Ok, let’s not dwell on past wars – let be positive and look to all the possible future ones…

Well, after my last note referring to the naming of one of the kittens Adolf – (which has stuck by the way) I was left feeling all nostalgic and caught in a bit of a mental twilight zone I guess, plus on SKAI TV here in Greece they’re showing that rather groovy documentary ‘Apocalypse’ starring everyone’s favourite Meglomaniac – Adolf (WW2) Hitler.

It’s sort of left me pondering a bit and so I felt the need to elaborate on the potential residue of the whole surreal after-taste that has been left in my brain…

Plus catching the end of a (what would happen in the event of a Nukefest being opened on your ass) show which was on last night gave me food for thought. Lots… As the guy calmly reminded me how horrific it would be, sweet dreams I thought. Should I check I locked the door again or should I just pray for a quick passing…

TV feeding our paranoia, well, mine anyway…

It’s maybe just the ‘Hitler’ factor induced by my rant, (not to be confused with the ‘X’ factor of course and although there are many similarities between Simon Cowell and the late Adolf ‘Blitzkrieg’ Hitler), I’m not sure if ‘Hitler’ would be as cruel as the many contestants who appear on TV to torture us year after year but I do like the Idea of a ‘Hitler’ factor though. People fighting it out to be the most evil Despot for the chance to be signed by a leading Arms manufacturer or something.

“My name’s Kostadis and my favourite Historical Maniac is Vlad the Impaler – Tonight I’m going to be crucifying people to the Rolling Stones’s ‘I Can’t get no Satisfaction’…

"Tonight I'm going to be Vlad the Impaler..."
"Tonight I'm going to be Vlad the Impaler..."

It would be a ratings winner I’m sure!

Meanwhile, despite the existence of the Geneva Convention and today’s Human Rights declaration, modern day activists and history itself, nothing it seems will ever protect us from such modern day misfortunes though. I am still on about X-Factor for those who weren’t sure… I neither like or hate the show, however I do enjoy it at it’s optimum stage when they are mercilessly allowing people who are clearly the Lee-Harvey Oswald’s of the Music Industry – (Patsy’s in a televisual assassination of the senses) kind of way to out contest each other barbarically. People should realise at an early age that half their friends and family were just humouring them, a few were deaf or ignorant to the whole concept of sound being produced with skill, and the others we’re just sick enough to hope they’d be THAT stupid that they would actually think they had a chance and would appear on one of the many shows which we all indulge in occasionally.

In Greece it’s a treat for me as I get to learn a little too whilst I get to reinforce my beliefs that music or lack of it is universal. If anything untalented Greek sounds better than English as it’s not only indecipherable but makes no sense either, bonus…

Firstly I believe that if you have what it takes to succeed in the Industry then you wouldn’t dare appear on such a program, you’d live the dream in all its multi coloured poverty stricken glory, dying to live for your art. If you need a choreographer to show you which foot goes where after a singing coach has taught you how to sing and your PR team has made you into a suitable package then you’re already f*cked to be fair.

I’m sure if you sampled a few Hitler speeches and ran them through a few processes then he’d be marketable again. After all they did it with Cher!

Meanwhile we often overlook the many good things to have come out of mankind’s ever growing need for Government sponsored Mass-murder, the penultimate game of life – War.

The very essence of it requires us to document it in any form possible, to film it, record it however we may and then shape it into epic films for ‘entertainment’ or snippets for news reviews or documentaries. It provides pages and pages of it in untold different formats and while technology advances to satisfy our craving for more, nothing supressess the need for knowledge on such matters. To provide analogies, to study it so we can be better at it the next time round, and to create ever more fearful opposition long before it exists.

Thankfully now we have the Penguin Investigation Bureau. They however can’t save us from everything.

We all like to gloat in our Victories and leap to the defence of our defeats and so dwelling on the past, as with most things in life it only serves to open maybe painful wounds which take time to heal.

To counter this mentality I suggest that now we plan ahead, we look forward to the next modern day conflict with enthusiasm and passion… Preparing ourselves for the inevitable is surely more intelligent than waiting till it happens? Am I wrong… I mean, it’s like those the people we read about who all burn to death after living under the shadow of a Volcano for years, people who get attacked by sharks after swimming in shark infested waters.

HELLO – Which of the most obvious warning signals did you miss out on first?

With recollections of all the many good war films they provide footage for, stories and of course, the many online games whereby we can relive those vital few seconds before we’re blown to kingdom come, shot through the head at range or in which we can have our throats slit lovingly by some nerd thousands of miles away in the comfort of their own home, maybe now’s a time to reflect on the what, when and if.

All that devastating carnage, history shows isn’t good for us.

I’m not saying we should all live in Nuclear bunkers or anything as drastic as that – I should, you do what you want, but maybe a little forward planning is an idea.

Currently relocating, please mind the land mines and trip wire... Be sure to sign the Insurance form before ringing the Bell!
Currently relocating, please mind the land mines and trip wire... Be sure to sign the Insurance form before ringing the Bell!

Picking up on North Korea lobbing a few more shells about AGAIN highlights the severity of things in one perspective. Why care, it’s thousands of miles away I hear you say, well, not so long ago some poor bast*rd in Stalingrad thought that about Jerry in WW2 till Hitler decided to go scrumping for red apples.

More appropriate though is maybe the marketing machine’s perspective. New weaponry always sells well, home based landmines, razor wire and a good automated sentry gun just to keep the wife at bay would be a winner to many marital enthusiasts anyway, add to this the fear of not just the global ‘War on Terror’ but the fear of any number of other Government made autrocities are looming near and then we can surely all tool up and get bizzy with it.

Kids love war, most men do too to be fair, and women whilst appearing to be the pacifying force in life are usually the cause for such scenarios. Helen of Troy to name but one case…

So why wait. It’s time to get into the whole future war ethic.

No more ‘Don’t mention the War’… Let’s, and lets remember, all the good they’ve brought us over the years. . . ?!

What would religion be without all the wars fought by all faiths over the years? The only ones not famous for war are the Hari krishna’s, so that must mean they’re about due soon so keep an eye on them if you see them in groups wandering about.

Be warned and beware. On behalf of the immortal words of the commentator on last night’s doomfest, ‘life could go from room temperature to over a million degrees in the blink of an eye’, assuming you still had an eye left…

My favourite bit was hearing him say that if the initial Blast didn’t kill you, the fireball that followed or the impending shockwave that would rupture all your organs before you were smashed against the 500 mile an hour winds that were hurling what was once your city into you, then the fallout and radiation would cause you ‘severe problems’.

You f*cking think so…?


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