Whats the story morning glory…

Well, I’m still in a state of shock as I sit drinking my morning drink as I imagine many of you are also, somehow today the beautiful Greek sun doesn’t seem quite so bright in the skies above, tainted yet again by the actions of a few…

The loss of three innocent people hangs thick in the air as people everywhere struggle with the news and the tragic consequences of those who decided to push things to the limit yesterday, selfishly choosing to endanger the lives of many without a single thought for anything or anyone else. Those who claimed the lives of 3 people who like themselves, are similarly feeling the effects of years of corruption which has now led to the inevitable situation we all find ourselves here in Greece are fortunate to live another day. Life…

It’s hard to define just how bad the situation is across Europe and how it will affect the common person. I for one am no Economist, however its fairly obvious when things get this bad there is a catastrophic breakdown in the system somewhere and without addressing the fundamental issues first, the same problems will rise up and rear their ugly heads once more.

Greece is no stranger to financial problems, years of political money laundering by previous Governments has left criminals with few options but to become members of Parliament, and for many the years have been kind to them. Considering that the majority of people who have stolen money in the past are known about and have still yet to be even prosecuted, let alone have any charges brought against them due to the Political safety net that still remains in place, it’s no wonder why so many do it.

Why not, work for the state, do little, get paid lots and steal all you can without recrimination. Fantastic, I’m surprised we’re not all working for the Government to be honest.

I maybe new to this country and I may be still learning how it works and how it got to this situation, but I have lived alongside you through a lot. I have suffered more than many here due to the system and have done my utmost to do all I can to make my new home a better place in many ways, and yet for over a year now the reality of Political incompetence is staggering.

I have good authority to speak of this as myself and a few good people i know have been fighting to highlight corruption and members of the system being involved in numerous illegal activities since February 2009 and so far, what has been done?

The number of people who have become involved or who have helped you can count on one hand. The number of Politicians who have done anything to help despite many being aware of the situation you can count on one finger, my middle finger, and the number of normal law-abiding Greeks that have done anything to help when they could have, you can shamefully count on one hand too.

I hear everyone screaming and shouting about how they want this and how they want that, but what will change if you and me don’t try to make a difference? What’s the point if no one does anything when they can. Its like people want to wake up and discover that the ‘fix everything’ faerie has come and made everything better for us all while we slept.

Strikes and protests are great, it’s actually nice to see people passionate about something they believe in, people genuinely trying to show anger, dissatisfaction or concern, but what does destroying your own country achieve? We all know how bad things get here when you do try to do things the right way and I’m no stranger to wanting to throw the odd incompetent w*nker out of their window when they can’t be arsed to even do their job properly, but that’s why we have Government, a system and laws, otherwise there’d be so many people piled up outside Parliament you’d be able to get onto the roof!

I know all to well. I’ve tried to do things the right way for once in my life and its taken what seems like forever to even get started, I’ve been p*ssed about by a system that truly doesn’t care, doesn’t want you to succeed, and which treats you like a criminal and protects those who are guilty. You know this more than me, but it achieves something in the end. You have to believe in it and your convictions, no matter how hard it seems, no matter how desperate you get, and no matter how much they try to screw you about. It’s the only way you can make a difference.

‘The pen is mightier than the sword’, I’d like to hope it was a Greek saying as many of our trusty English sayings are, however one that more poignantly is true. Plus if you can’t achieve satisfaction through democracy, a pen can be just as fatal and is easier to conceal…

Setting fire to everything, ripping up the streets we all travel to work on, and burning the shops and banks we need to survive helps fuel a system that wants you to fail, it wants you to have no voice. By resorting to violence and anarchy every time we have problems we need addressing it just devalues the whole point and gives the authorities more reason to ignore our pleas.

Sure we have to sacrifice something to survive, that’s the whole point to life anyway but to what cost?

A little involvement in something goes a long way and now we all have to invest in some common sense for a change, not just in Greece but across the world everywhere. If we allow people and the system to abuse our trust, this is what happens and always will. They end up with everything and we end up with nothing.

We all watch TV and read the papers and have all laughed openly at the stories that affect ‘other’ people in the news, well maybe its time to smell the frappe again and realise that those ‘other’ people are you and me, and now it’s not so funny.

If we as people sit back and do nothing we become part of the problem. We provide a breeding ground for opportunity to take over and ruin everything that we hope for as we grow and mature. This is the right here, right now and if we’re not careful we’ll be watching the new Government trying to fix a problem with the same dirty hands.

The old Government did nothing whatsoever to help fix a corrupt system, and sadly so far the new one has done little to change what was already broken. It’s not about policies and who’s doing what, it’s about how they do it and if they are accountable for what they do.

If were not careful we’ll all be on the same train bound for Bankruptcy again.

Europe is already expecting Greece to default on its debts and that’s before we even try to fix the mess we’re in, they expect the system to fail on its promises and sadly having dealt with much this last year I have to agree.

How can you trust these people to do the right thing themselves when these very same people can’t act with the facts, even when they are presented to them in black and white and still they do nothing.

It’s a small comparison admittedly, but one of the reasons why we wonder why the country has squandered all your tax paying money but when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Greece (YDAS) gives out funding to a non legal NGO, run by people who have been pretending to be Doctors and no one does anything despite highlighting all the evidence for them, then you’ll maybe appreciate just how much of a mess we’re in. One example, you will know of many more than me I’m sure…

If everyone thinks that this Bailout money is going to fix anything, then think again. Its like trying to fill a bucket full of holes with water, it won’t matter how much water your pour in, till you fix the bucket nothing will change.

If we want to succeed where before we failed, we have to do something when we can – talking about it doesn’t constitute as action…


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