So what do Greek Politicians actually do…?

So, what do Greek Politicians do…? Please, I’m really trying to work it out. I’d happily extend the matter the question to all Politicians of all nations however the issues I’ve been trying to deal with over this last year are a Greek matter, something that Greeks of all political influences should be concerned about however it seems no one is prepared to deal with reality or do justice to their country by acting responsibly.

Who loses out by all this neglect, the country does. The people they represent, me, you, and all the other Greek’s who I meet and speak to who are being screwed by the arrogance of incompetence and the stupidity and moral neglect these people show doing nothing. There are few Greek’s who can be proud about what their Government has done and is doing, everyone I meet seems to complain that this country is always run by a load of ‘malakas’, and from what I have sadly witnessed, rightly so.

If the people who are in a position to do something do nothing, then we’re all f*cked. That’s the best case scenario available in Greece at the minute. The latest Government is still mopping up the sh*t from the last one, and I’m sure it won’t be long before the cleaners need to come out again going on the current track record.

When faced with social, economic issues, corruption, people endangering the lives of others by people pretending to be Doctors, and by giving these people the opportunity to actually do something that concerns the general public that voted them in, what do they do…? – They do nothing.

So, it leads onto to wonder what exactly do they do. It’s not a criticism, it’s a fact.

In over a year of trying to highlight many of the issues listed to many of the so-called Politicians listed on Facebook, those who ALL have an orgy of socially correct comments on their profiles to make themselves look good and sound like they actually care, not one of them has done anything constructive to help the system in any way.

It’s very appropriate when so far a complete failure to act on information and act responsibly has materialised, and the most significant thing to arise from this observation is that we all know who not to ever Vote for in the future!

I’ll help with your next election campaign myself :

“Vote for me, I’ll do F*CK ALL and watch your country slide into hell…”

Its kind of catchy and I can see the general public really loving it too…

Do we need to invest in education to educate these people on the values of morality and good conduct or are these simply many of the values that people within this circle should have before they even chose to try to represent us?

For over the last year now myself and a few people I have been fortunate enough to know have been campaigning to highlight the fact that KEELPNO, (the Greek CDC) have been employing members of an active Non Government Organisation which receives funding from the very Ministry which employs them. Not only do members of this NGO also head the department which hands out projects and funding to themselves without competition, but one is also the head of the HIV/Aids committee for Greece, directly appointed by KEELPNO…!

The fact that KEELPNO has employed people who have been claiming to be Doctors whilst not being registered or qualified is quite alarming and dangerous in itself, however the fact that so nearly all of the Politicians on this profile, many who have been contacted directly have chosen to do nothing is even more alarming.

What is your point in life? What do you contribute to the well-being of society if you chose to do nothing when it is not only needed, but put on a plate for you to feast on…?

Wake up and smell the frappe, its time to prove that you’re not just another useless lump of flesh milking an already f*cked state of its goodness, but your also a valuable member to the people who expect you to do something pro-active for once.

Those people who I have written to and who have been expected to do something positive, I ask you what you have done about any of this? To those who read and have seen the articles in the Papers and featured on many online publications, and to those who already knew about the state of the system and those who were robbing and lying to everyone, how good do you feel?

Its simple, your paid to do something, you’re in a position to do something, and you’re in a job that expects you to so something, so do something.

Who am I to ask you wonder, how dare I write such things, and what does it matter to me…. Simple, I’m like every other person in Greece striving to survive, wondering why so many d*ckless people are running around with their pants down pretending to be doing something good when all they are interested in is themselves and how much they can get away with.

Most of you don’t seem capable of working in a McDonald’s let alone being involved in the well-being of a Nation and till you can prove to the people you can, you’d better take a long hard look at yourselves…

Remember the next time your face appears in an election campaign, this slogan will follow you everywhere :

“Vote for me, I’ll do F*CK ALL and watch your country slide into hell…”


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