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Things to look forward to in 2011…

Inspired by KEELPNO and the Greek CDC… WhoTheF*ckAreYouLyingToTube was unfortunately shut down due to having too many members who had been lied to and abused and the server couldn’t handle the amount of people or complaints, not too mention the … Continue reading

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The disparity of 2010…

For some, maybe 2010 brought great delight and wonder to, however the high’s and low’s were as stable as the global weather predicament, and probably less remembered for it’s shine which was lacking in so many ways. For me it … Continue reading

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Then came ΘuperMalaka, the creation of an uber f*ckwit…

In the beginning there was E’s a Dude, a generalisation of the many guises our personalities develop as we grow older. This characterisation was born in my teens at school, developing slowly through my adolescence as my innocence waned and my hormones … Continue reading

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WHO is responsible for Human rights and Global Health issues…?

FAO : Tunga Namjilsuren, Team leader, Communications, HIV/AIDS Department. RE : Dear Tunga, I recently read your article on Human rights for HIV/Aids and hoped your would show interest in helping to fight the current state system in Greece which has … Continue reading

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