Then came ΘuperMalaka, the creation of an uber f*ckwit…

In the beginning there was E’s a Dude, a generalisation of the many guises our personalities develop as we grow older. This characterisation was born in my teens at school, developing slowly through my adolescence as my innocence waned and my hormones kicked in and begun playing with my already twisted psyche.

E’s a star, E’s a f*ckwit, E’s anything you want really, that’s the beauty of it all…

So, what's an E's a Dude' ?
So, what’s an E’s a Dude’ ?

Having been fortunate enough to live through a diverse and varied upbringing in both the UK and Canada, my life had been full of characters. My family, friends and people who I’d been fortunate or unfortunate enough to watch and absorb who have always played a big part in inspiring me with many things in my life, as well as the many other influences such as Snoopy, Beavis & Butthead, the Simpsons and a heavy diet of Monty Python, Black Adder and Red Dwarf, you couldn’t help finding yourself drawn to this way of alternative thinking I guess, well that’s my excuse.

E'qual Rights - Lee Roy become one of the first E's a Dude accepted into the Klan.
E’qual Rights – Lee Roy became one of the first E’s a Dude’s accepted into the Klan.

I came to Greece originally to find myself, I think I have somewhat and the many experiences I have had to deal with since I arrived have helped me develop further the things that I had neglected in my life for a while. The one thing I do regret not having much time for since I arrived here is my music, but that is hopefully the next part of the jigsaw to re-assemble. Apart from keeping me sane it’s something I know will follow shortly when things get better and I get more time to pursue the things I want to rather than fighting the Scum in which a large sector of the society here has fallen prey to here for so long.

Since coming to Greece and with having to cope with the many problems which I have, I’ve been unlucky and both fortunate in being exposed to the extreme, the corruption and the misery of having to discover that people like the ones who I am fighting exist and who are sadly part of the system and way of life here. On the flip side of the coin though, they have given me enough material for the rest of my life and whilst I’ve been just lucky to be able to survive – I can now parody the stupidity of the system, the many people who represent it, and have since been able to grasp just how corrupt this sector of society is and turn it into something good that hopefully others will be somewhat enlightened to with a number of characters and future ideas.

I was fortunate enough to have dealt (and still am), with one of life’s biggest and most genuine and complete f*ckwit’s. One who had been pretending to be a Doctor for nearly ten years, masquerading as part of the system here, trying to steal money without any accountability, threatening people, bullying and deceiving people for so long that he has become totally deluded by his own lies. – He wasn’t alone though, sadly the system had been sheltering him and allowed him to commit such horrors, his co-colleagues had all been apart of it, and those within this sector had so little morality that they allowed it to happen for so long. The very same people who defend and now cast anger and misplaced trust in these who have committed such crimes, target those who have been fighting to expose this for so long now.

Another one of life's government paid f*ckwit scumbags has their contracts extended by KEELPNO despite them being notified to his activities......
Another one of life’s government paid f*ckwit scumbags has their contracts extended by KEELPNO despite them being notified to his activities……

Fortunately this enabled me to develop one of my favourite character’s further (E’s Scum), adding more spice to an already comical parody of all they tried to represent in life.

And so ΘuperMalaka was born…

Θupermalaka - Doing his best to make stupid people look smart...
Θupermalaka – Doing his best to make stupid people look smart…

By day he’s just another simple halfwit moron trying to do his best to screw the system and manipulate everyone with his lies within the system, but when he get’s the chance to do something good in life he turns into ΘuperMalaka, vigilantly fighting truth and justice, suing innocent people for exposing him, threatening former volunteer’s and lying to everyone about his activities as he blames everyone for his own immoral and guilty actions…

The only weakness ΘuperMalaka has to his vast array of Θuperpowers is reality, and it stings like a bitch…

God forbid if someone really was this pathetic and actually existed like this. Someone who had been pretending to be a Doctor for his reign as a president of an NGO, actually submitting false documentation and receipts for state projects, lying about investigations which found him guilty, failing to turn up at court when he’d been proclaiming that he was a victim of mis-justice, slandering innocent people for exposing him and his partners in crime, and denying that there were court cases against him and perverting the course of Justice as he continued his deception to everyone.

But parasites like this do exist. I know, I’ve had to endure his horsesh*t for nearly three years now, watching him lie and slander everyone for their attempts to rid the system of one such piece of sh*t like this and those who have covered it up, allowed it to happen and who still protect them. Sad isn’t it.

Fortunately the story goes on and after the last incident I felt it my obligation to finally let those who may still have a lingering doubt to the whole affair be exposed to the brutal truth of these cretins, who lie still to cover themselves and as they show no respect for the people who they falsely claim to protect as they make a laughing stock of the justice system in the process and those who put their trust in them…

Reality fights back...
Reality fights back…

Fact of the matter is, facts are facts. If you’ve ever been accused of doing something wrong, deliberately at the cost of those who glorify their lies at your expense then you may understand what it means to reveal the truth and fight your corner. It’s hard enough without being a foreigner, being lied to and having to explain to people who still listen to their crap without any evidence, so it’s time to spell it out once and for all before the sweet taste of justice makes fools of the same people who have made fools of us all.

The latest events need closure with the courts but for those who are interested in clarity, accountability and the truth please read on.

Firstly, the story begins : (I’ll try and keep it as short and sweet as I can – but this had damned near ruined 3 years of my life ever since I refused to fabricate documents to defraud the state. To me it matters a lot which is why I care more now after what the system has allowed to happen to me and a few who cared enough to stand upto to it, and will pursue it till the end).

I came to Greece, ended up staying a short time as I looked for work, got offered several jobs on Islands but was interested in one job in Crete (have emails to prove it) ended up being asked by the President of ACTUP to do some presentation animations for ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS, (still have these) . So I decided to turn down the job in Crete when was asked to stay in Greece by the president of the NGO as he wanted some web work and could use me for presentations and network IT work. Having lived abroad before I decided to accept once we’d agreed on a contract, and after two attempts to sort a contract out with a witness we signed a one year contract, (I have these with the notes HE wrote when he f*cked the first attempt up), these have been subsequently been confirmed by a leading handwriting expert (Magda Kabouri who is at the disposal of the newspaper and courts) according to which “there isn’t a single doubt on the originality of his signature”. Unlike their false claims that their mysterious expert (who has no name and who would have to use an original copy of a contract which he claims he doesn’t have) to determine anything…

So, I worked for nine months roughly through a sea of lies, never being paid on time, and with no one other than the president appearing rarely to provide more excuses and bullsh*t as we persevered trying to organise things on top of our existing jobs. As the organisation seemed to be imploding with neglect, no funds, no projects and rarely electricity or telecommunications, and by this time we’d already had one member who we discovered who had a PC full of illegal software, hacking tools, spyware software and decryption tools! – (this is all documented also in my earlier blogs), and when raised with the president this seemed all acceptable behaviour and was rapidly forgotten.

Nearer Xmas 2008 we’d been deceived for long enough and had demanded to sort things out for the new year so we could proceed with some organisation and dignity for once. Also as we’d been told that there was lots of funding owed to us (J-Lo concert, ΥΔΑΣ funding and much more) we wondered where it all had gone. After it was enquired about, the ΥΔΑΣ funding (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), we learn’t that not only were they not getting any but they had failed to provide any documentation for 5 years, receipts, project reports, anything…

This is when the following day or so at our bequest, the president (not the financial advisor) arrived with several carrier bags of receipts. We examined these and discovered that the Projects seemingly consisted of Souvlaki’s, meal receipts , sun tan lotion and champagne, food bills, and including trips to a summer house who just happened to be (according to a witness of theirs) the financial director and ‘his girlfriend’s house…!’ Hmmm, Financial Director, Head of HIV,  and the president of the NGO who signs the cheques, nice, working at the same Ministry without accountability while he pretends to be a Doctor…’ Nothing wrong there then…

So, we pointed out that there were massive shorfall’s in the amounts whereby he requested myself and a Volunteer commit fraud by fabricating receipts, we refused immediately and then went on trying to communicate this information with the rest of the board straight away. The secretary had recently appeared out of nowhere and had mysteriously filling in entries in the statute book months and in some cases years after meetings had happened, and who upon our disclosure made it quite evident that we weren’t welcome with our attempts.

As it transpired, they were all involved and have since tried to claim we tampered with the receipts, (after they changed the locks denying us entry to our workplace), the same ones that he then submitted to ΥΔΑΣ, claiming that were late, were valid, and had been manipulated by ourselves! – Unlike the result of the ΥΔΑΣ Investigation which they denied ever took place and proved that they had not only produced and handed in insufficient project data, inappropriate and completely non valid receipts, but in which the President had provided documentation from the beginning of the current Boards tenure which was all false and non legal.

One such document containing information submitted by the presidents hand, openly stating to ΥΔΑΣ that he and another member of the board were Doctors despite not being registered or qualified. – This will be confirmed by the ongoing Investigation that they launched into the validity of ACTUP and its activities as a result of the many problems highlighted by their findings and subsequently ΣΔΟΕ (the serious financial crime unit) are also investigating this and have passed all the data gathered to the prosecutor including several outstanding court cases in which the president and the rest of the Board failed to attend, for slander and deformation, for illegally filing a false court case, ie, the results of the Tribunal launched by myself to fight against my contract which they stalled by launching a deliberate and false court case against myself stating that the article highlighting them on SKAI radio (covered below), in which I stated that they were being Investigated by ΥΔΑΣ was false and that they had been slandered – This was launched some 30 minutes before the Tribunal some months after the article and clearly done to delay proceedings, but which showed the lack of morality and the complete contempt for the Justice in which they claim to seek. Not to mention the Ombudsman enquiry, EU commission report and many other people seeking the truth who have a vested interest into these people.

So, he and the Board of Directors deliberately bring out an illegal court case knowing that the claim to the Investigation by ΥΔΑΣ that I reported on SKAI radio is true, having just received the initial summons by ΥΔΑΣ. How low is that?


The results of this can be found here, proving that they deliberately chose to pervert the course of Justice, sue an innocent person for exposing them as they since have lied and tried to blame others for their activities :


Only last week the president of this NGO brought out another non legal court case against myself and the others who have been fighting to highlight his many crimes in an poor attempt to cover up his guilt in the story again. For claiming, Kostadis Kabourakis was pretending to be a DOCTOR, as many knew, as he himself provided in a non legal and false document to ΥΔΑΣ, and who is featured here in all his glory gloating on his previous conquests in numerous articles covered online :

Furthermore is his own linkedIn profile which though I’m sure he will try and disprove is his, states that he is a DOCTOR , this has been online for quite sometime and is clearly representative of his blatant disrespect for law, morals and ethics which he claims to boast about so well. This could have been set up by anyone however there are many online articles whereby he features as a Doctor, this being just another exhibit in the big picture.

Kostadis Kampourakis - Doctor at Ministry of Healthcare.
Kostadis Kampourakis – Doctor at Ministry of Healthcare.

Check for yourselves though :

Articles online :

They have further claimed that they have been held to randsom by myself, well, considering I contacted the respective ministries the same week after we’d been asked to defraud the state, I had no reason to and with being content for the tribunal which they then abused by their actions had no reason to. Since having followed the letter of the law and actively being bold enough to not hide behind my actions, by not declaring false statements or things that I can’t prove, or by using guises which have all along claimed what I have and with the sound knowledge that the facts would prove to all about what these people are and represent.

My only failing so far is having faith in other people affiliated with these people who have covered this up, and still do cover this up – those who shun me and those who have fought for justice for our honesty in tackling these scumbags, exposing people who similarly have no morals or ethics and who see us as the problem for doing this…!

Organisations like HelMsic and certain of their members, as well as many others who feign interest to then hand over to the accused private information which is to aid them so they can then file an illegal court case against you, nice! People like this who’s still think it’s acceptable to actively involve themselves with an NGO with proven thieves, whose members illegally claim to be Doctors, and whose members openly make fun of those who who seek to fight such malpractice :

A fine example of what people who share this mentality are like... An application against one of the people who has fought to highlight this criminal activity, is it still making you laugh Dimitris?
A fine example of what people who share this mentality are like… An application against one of the people who has fought to highlight this criminal activity, is it still making you laugh Dimitris?

Now there’s something in need of a ‘like’ button…!

The same person who is happy to name myself online without proof for false accusations which have proven to have no worth, after again I approached him to highlight the activities accidentally thinking he was a genuine person, instead defending ACTUP and throwing suspicion on people without looking into the facts, court cases made by lairs who have perverted the course of justice to cover their lies and damage others. This sadly is what we have to deal with and why so many problems exist.

This same president is also alleged to have breached the confidentiality of an ex-member who reveals their side to the president of ACTUP’s immoral behaviour, this can be found here, but this is only the half of it :

Malaka Card, contact the relevant people for details...
Malaka Card, contact the relevant people for details…

ΘuperMalaka is very real and his endeavours will go on forever I’m sure as he becomes part of a rich history of corruption, ignorance, arrogance and blatant disregard for those who he deceives and lies to damaging innocent people while people still allow this farce to happen.

Till the courts now finalise this spectacle, and feast on the facts provided to them I can refrain from having to waste any more time on scum like this, but rest assured the fun is just beginning for those who have damaged others for their own gain…

They often have made very damaging allegations stating that people had been blackmailing people with HIV, this we would all like to know more of considering that two of their members had been illegally claiming to be Doctors, gaining access to highly sensitive medical data, and the other member of the board who had been covering this up was the head of the HIV/Aids projects for the Greek CDC (KΕΕΛΠΝΟ), Ester projects, and who chaired a committee for other NGO’s in this field, the same people who lied to gain access to Andreas Syggros Hospital and who ran non legal projects risking the health and safety of those who sought help. Their own helpline which was active for many years failed to protect those who called in by failing to mask their numbers, was manned by non qualified staff and whose details were gathered by those highlighted above…

What else do people know that needs to be exposed?

In the confusion though you sadly get Journalist’s who misplace their loyalty and who help prolong and extend the misery of those who have suffered through their affiliation and desire to cover the facts up rather than report on what they should – a story, a very serious one that involves their society which they clearly sacrifice at the expense of duty to criminals who they know, dignity being substituted for favour so it seems. When this has been highlighted to Journalists, the most recent who works for LIFO, he failed to even see the reality of what was being exposed and immediately tried to question the motives for actually seeking justice, referring to it as ‘suspicious’ – clearly so in your little world, however in the one that many of us wish to live in it’s what you do.

The core values of any Journalist surely should be to look into the facts, seek answers to the questions that may arise, and offer an impartial view of events, something that was irrelevant to the Journalist in question who chose to cover this up and fail to address the scenario which involves a sector he was connected with. Another leading Journalist refused to cover this story a year ago also, despite knowing how bad the president of ACTUP was, preferring to cover her friend the financial Director instead, how she can even be called a Journalist is beyond me, and this is just a small section of those whom have been highlighted to these issues – who prove that currently ‘freedom of speech’ and the public’s right to important information within the media share no part in Journalism within a key health sector such as this.

Truth of the matter seems to be that those with HIV and Aids in Greece as subject to a complete failure by the authorities, the state, the people who run it, and those who like having the vulnerable sector in the dark so they can manipulate them, use them as Health tokens to extort the system of funds without actually protecting them.

For free E’s a Dude and ΘuperMalaka downloads, please visit here :

Special Note to Kathiki Kabourakis ( Ooops, typo error…)

If you’d like to submit this in another non legal court case against myself for highlighting the facts then I will be happy to oblige and provide you with further facts should you like us to bring more truths to the prosecutor’s attention about your immoral behaviour. Feel free to include any others that we may have left out so far : however I must add that the last two years have ensured that there hasn’t been much to leave out…

See you in court


Incidentally, with regards to another one of your pathetic posts regarding not censoring the truth, or hiding behind lies and silence against those ‘wicked oppressors’ in your fight for justice, how come every post written whereby you claim to invite freedom of speech, you never defend the facts and information gathered against yourself, instead choosing to hide and block the fundamental actions of debate, the exposure to the facts and the reality of just what you’ve been up to which by one of your own posts you seek?

Just one example of the censorship of the truth by Kostadis Kabourakis who claims to want such freedom.
Just one example of the censorship of the truth by Kostadis Kabourakis who claims to want such freedom.

And of course after he’s removed and failed to defend allegations about himself and the organisation :

I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with you any day numbnuts…


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