Things to look forward to in 2011…

Social networking with a difference, coming soon...
Social networking with a difference, coming soon...

Inspired by KEELPNO and the Greek CDC…

WhoTheF*ckAreYouLyingToTube was unfortunately shut down due to having too many members who had been lied to and abused and the server couldn’t handle the amount of people or complaints, not too mention the amount of lies and criminal activities discovered by people who have been unfortunate enough to deal with this organisation and the many it tries to cover up…!

Nearly 2 years of fighting to expose the corruption and the medical farce that they call a Health plan, by endangering the very people they loosely claim to be protecting as they provide illegal and unqualified staff with nothing but their own benefits in mind, as the system so far allows this to be a well orchestrated part of their recruitment plan, we salute you.

Unfortunately there is no one protecting you from them as they lie, steal and manipulate the system to risk the safety and medical confidentiality of those who put their health at risk and by approaching the many sectors in which this organisation can jeopardise your safety, you allow this farce to continue unless you demand action to be taken to protect yourself from further criminalisation.

Abusing those with highly sensitive medical problems and those who have been trafficked or seek refuge is the standard to which KEELPNO expects it’s members to adhere to, by allowing NGO’s that they protect to manipulate those who seek help knowing that they are too scared or ill to do anything about it they run a cartel on the funding, the financing and the situation that they claim to help by opening the Doors to European funds and projects enabling them to ruin the lives of other people who may unfortunately believe their bullsh*t abroad.

ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ ΗΕLLAS is just one case exposed, and the system here clearly protects those who are all affiliated with such malpractice and mistreatment of the resources available for those who are capable of cherry picking the fringe benefits of pretending to care. Their current president Kostadis Kaburakis is the standard to which new lows are met so it seems when he threatens and slanders innocent people for exposing his trail of lies, failing to appear at court when he claims to seek Justice, failing to provide accountability when he claims to seek honest representation and for lying about the many Investigations underway, most notably the one by ΥΔΑΣ which found them guilty of providing non valid documentation, irrelevant receipts and for paying staff when he claims that they are ‘purely voluntary’…

Since, his exploits have shown his true character as he has tried to sue those for revealing to all how he provided false documentation stating he was a Doctor when he wasn’t, perverting the course of Justice when he brought out non legal court cases against those who brought this matter to air on SKAI Radio, denying that they were under Investigation, claiming that they had been victims and it was all lies when he knew and intentionally since tried to damage those who stood up to this.

A subtle reminder of the system and the state of the people who work there who have so far lied, provided false documentation, slandered and abused the state to serve their own ill gotten means is by no means a laughing matter, what is though is the number of people within this sector who allow this to happen, who even think this is acceptable, and worse still those who protect and harbour this activity or feign ignorance to it’s existence.

National and International organisations like the numerous members of TAMPEP, HelmSIC and Doctors of the World and the many more who have all been approached, who in turn allow and condone unqualified staff illegally claiming to be Doctors – who abuse the people who sought help, who allow NGO’s with no experience or no relative expertise in such a specialised area to do as they wish, who when notified tried to protect themselves by trying to help defend the problem rather than address the cause, again trying to help damage those who seek the truth rather than acting in the way in which they should as people, as members representing the cause who’s name they betray by their actions.

Those who have long forgotten what their jobs are all about, who have forgotten who they serve and who have forgotten what the Health sector is there to represent – seemingly need to see a Doctor, preferably one unlike themselves who is hopefully qualified, experienced and not corrupt and likely to set about damaging the people they claim to care about unlike themselves.

What does KEELPNO teach us :

If you want a Doctor – go private. If you want some half witted dumb ass who may abuse your medical state, threaten anyone you know for exposing them as an unqualified liar and thief, or who may illegally claim to be something that they are not ie (a Gynaecologist as reported online in one article) as they illegally claim to be Doctors anyway, then good luck…

You’re by far better off buying yourself a kids Doctors and Nurses set and chopping your own leg off as a precaution as you burn what money you have left and give some criminal the resources for them to be able to blackmail you with your details.

A little extreme maybe, but not really when you think about it…

One method is just stupid, the other is just called trusting the system.

I know which I’d sooner choose!

Buy this and claim that your a Bonafide Doctor working for KEELPNO, Comes with European Union cheque book, numerous non legal projects and a whole department who will cover up your lies and deception as you screw the system and the People...
Buy this and claim that your a Bonafide Doctor working for KEELPNO, Comes with European Union cheque book, numerous non legal projects and a whole department who will cover up your lies and deception as you screw the system and the People...

If you’re lucky you can even run your own NGO and be President as you pretend to everyone you know that your a genuine member of society when in fact your nothing but scum, deliberately screwing the system…

If we’re lucky – we all get Alzheimers and this sh*t goes away, if not, no one cares and this sh*t bites you all in the ass one day.

Your choice…!

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