Me and the Feds…

It finally happened…
10:56 on 12 January 2010

I’m kind of shocked, but only so far as to say that I’m genuinely shocked that it took over a year and a half to finally happen.

My dear friends the beloved Greek Police to decide that I may be a sociopath, or if not, someone out getting Cat food and milk…

I clearly had the appearance of a maniac this morning as my cat was getting me seriously stressed as she’d run out of cat food late last night and the small bit she’d had left was snaffled by a local cheeky Tomcat, however it’s still not something that I would expect to be given the shakedown for.

I’m just thankful I’m not serving time, god forbid I’d have wanted chocolate or a loaf, who knows what could have happened to me!

I can only assume that the word has gotten out on my E’s a Dude Police officer’s, and how it coincidentally portrays them in a bad light… lol

E's the Law
Your initial reaction might be that we're here to help, but you'd be wrong...

I wish, admittedly. I probably don’t help myself normally as for over a year now after seeing the local Police in Exarhia beat a load of innocent homeless people for no reason other than being homeless, I do have a bad habit of staring them out, looking to see if they’d dare risk doing something stupid.

The numpty brigade on the Bikes are the worst, they cruise around on their little bikes like p*sspot warriors, thinking they look like something out of Mad Max. Sadly they don’t, they all come across as a bunch of pathetic, spoilt bullies who usually cause more trouble than they are there to prevent.

Fortunately I wasn’t alone today, the poor local immigrant population was also rounded up like cattle and subjected to worse treatment for, well, being foreign, and looking suspiciously like someone who’s struggling to survive, and clearly guilty of being subjected to Police Humiliation at every opportunity…

Definitely a reason to round them up. They spoke sufficient English to explain that I had to give my papers which bizarrely enough I actually had on me for once, yet when questioned about what this was for they suddenly lost all ability to communicate. This is a common issue with the Police here, and something that similarly happened to me when I was attacked by a drunken Taxi driver who tried to rob me who then proceeded to try to run me over outside the Police station in Galatsi last year…!

Thankfully the Police who I was fortunate enough to have harass me this morning were unlike those who I had to fortune to see in the Bar next to the Police station in Attiki some weeks past. That was like walking into Robocop’s Saloon, there had just been some mini riots in the centre of Athens and the Police were gearing themselves up to go out People whooping.

I think they must get some sort of bonus related smack down allowance as one officer had three truncheons! Three for Gods sake!!! One for each hand and I’m guessing that he tied the other to his dick and flapped it about all over the place when things got really out of control.

Seriously, he had one attached to each boot and a mini one hanging out of his nuclear, bullet/stab and fart proof jacket… Not to mention his gun and a family sized bag of tear gas to hand out.

E's the Law
Your looking suspiciously like someone who's about to get a Whooping...

So, I count myself as one small step closer to being accepted by Society. Having been screwed by the system here for my duration so far, having had to deal with the lies and corruption of ACTUP, KEELPNO and the Ministries that surround it I feel one step closer to being home…

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