The kitten Diaries… Day two…

What a day, we’re all knackered over here.

All this climbing over mum to find here nipples is hard work and with us having to fight each other constantly for the privilege, it’s not as easy as you’d think.

One of us is a right big little dude – looks like a cute hairy sausage with a scarf on. Not sure what his or her name is yet, but it must be the same one who kept sticking their arse in my face the other day as they still do it.

The other ones cute too but kind of looks like Adolf Hitler so I won’t be messing with that one any time soon. As long as it stops goose-stepping around the place it should be ok as mum keeps telling it off…

I reckon it’s first words will be “Invade Poland…” and / or “Miaow”, not sure which though yet.

We’ve learn’t a new word today as well which we’ve been putting to full effect, it’s called ‘squeak’…

Can’t quite manage the full Miaow yet but I think it’s because were still only small and sound must be proportional to size. That’s our excuse anyway. You can guarantee though that when we do manage it, that dude’s going to know all about it…

So, all together now… ‘Squeak…


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