Welcome to my world…

Just a quick word or two to anyone who stumbles across my world on their travels across the web.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope in time you enjoy my many visions of madness that evolve through the everyday pursuit of Life here in Greece… Θ)

I began writing a mini-blog about life in Greece when I first arrived here in May 2008. Since then, as with life and the many problems that sneak up on us anyway I had to take a step back, and with the economy and numerous other problems that I have discovered and had to fight along the way, I’d been unavailable to pursue this for a while however am now looking forward again to clearing my mind and highlighting a number of hopefully entertaining or slightly enlightening things about life here and in general.

I was inspired despite the madness to pursue my Visual dreams further since coming to Greece and these are available through http://www.esadude.com

Also if your online and enjoy networking through any of the social sites you can find me and my world of inane reality regularly trying to poke fun at the world at the following places :

E's a Dude
This hands for pointing, this hands for spanking, take your pick…?

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001058954822

Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/art_graphics_music

Twitter : http://twitter.com/esadude


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