WHO is responsible for Human rights and Global Health issues…?

FAO : Tunga Namjilsuren,
Team leader, Communications,
HIV/AIDS Department.
Dear Tunga,
I recently read your article on Human rights for HIV/Aids and hoped your would show interest in helping to fight the current state system in Greece which has been abusing people for nearly 10 years as the Greek CDC (ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ) has allowed a non Legal NGO (ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS) to destroy the name and faith of organisations connected in this sensitive area.
This Organisation has provided false documentation in Greece and abroad to gain access to state and European funding, and as two of their senior members of the board of Directors have been illegally claiming to be Doctors for nearly 10 years as they manipulated the trust and name of the ACTUP cause for it’s own gain it deserves to be highlighted to the respective authorities in order to protect people from these criminals before more people suffer the same fate and they further isolate the people from having faith in such organisations.
In this time they ran a number of projects which deliberately deceived the people who placed their trust in this NGO to gain access to the confidential medical results of the patients who were exposed to the ongoing deception. In this time whilst working for the GREEK CDC and whilst being on the Board of Directors for this NGO they managed to champion false cause, claim to be affiliated with other genuine organisations to further their lies and attempted to run their NGO without any due morals, ethics and with blatant disrespect for the people they claimed to protect and the community in which they have taken so much from.
The Greek CDC employ another bogus Doctor to implement HIV policies...
The Greek CDC employ another bogus Doctor to implement HIV policies...
Myself and a few dedicated others have been fighting to highlight this and have faced the entire system of ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ, ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS, and more shamefully so – the whole HIV/Aids community who have (for two years), tried to absolve themselves from this behaviour despite knowing about it and whilst many organisations still try and cover them up and allow them to continue this dangerous farce.
I have tried contacting numerous authorities and can only try all means possible to gain the support and help of the wider community who I feel it is in the best interest to deal with this matter and prove that standards such as this aren’t to be tolerated and the criminality and abuse of position towards such a vulnerable and sensitive sector of society is protected.
I look forward to your response as does the rest of the people genuinely connected in helping stamp out world problems such as this, however whilst this activity is allowed and common place in the system here it’s unlikely that the people who need help the most can dare allow to put their faith, trust or medical needs in such organisations or state assisted projects.


I will be forwarding a copy of this mail to the rest of the many organisations who so far have failed to address these matters in the hope that they will finally act responsibly enough and try and actually help people with this stigmatised social issue further enabling many of those who actually seek to help to be able to knowing that the help isn’t misused or in vain.
yours sincerely,
Simon A.Rawicz

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