Staff wanted at the Greek CDC – People with no criminal background needn’t apply…

We need you... Do you have what it takes to lie steal and rob the citizens of Greece, if so contact KEELPNO NOW...!
We need you... Do you have what it takes to lie, steal and rob the citizens of Greece, if so contact KEELPNO NOW...!Semi appropriate really as it's actually the truth.

This was the old KEELPNO – (maybe no better than the new KEELPNO, but at least they’ve shown willing) anyway, I suspect their own motto maybe ‘no crime, no time’ because getting them to do anything to help themselves was mission impossible. It’s probably what they teach you in your first week at work from what we’ve discovered over the last two years fighting this corruption riddled malaka-filled building.

The sad truth is that the character above (who has and will inspire countless new parodies) was actually the Head of the trafficking sector of the Greek CDC. The President of a well known NGO (MKO) which was more than happy to run non legal projects, steal Greek and EU money and which had the whole KEELPNO network trying to cover it up as they funded their own pockets, who illegally used their own board members to pretend to be Doctors with another member to specifically gain access to HIV/Aids patients medical records, and who since has lied and tried to cover it up, slandered others for being exposed and who brought out an illegal court case against myself for highlighting his activities by claiming that my Information raised on SKAI radio was a breach of his privacy and misrepresented him…

Well, he was right, when I went on SKAI radio we didn’t have half the information we have now, and the original 50,000 euro’s I’d accused him of stealing was vastly smaller than the amounts we now know about. His denial of even being Investigated by ΥΔΑΣ – (The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for the last year was obviously a figment of my, the state and everyone else’s imagination and the fact that he and the other members of the Board were all found guilty suggests that we really need to cut back on such trivial fact before they sue us all for having one foot in the real world and subsequently not spending enough time with Alice in wonderland and the Oompa Lumpa’s.

So, no morals, no ethics, and unlimited bullsh*t isn’t a policy that a Government run body should adopt then…? Interesting. Whatever next, maybe their Doctors will be registered, not liable to threaten or abuse people who question their authority when they risk the safety, confidentiality and health of those who they deceive…

That used to be their previous approach to employing staff, I joke about it but it’s exactly the case in the current situation that I and others have been trying to highlight for so long now.

The truth on just how bad they were is that even after exposing these people as not being registered, qualified or having any experience, having pretended to be Doctors for possibly 10 years, and providing all the proof on a plate about their financial crimes and much more, they then went on to offer one of these members an extended contract – I kid you not.

Time will tell if they actually employ people who are genuinely qualified and experienced in the respective fields in the future however it’s a great step for Greece, the health sector which deals with such a specialised area within the health sector, and for us, people who rely on this sector to prevent us having a leg chopped off when one of their plumbers tries to cure our throat infection with a hack-saw.

I personally always hoped they would just get the security firm which works at KEELPNO to prevent them from leaving as it was far easier to monitor so many criminals in one place, and my thoughts were on it just being easier and cheaper to change the name to something like ‘A Prison’, and by locking the gates after an emergency meeting whereby everyone relevant was summoned to appear it would have solved many problems.

Indeed, what a crazy old world it may be then.

Just think what could be done if more of us here decided to stand up and question the bullsh*t we hear and see on such a regular basis, and this applies everywhere – not just here in Greece though. I’ve had two years of people telling me not to bother, that nothing would happen, that ‘Etsi’ was and will be the way of things. – Well it is. ‘Etsi’ is what we make it so it seems…

Just because someone tells us something doesn’t mean they’re right or they know what they are doing, it doesn’t even mean they are actually trying to do anything that doesn’t put us in further danger either when we take their word when they are trying to help us – And this is especially relevant when dealing with your Goverment, Ministries and anyone else who shows willing to abuse their positions and which affects us on many levels.

Know your rights, question everything and find out exactly what should be done no matter what the cost, otherwise you face being involved in your own downfall as a person and helping an already difficult world get worse for yourself and others you know and care about…


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