My dear Greek friends, please feel free to join in the fun…

After all, it’s your system more than mine first and foremost, secondly it’s your Health sector and thirdly a prime example of the state at present, who run it, try and cover it up, and who then after being shamefully exposed by their deception – then turn on the hand that feeds them… After they are removed from their positions (thankfully) for being 1) unqualified, 2) unregistered, 3) immoral, 4) unethical and 5) liars & thieves…

Not necessarily in that order though all relevant I assure you!

Please use a translation tool such as Yahoo babelfish or Google chrome’s if you need but do.

I won’t bore you with a run down, many of you may know or at least should do by now and if you want Greece to be a better place for us all, want to know where the Money goes, who steals it and just how bad they are, well, the comedy element is provided by the President of this NGO who for 10 years illegally claimed to be a Doctor as they stole from the state, staff, and the valuable time and effort given by so many volunteers who were abused, lied to and deceived by the current Board of Directors at ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS.

Who were previously involved in the projects at KEELPNO to which they ran and now criticise… Hence the note.

Please have a read and ask some questions yourselves, I’m sure they’d provide a number of false responses for you as they have with the courts, the state and the people so far…

You can find a complete run down of events so far here on the ACTUP section :

BUT, The comedy really starts here though :

I’m sincerely hoping that they don’t sensor the comments again, having no response to the truth doesn’t sit well with this NGO as they have proven so far to enjoy lying without any unsubstantial proof to back up any of the events or actions discovered to date.

I didn’t want to really have to get into this till nearer World Aids Day to be honest but having nearly hurt myself laughing at the farce unfold I had to hope that I could at least share it with an number of other people who are either interested in the state and how to help make Greece run without lowlife pond-scum like this abusing their positions within Ministries so far. 10 years this joke has been allowed to run its course.

How do you feel about people pretending to be Doctors employed by KEELPNO? Stealing your tax paying money as they live it up at your expense, running non legal projects which endanger those it claims to help, is this what you expect from your Government…?

It’s matters not that they are connected with HIV/Aids, this was just the easiest area of health to manipulate, the opportunity to prey upon people that they chose to exploit with minimum fear of recrimmination suited them well for 10 years.

Knowing that most people were too exposed to complain, and too reliant on their help or sensitivity they elected to move into a very vulnerable and fearful area of society, working with complete impunity knowing that their Ministry (which has shown recently) would try and cover it up to protect their own exposure.

Two years fighting this has discovered the events to be factual, we have proof and more importantly, the relevant authorities have the information too.

Look into the facts please –  and don’t ever say you want a better World, community or Country without at least being aware of what is happening, secondly don’t ever think you can’t make a difference, if you don’t educate yourself to things, you never will make a difference but you can…

Health, sexual origin, Political beliefs or even which football team you support are irrelevant in this. It’s one thing to have people illegally claiming to be Doctors, quite another for the state to actually employ them and allow them to help themselves to funding without accountability as they masquerade as something they are not for 10 years.

I worked there by accident, friends and Volunteers I know dedicated their time, love and support to these people to try and make a difference. I have no bias to whether someone has HIV, is Black or White or from Mars and beyond, we pay for this, YOU pay for this.

Want to make a difference…? Do you really…

Not many do. Too many people ‘like’ to press ‘like’ to Organisations, ‘like’ causes and all the other stupid bullsh*t opportunities there are to save the Planet but when it comes down to it, what do people do really?

There is no ‘like’ button in life that matters other than our own choice to do all we can. Those who do need help in life and those who bang the drum when an event like world Aids Day comes up all pretend they care so it seems.

UNAids, WAC and all the other health organisations that have been notified about this NGO are all guilty of neglect, and should be ashamed of themselves for doing nothing.

Those who all have tried to sit back and pretend everything’s all right and who have done nothing about this NGO when it claims to be apart of them. Whilst this NGO sits under their umbrella and network, presented itself at HIV/Aids conferences knowing nothing other than embezzlement, deceit and fraudulent behaviour, they allowed this, they still do, before they used them as KEELPNO representatives, whenever it suits as ACTUP.

Maybe making sure that those who claim to be doing some good is actual, and that an awareness on those who state to be involved are indeed what they say they are. Would you think that any Organisations with the prestige of those mentioned would be responsible enough to look into such matters, would come out with their views, release a statement clarifying the relationship between itself and the NGO in question and would you like to think that they would be concerned about members of it’s community putting the safety, confidentiality of people in need at risk, not to mention the fact that they have been claiming to be medical staff and breaching health, safety and confidentiality as well as the legal implications…?

Hmmm, well I did too at first, two years on and it’s still ‘business as usual’.

Fortunately awareness is a temporary measure till justice kicks in.


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