How to get rich quick…

Here’s the plan :

We open a Religious book store in Gainesville, Florida just selling the Koran. I can almost guarantee them flying off the shelves one way or another… I’d even do a buy one get one free deal just to attract all the right people. Then there’s all the other merchandise we could shift as well, Effigies etc… Flags always go down well too, lighter fuel, gasoline, and probably a good selection of Ammo as well as everyone loves a little more paranoia before a good Burning.

With the right marketing pitch you could probably start selling people Tanks and Cruise Missiles and before you know it you could be in Turkey and Iran wasting Muslims first hand before lunchtime. Why settle for just the Book when you could sacrifice the people who read it, print it and believe in it… After all, it seems like anyone who doesn’t believe in what you do is clearly fair game, especially if your from Gainsville and happen to be a member of the Church…

Then with a bit of careful planning you could have seasonal changes to your stock to reflect the other religions, Jews, Orthodox Christian, Buddhists, and definately the Hari-Krishna’s, not only would you get to learn so much else about other religions as you senselessly persecuted them, but you’d get to learn about the world too as you slowly cleared it of all non believers…

It’s genius…!

So, I didn’t really want to end up giving this idiot any more column inches or publicity to be fair as this moron has had his fifteen minutes of fame and sadly is still with us, milking his opportunity and thinking that his ridiculous statement and intent has a bearing on the situation he thought he was instrumental to.

I got news for you : Your not numpty, but you have just exposed yourself as a Religious bigot who clearly has no respect for alternative religions and scarcely has a grasp on the one you preach about anyway.

What are the positives that we can draw from this though : Well for a start it’s nice to know about one more idiot we should always ignore in life, plus it’s been very interesting to see just how American society has revealed their complete fear of all things foreign, and basically, non Catholic.

This may only be a book now but by the time the whole paranoia machine has begun to spread, what next? We’ve watched and all been guilty of slavery in one form or another through history, and people like this would clearly look well in cloak and matching hood, eagerly stood round a burning cross with Lee Roy smoking away nicely as they tell us all how divine they are, but no. Live and let live.

What's wrong, never seen a Black guy in the Klan...?

What's wrong, never seen a Black guy in the Klan...?

After much internal debate though I figured it’s my social responsibility to mention him in some way though, after all there may be a few fanatical Muslims who don’t know how to track him down and find Gainesville in the world – And that would be bad.

The man you’ll be wanting to find is pictured below, outside the appropriate Church as mentioned in numerous articles :

Address :

The Dove World Outreach Center, (northwest Gainesville, Florida). If you have any difficulties finding the place please call the following number as I’m sure they’ll be delighted to help you :

Florida : 352-371-2487

More details can be found on their website :

The target : Terry Jones - Not to be confused with the one from Monty Python though...

The target : Terry Jones - Not to be confused with the one from Monty Python though...

*(I wouldn’t mention the fact you’re Muslim though if you do call, or contact them via the Internet as they may just call in an air strike at your location).

It should be relatively easy to find as there is a huge sign in the field stating “Islam is of the Devil” – I’m guessing that the sign was probably put up in the same spot whereby they used to hang ‘n*ggers’ more recently. Clearly a sign that progress has been made, after all – at least they’ve moved onto persecuting other countries religions rather than people who have different skin colours who may still be Christian.

Like I say, progress…

It’s only when you search about it more online that you discover just how bad this place is, and let’s not forget they are working in the name of ‘God’, apparently – somehow easy to confuse the name ‘God’ with that of ‘Satan’ though when you see what this place preaches…

Here’s another catchy slogan they use on their website :

“God loves you so much.. you can escape Islam and be free!”

Other classics include : “Help us to stand up for what is right; for the truth of the Bible.” and this bit I really Love : “Abortion is murder. Homosexuality is sin. We need to call these things what they are and bring the world the true message. Any religion which would profess anything other than this truth is of the devil.”

That confirms it then, I knew there was something missing from my old copy of the Bible, that whole burn everything non catholic section had been completely removed and the instructions for waging war on other religions had gone too… There wasn’t a single reference to Elton John either, I’m gutted…

I personally care not a great deal for religion these days as this is the exact reason why Religion has murdered people for so long under the name of ‘God’, and sadly continues to do so. Not because Religion is evil, but because people worshipping it can become extremely Stupid. I feel that it often damages us socially when taken out of context and especially when abused by cretins like the one featured in this post.

Religion should be a deeply personal choice, and when exposed it can be used or taken badly by those with ill intent, the best thing is to hold it dear to yourself and ignore those who say otherwise. Rarely does this happen and sure enough there’s always someone who will try and taint something that doesn’t suit their beliefs, sometimes it feels like we should open the can of Holy whoop ass but in truth we should just smile and be thankful for all we have, knowing that what is inside will always be ours and ours alone.

It's my can of Whoop Ass but I'm happy to give you some punk...!

It's my can of Whoop Ass but I'm happy to give you some punk...!

If he really is that stupid and proceed’s to burn the Koran then I hope he lights it with a copy of the Bible, he can use my copy as it clearly has major sections missing and sadly didn’t have the desired effect converting me into a hater of things I know little about.


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