The disparity of 2010…

For some, maybe 2010 brought great delight and wonder to, however the high’s and low’s were as stable as the global weather predicament, and probably less remembered for it’s shine which was lacking in so many ways.

For me it was a year of bewilderment and disappointment really, watching the state, the authorities and the many organisations which shamefully pretend to care prove their worth, yet again failing themselves let alone the people who they claim to represent. The many still proving that lies, greed and the need for certain people to falsely represent themselves as something for which they are not is far to common place in society.

My ongoing saga fighting the system here in Greece in which several members of an NGO, ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS who also work for ΚΕΕΛΠΝO, (The Greek CDC), who have been caught lying and pretending to be Doctors, stealing state money and deceiving the public of their ill gotten gains as they milked the system has reached new levels when it comes to being pathetic, further exposing the president of this NGO for what he truly is.

The hilarity in his ill conceived plan to try and sue me for highlighting that he was illegally claiming to be a Doctor when he abused his position and screwed so many people of their time and effort is a treasured gem, one I’m sure many will enjoy.

The president of ACTUP tries to sue me for highlighting that he's been illegally claiming to be a Doctor...!
The president of ACTUP tries to sue me for highlighting that he's been illegally claiming to be a Doctor...!

As if the Judge didn’t already have enough information already concerning the many cases against this fraudulent NGO anyway, well, he has now, that’s a fact… So my thanks go out for that as we may have overlooked one or two little bits of information previously but thankfully we had the recent opportunity to refresh the legal system to the whole case, ensuring that you don’t get forgotten about in anyway. – Winner…

If it’s not pathetic enough to illegally claim to be a Doctor and provide false documentation to the state to support this in the first place, is it not just the saddest example of a human being when you then try and sue people for exposing you? I have only one thing left to say on this matter and that’s ‘Tossing Salad‘… If you’re unsure of what it is, it’s best described by Chris Rock and you’ll find it online if you search.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the story of this now sadly corrupt NGO and its current board of Directors, please visit here :

The rest of the year has similarly been marred with misery and doom for the majority of us too in other ways. What with the global economic problems, the many strikes, the weather, and for me personally still not having any Iced Gems, however like us all, we fight on regardless.

What are you having for New year...?
What are you having for New year...?

The highlights for me have been few but memorable ones all the same. Firstly inspiration through the darkness of these first few years in Greece still burns like a torch, more so now as my site is online now and beginning to take shape, many of the characters and situations, events and ideas coming from life itself. Then there was my cat having kittens, my first experience in such matters and a beautiful one in which the three leg nibbling ankle terrorists that stalk my days regularly fill my day with affection, humour and more often than not, some new scars to go with the many other cat related injuries I’ve accumulated over the years.

Then there was my mum’s Tea and gravy packages – mum, you rock… x

Last but not least is the recognition of the few dedicated people who have come into my life since I came to Greece and who selflessly helped me not only survive, but stay sane, cope with the worst and bizarrely fight battles against the state and the corruption that it employs. Words cannot rightfully express or convey the difference your contribution has made to this time of mine. Some have seen me when life is good and often assume everything’s ok, but for those who have been there when life was bad, your humanity and kindness, your strength and wisdom was invaluable, for that I am forever humbled by knowing you and hope one day to be able to help you in anyway I can.

There were a few other highlights I can’t mention for fear of my mum reading this and the Law being involved, so we’ll call it quits at that!

The lows, well watching Athens burn as Greece tears itself apart with anger, strikes and confusion brought on recently is one of the hardest things to see. The sadness in the deaths of the workers of the Marfin bank who died needlessly when rioters set it ablaze earlier in the year, and the misery inflicted on us by those here who do nothing, who protect those who lie and steal, and who are the reason why for so long this country has been raped by the greed and arrogance of the privileged few who have no bounds to their shameless behaviour.

The sadness and betrayal by a few people who I thought were genuine people also causes me to wish to forget 2010 but the future and the best days of our lives are always ahead of us. As my dear nan used to say, ‘don’t let the Bast*rds get you down’…

I sincerely hope to see more of you in the new year and wish us all health, prosperity and good fortune. There’s an ancient Greek saying about lady luck, basically when you fight to provide your own luck she’ll meet you halfway,

I hope to see her soon as I do you…

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