So, what’s fckdup about KEELPNO – (KEEL) then…?

Hmmm, glad you should ask as I’ve been meaning to highlight just a few of the many issues surrounding this Government Organisation for some time now.

For those of you who don’t know what KEELPNO is or (KEEL) as it is often referred to – it’s the Greek CDC.  The national Centre for Corruption, Oops, my mistake… The National Centre for Disease Control – or is that the other way round, take your pick.

KEELPNO - If you see this sign, it's probably already too late...
KEELPNO - If you see this sign, it's probably already too late...

Appropriately so too when you find out just what goes on there. It seems only fitting that half the parasites and problems dealing with serious health issues in Greece are actually part of this regime, and that several of the main problems that affect Greek’s all over are actually on the Payroll and covered up by the majority of people who I’ve dealt with there so far.

As some of you may know by now, I’ve been fighting to highlight how ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS and it’s current board of Directors have been stealing state money for nearly ten years now and how the President of this NGO – Kostadis Kaburakis and another member of the Board have illegally been pretending to be Doctors.

Another member of the Board – Chrysoula Botsi who actually works for KEELPNO covered this up with help from their Legal department – or as I like to call them, (the Illegal department), as well as with the help of several senior members of staff who all also appear guilty of all being apart of a very corrupt and dangerously problematic system.

Where do the problems begin?

Hmmm, where to start really – Currently I’d have to say from about the front door to the rear car park, with everything in between. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all the staff that work there are corrupt and useless, just that the ones I have had the misfortune in dealing with have all sadly given the rest a really bad name.

If you are a genuine member of staff working at KEELPNO, where the hell were you? I do apologise, but rest assured those who all get a mention aren’t fit to wipe arses let alone work for the Government, and the following issues are just a few raised.

On with the problems :

Once it became apparent that we discovered several members of ACTUP providing false documentation to several Ministries, pretending to be Doctors to gain funding and gain medical records, we approached the organisation to highlight this – naively thinking that they would look into the matter and deal with the problem and maybe even be slightly grateful that we had helped save them major embarrassment and scandal.

Sadly we we’re very much mistaken.

Firstly to submit any form of request you have provide a written request and gain a protocol (issued by the respective organisation) for such matters – to which every citizen is entitled to, and yes – even me being from the UK, however fortunately they are not biased and have since openly lied and denied receiving several other requests made by Greek Nationals too, as well as many of my own.

They initially refused to give me a protocol and then provided lie after lie about the reasons why they wouldn’t issue one, allowing them to ignore our complaint and deny any problems were evident.

Eventually they informed me that my request was non relevant and that KEELPNO didn’t provide state funding for NGO’s or ACTUP in particular! Bizarre as we had already the documentation to prove that they had received several amounts from KEELPNO, and having worked there for nearly a year now and having heard the president – Kostadis Kabourakis tell us about the many organisations that HAD given them funding, it was clear there were going to be problems.

Incidentally, with regards to the Information concerning the fact that several of their staff we’re pretending to be Doctors, they refused to deal with it and still do to this day, to quote one member of their illegal team, “we haven’t the resources to pursue people here who may be braking the law”.

How true is she, otherwise she’d be sat in an empty building wondering why many of the senior members of staff are all in prison.

So, after several phone calls we discussed the matter with κ. Πιερρουτσάκος – who was currently supposedly dealing with the matter, (a senior member of KEELPNO), who not only blatantly lied along with the Legal team about access to my protocol, but who until intervention were responsible for denying me and refusing to provide me with ANY documentation to support or deny our claims.

He now faces prosecution by the authorities.

Several months later and we have exactly the same problems with κ. Παπαδημητρίου who also lies about documentation, and who for several months also refuses to grant us access to the many items which prove our claims. In reality it’s irrelevant that they do or don’t, however we have the evidence already, we just wish for them to acknowledge it and act responsibly.

Their stupid legal team need highlighting in particular, as it is they who have ill advised everyone so far upon the path to chose, and which has exposed the whole system of being one that acts with impunity. Which openly supports corruption and employs inexperienced unqualified members who have illegally claimed to be medical staff, and who willingly deceive all they may to help themselves to state funding and the arrogance to call themselves ‘civil servants’ thinking they’re something special.

K. Παπαδημητρίου claimed to know nothing about such activities made my ACTUP despite him being in meetings with them at numerous HIV/Aids conferences and working in the same building as Chrysoula Botsi, and as he was on the actual board which employed K.Kabourakis, and actually granted non existent funding for them… AND who refused to provide the relevant documentation for several Months, despite arranging a meeting with him whereby he promised to bring the documentation, only to arrive empty handed yet full of sh*t – AND (last one) who still has failed to act on all the information provided.

So what did the President and Vice president do when you contacted them and stressed how urgent the situation was?

Well, it rhymes with ‘Duck all’, and is nothing less than I expected them to do either.

I felt it my moral duty to share this next picture as it appeared on the same listings as KEELPNO did when I was looking for a picture.

KEELPNO - We talk out of our arses, and whenever you deal with us you always know we'll f*ck you good...
KEELPNO - We talk out of our arses, and whenever you deal with us you always know we'll try our best to f*ck you real good...

All laughs aside though, it’s a Government run Health body which is doing this to the citizens, if you live in Greece, you’re paying for this yourself.

When you end up with major health issues and they send round a Plumber when you call for an Ambulance, just be thankful it wasn’t a Doctor from KEELPNO

Why do I care you might ask.

Firstly, it’s now my home, one I love, where I live and one that has inspired me despite the many problems I have faced at the hands of the many liars and thieves I have been unfortunate to discover whilst working in this domain. I’m saddened to say that it’s through ACTUP and KEELPNO and the many people who have failed to act responsibly who fall into this category, and secondly I would feel bad not doing something knowing what they are like, knowing that they still lie and abuse their position, as the rest try and cover it up.

As for the few scumbags I have dealt with since I came here, well it’s easy – I have met so many more truly great and talented people since I arrived here in Greece, and most people are humble and welcoming, honest and genuine down to earth people who know what the system here is like, and for every Kostadis Kabourakis and Chrysoula Botsi I have dealt with, I have met real people, people like you – who like me, all try and share the same fate, one of discovery and belief in ourselves, who have hopes of one day Greece being at the very least proactive in making itself great again.

Everyone here now has to take from the same tree and while some of us try to put back much more than we take, some will always try and steal whenever they can.

So far those who seem to care about making this country a better place for us all and who have tried to help despite it being their job, in their best interests or their civil duty, you can sadly count on one hand…

Additional Info : (will be updated) subject to the story unfolding further.

They also appointed Kostadis Kabourakis Head of Trafficking within KEELPNO – despite having no experience or qualifications and after he was exposed as fraudulently providing them with illegal Documentation pretending to be a Doctor, and after we highlighted them to the fact that ACTUP was being investigated for potential financial crimes by ΥΔΑΣ (the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and as the financial Director was none other than Chrysoula Botsi – the head of HIV/Aids for KEELPNO in Greece!

As well as that, the elections during their tenure were non legal so that technically, they have been potentially embezzling the state for their duration in charge as well.

ΥΔΑΣ have since demanded nearly 180,000.00 euro’s back from ACTUP having discovered that the receipts and information provided wasn’t acceptable and was largely non valid and as they deceived them to gain the funding in the first place we expect charges to follow for that too. Since this information has been handed over to (ΣΔΟΕ) for further proof of financial crimes and is being dealt with by a number of other authorities including IKA, the Ombudsman and the European parliament for their involvement in such matters.

Is it not obvious what is happening financially here? One gains access to the cheques through KEELPNO and European projects and the other, the president has the power to sign them on behalf of ACTUP…!

Is it not of interest and highly suspicious that three of the (NGO) – NON Government Organisation ACTUP‘s board members work for KEELPNO, the same government that the organisation was set up to help fight initially for its inactivity and failure to help those who needed help the most…?

Since Kostadis Kabourakis and Chrysoula Botsi became part of ACTUP in 1999-2000, once they became part of the Board of Directors they immediately changed the organisational statute to gain access to ΥΔΑΣ funding in an area in which no one had any experience or previous history, despite all other ACTUP‘s worldwide dealing with just HIV/Aids. Coincidentally they then then both became part of the same machinery which funded themselves and which had access to other state and European funding, and deceived everyone relevant to ensure that they could fit the criteria by fabricating the appropriate documentation to enable themselves to raid the State and European pot’s of gold now available to them.

As they have been on the board in the same positions for nearly ten years, and recently having witnessed it first hand how they used names of people to elect themselves on the board again, whereby recently even a previous member of the Board of Directors came out and denied even knowing he had been involved in the Elections previously, it is ever clearer their intentions.

Why would people seek out to cover up people gaining access to medical records of people with HIV/Aids…? Kostadis Kabourakis recently gave another one of his ‘famous‘ press releases stating that they had been blackmailed by people about the HIV/Aids results, very interesting considering that it was he and another member of the board of Directors who had illegally sought to gain such records, who failed to provide the respective safety protocols we’re in place on their HIV/Aids phone line, whereby he gained access to Andreas Syggros Hospital and many projects associated with it through his affiliation with ACTUP and KEELPNO.

Who else would stand to have access to these results other than Chrysoula Botsi and the others illegally claiming to be Doctors…?

Seems like maybe the source of any Blackmailing may be closer at hand and may explain why ΥΔΑΣ and several other sources gave funding to ACTUP despite knowing that they had provided false documentation and weren’t genuinely qualified or experienced!

Why else would someone who was known to be pretending to be a Doctor, who had no experience or relative qualifications in the subject, who had recently been highlighted to being under investigation for potentially fraudulent documentation and theft have his contract made permanent…?

Why would the then Editor from SKAI Radio when we first managed to air this subject refuse to air the full story? Why since have so few people acted upon such information despite them knowing about it for many years?

Purely speculation, of course but doesn’t it make you wonder…

In a fictional world – maybe certain people would deliberately set out to gain positions whereby they could indeed Blackmail members of society, politicians, members of the press, Ministers and such like, and by pretending to be Doctors and by electing themselves into an NGO whereby they could gain access to such projects and knowledge as well as by gaining access to the main HIV/Aids hospital’s medical results, anything could be done.

In a country such as this, which lets not forget 10 years ago had a very deep stigma for such issues and even fiercer religious and family beliefs, maybe to the right people, a lot of damage could be done if the wrong people got such information…

If these people happened to be in a relationship whereby one could help themselves to the funding, and the other was say, maybe the president who could sanction such projects etc, or one who had genuine access to the medical results and the other just say, abused them…Who knows what could have happened…

I suspect these people would then stop at nothing to try and deny such possibilities, threaten staff, deny all knowledge and maybe try to attribute some of the problems as a distraction whereby they could use their own standards to slander others with actions of their own that they have employed for so long, knowing that half the system was behind them at one point to cover it up.

Thankfully that’s just a summary of what some people could have done… I’d hate people to think I was connecting that in any way to any of the reports I’ve previously mentioned…

Strange how sometimes fiction mimics life though, isn’t it?


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