Other highlights…

A Taxi, a fight, nearly getting run over and nearly arrested for the privilege… Welcome to Greece!
17:30 on 20 February 2009

So, my Thursday was en eventful one… After two months trying to get paid from work, I finally managed to get half my money from my favourite boss, lol… Its amazing what the threat of legal action does to a guy who’s already facing an audit and being sued by just about everyone possible. So, anyway, I managed to get dragged into my favourite bar for a few before making my way to a friends for some crazy Greek eating meat celebration, to me not being able to eat properly for two months due to surviving on fresh air, eating meat is always a celebration, even more so now, so, on my way I did the usual and got a taxi, this is where my tale starts…

So, I jumped into a taxi after walking half the way due to the transport being a problem as the buses were on Strike or something yesterday, and I figured if I were to make it any where I would need one of Greece’s trusty Taxi’s to get me there.

My taxi driver seemed ok, there was another woman in the taxi anyway (as is the norm here in Greece to share a taxi), and fortunately she was on her way to Galatsi anyway, so all good so far. The meter was quite high but I didn’t really pay much attention as I normally only get charged about three or four euro’s to get where I go anyway, fortunately I was going to a friend’s house anyway which is just slightly further down the road and fortunately for me, near the local police station.

As we got nearer my destination the driver seemed quite merry in himself and I again thought nothing of it. Traffic was still bad and he managed to pull over opposite the Police station to reveal that the paltry ten minute trip was to cost me 9 euro’s… I laughed and told him to pull the other one, at this he got abusive and (fortunately for me not speaking so much Greek), I told him to hang fire for two minutes while I called my friend who would enquire as to what the f*ck he’d really expect to get from this…
He said a number of suggestions which were all met with the fact that I’ve been taking this route for nine months now and even when traffic is at its worst, it’s never cost more than 5 euro’s, usually even with a tip.

The only tip this twat got was to provide good lube if he was going to try to f*ck me, something that his English did enable him to grasp. I then proceeded to try to take his taxi number down whereby he tried to attack me, laughably we sat tussling in the taxi before I thought its easier to just get out and take a picture of his registration number, he then proceeded to try to run me over in front of the Police station, something that in other countries would be seen as serious, but alas not here in Greece, so I shouted the Police officer who was idly stood watching the whole incident, he slowly begun to walk over with two other officers who had curiously assembled themselves along the roadside.

The Taxi driver then got out and tried to attack me again, whereby we exchanged pleasantries and he was quickly reminded that the further pursuit of trying to rob me would resort to pain and probably him loosing his badge and his testicles should he carry on in this manner, as the Police arrived they quickly got us both into the station whereby he then started shouting insults and suchlike before the Station officer quickly told me to sit down and shut up, despite me having stood there in silence, I now stood there laughing openly at this prick and not saying a word, as humour and a good smug smile always push people over the edge if you play them right…Again, I was warned for receiving abuse, had I carried on receiving abuse I dread to think what would have happened, so go figure…

E's a Taxi Dude - 01
F*ck you I won't go where you tell me...

I called my friend who came to bear witness to this joke of a situation and who would assist me in staying out of Prison for nearly being robbed, attacked and then ran over…

As time went on it was clear to myself and the Police that this idiot had been drinking and when I requested that he be breathalysed, the Police said that sadly they didn’t have the capabilities in the Station… What the f*ck…

E's the Law
Do I look like I care...?

So in this country, who may I ask does breathalyse people…The Church? The main question now is apart from beating people, and shooting, pepper spraying anyone they like and giving tear gas about like Christmas presents, what do the Police actually do here…

I managed to be held for nearly an hour before the madness came to a sad and pointless end, the Police released him and despite my stark disbelief of the whole situation, despite my questioning of events, the Police who reluctantly let me go without charge. To concur they were the most unhelpful, ignorant clueless people you could ever want to call when you needed someone to supposedly act on behalf of the common person, the innocent and those who I thought were there to be protected…

The only officer who wasn’t hell-bent on trying to lock me up for life was the one who’d witnessed the whole event, and he said he couldn’t remember the whole incident anyway, despite it happening in front of him and no more than an hour away!

It turns out I can sue the prick on Monday when the Police have done whatever it is they need three days to do nothing about, and apart from being late, receiving a nasty bruise and scratch on my arm, I managed to witness the true sadness which is the state of the system here in Greece.

Fortunately myself and several colleagues are already in the motions of setting up a Human rights campaign here anyway and that will aim at corruption and civil rights, helping people who need advice and many other aspects within Greek society and the Mediterranean areas. Thankfully inspired by my involvement in ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS which opened up the door on how badly people can and expect to be able to behave, however its only when you find yourself in a small and insignificant situation that you realise just how impossible it is to get help and justice here in Greece. God help those here who have no rights and seek some semblance of a normal life.

So, it’s not about the money, I’d just been paid and to be honest, 9 euro’s is the kind of money I’m glad to spend on a taxi having come from the UK, however having just had to threaten my boss with legal action again to get money owed to me after living a miserable existence since I arrived here anyway, I’m just sick of people screwing me about. Next time a taxi driver tries something like that they will be dropping me off in a dark secluded alleyway, whereby they’ll get a good look at the underside of their own car after I’ve cashed the cheque their lousy ass can’t pay…

Lesson to self, and everyone else maybe reading this, take no sh*t in life, and if someone f*ck’s you about, f*ck them harder…longer and meaner.

They won’t do it again.


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