dumb assed simpleton… ! Two of the previous board of Directors claim to not even know about being made directors and only found out several years after leaving, and interestingly enough, three of the Board always remain the same… No clues for guessing which three so far!

So – I began to wonder, is it me or is just the most f*cked up system in the world if when you highlight these issues to the relevant authorities who are responsible for this, that they just try to lie and deceive their way out of what could have been a relatively simple situation. Were not just talking a few facts, were talking hard facts, 400+ pages of evidence… If it were on CSI – you’d already know it was a crime, that sort of prospect!

The obvious approach, (at least to me) would have been to look into the situation, work out the facts, and then act responsibly according to the laws that abide by the system, etc, etc…

The actual events of this last nine months are slightly more bizarre. This is where to me now it gets kind of funny, but in a sick way though.

This is real life. This is in your Government here in Greece, KEELPNO, your Ministry of Health and Foreign Affairs, and sadly too this has been censored by the media till now, we know this as we have been told. They didn’t want to upset a few people and hoped it would go away, thankfully this gave us a bigger spade and enabled us to dig deeper. The first mistake everyone made was to expect that people would be content with further ignorance, stupidity and lies, and like a bull to a red cloth we pursued…

Now fortunately, what is happening is that all the relevant people who chose to do nothing, who abused their positions, who broke their own laws and who failed to act in the interest of the system they are supposed to represent, are experiencing the harsh reality of justice.

Its been hard, and they know this. They make it hard, they hide behind their desks, feeding us their lies, expecting us to swallow their horse sh*t and this is true to each and every one of us. They break their own laws as they don’t expect us to be able to do the right thing – this is an alien concept for them, one that inevitably f*cks them up. They will expect us to give up, believe that we can’t do anything, can’t change anything, and that we will give up the desire and not want to do anything. But f*ck them, we can, we have and we will.

So…Having informed KEELPNO that their own staff had not only acted in an unlawful manner, they firstly chose to abuse their own laws, the acting President then chose to ignore his own regulations and legal responsibilities, they allowed the people who had been brought into question to provide more lies about the situation in a poor attempt to (wish) the matter away, and then for nearly six months they have failed to even deal with the serious issues that they have been personally responsible for.

Employing people to work in a medical capacity who have risked the confidentiality, the security and the well-being of a section of people who needed help, is bad, if Alpha TV channel did it, well, as they aren’t really a medical authority it would maybe be understandable! As this is a section of the Health Ministry, call me old-fashioned but I expect a little more.

Allowing an organisation to receive funding which isn’t legally capable, is it a problem? Obviously not, lets all set up a Non Government Organisation saving Strawberry Jam, ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for nearly 400,00 euro’s and I reckon they’ll give it us…! I know this, it’s happened, except the Strawberry Jam thing, that still needs to be saved.

On top of that lets all claim to be members of other International Aid organisations too, just to give our Strawberry Saving organisation extra credibility and I’m pretty sure that even private sector will give us funding, this of course adds weight to our Political aspirations. Imagine also if this organisation had been taking all its influence and power from say, Nea Democratea, suckling on the blue teat for all it can, and then immediately before the elections it was seen to be selling its soul to Pasok, leaving a trail of disgust for all it had taken from its predecessor like a slug.

I’m not one for really giving a damn about politics as it’s not the party that makes the difference, its us, the people, but that’s low by anyone’s standards, however compared to the standards that these people have abided by for so long, it’s the norm.

My disgust is now aimed at the numerous bullsh*t Politicians, supposed Journalists, and others who all failed themselves, their people, and by saying this, its the very duties that are a minimum for them to be what they are, to respond, to act, and to even enquire. But that’s clearly expecting too much for some people.

Everyone says they want to make things better, is sick of corruption, sick of the system, sick of starving and working a p*ss poor job, but when they can do something, they don’t.

The majority of People I’ve met since dealing with this need to be a little more content with shutting the f*ck up and doing something constructive rather than trying to impress people saying their this or their that.

If you want the facts, then please feel free to ask, do something constructive and help make sure this doesn’t happen again!

Thereby concludes my Rant… 😀


7 thoughts on “How to create your own NGO in Greece.

    1. When I came to Greece and had to fight this corruption directly many failed to recognise the fact that people have rights, they failed to believe in their own rights and many assumed that just because something was corrupt, abusing its position and entitled to its ill gotten gains that this would prevail as ‘normal’.

      Many people laugh in your face when your trying to do something positive, even more when you try and seek the truth in a system which openly lies and threatens people, deceives everyone including itself into believing that wrong is right, black is white.

      I was always a believer in progress and change, especially in a sector which had become lost and blinded by the corruption that a select few thought was acceptable. The actions of a few when facing a wall of ignorance, ineptitude and the arrogance which has claimed so much pretence for so long was always going to fall down on them.

      Many people here lack the belief in themselves, the system and the desperate hope we cling to, but the system has to abide by its own rules, it tries not to and always seeks to evade its own accountability wherever possible until cornered and exposed for what it is.

      Imagine what could be achieved if more people tried to do something positive to remove the cancerous fraud which has long tried to destroy this great country, sapping the life out of us all by the few who have complete and utter contempt for anything other than their own selfish needs.

      In the case of many, by risking, damaging and abusing the people they shelter under as they carry out their perversion.

      All we need is enough rope and the right to give back to the people what is rightfully theirs, and we could line the streets of Πατησίων to the Acropolis in a celebration of positive action as a future become slightly more apparent to us all.


  1. One of the main problems here, in fighting corruption, is the justice system.
    It is very slow.
    For example, a case like yours requires 8 years in courts to get closed.
    This is something that (even for practical reasons only) not many people can withstand and sustain.

    However, something has started to change in people’s attitudes.


    1. Indeed but time as with Justice waits for no man once pushed.

      Times are changing, firstly people forget that we are in Europe now, the Country beats us with that stick and takes our money for the privilege, we in turn can beat it back with the same stick. Pressure from the EU in many aspects of society have and will be able to help, in Greece people don’t know their own power when it comes to rights and possibilities, and in fairness why would many when its covered up, hidden and made almost inaccessible by the state.

      But like everywhere, the walls of knowledge are slowly scaled and we the people awaken from our slumber.

      Civil cases are quicker as with legal ones now, and with intervention, persistence and right on your side as well as a bit of luck and some pretty stupid criminals things move a lot faster than you would believe… Even with what people have told me themselves about Greece, Greeks that is, we are all astounded in what has gone on behind the scenes.

      Too much is due and currently underway for me to openly chat about it right now but rest assured that change has begun…

      Things here will still require time and patience but the end result is that those responsible for abusing their position, embezzlement and worse will held accountable and face Justice for their actions.

      People have thought that they can act however they want for too long and that they will get away with it.

      Not anymore… Θ)


    2. Just a quick update as to your comment, three cases so far, many more to go and they only took 5 years to expose these cretins for what they are.

      The clock’s still ticking and the hilarity lies in them still abusing the state in the meantime, no one likes a criminal working for them better than KEELPNO and the HIV/Aids sector so it seems. . .

      Justice has and is being done, but yes, considering all the other cases which are tying up the process, wasting resources and caught in the net, it’s a miracle anything happens at all.

      I had faith, and it was repaid. Right is right.


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