The never ending lie…

* Ammended article : Dec 2013

Since many of these articles were written, legal action and further proof about the people covered within this blog have come to light to vindicate the facts about this unethical NGO and the behaviour of it’s board of Directors including those who attempted to cover up the reality of the corruption and malpractice exhibited by those in charge of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS.

Our plight to expose the two faced thieving scumbags as per the ones highlighted within this blog have all now come to the attention of the respective authorities whereby they now face penal action for their roles in much of what has been revealed. This will be further covered once the courts have given their verdicts and whereby the crimes committed have been dealt with.

Meanwhile, the case of Slander against myself and the two others who valiantly fought to expose these people was thrown out by the courts and we were acquitted and found innocent, and the activities whereby the President of the NGO, his partner and the secretary and other board members who acted unlawfully in their running of this NGO have been passed onto the District Attourney for further analysis due to the severity of the actions committed by those covered in the article in which they attempted to sue us for, when it rightly revealed the true horror of the NGO and it’s members as backed up by the information obtained from the NGO itself and the Ministries connected with it.

On a lighter note, what kind of no brained halfwit tries to sue you for slander when he himself provides Ministries with the documentation he then spends most of his lifetime boasting, about when it’s a lie. . . Well, you can ask him yourself if you want, its just still too funny. . .

For more information feel free to visit my latest link, An ‘Ode to Kostadis’.

Needless to say that all the evidence provided by ourselves was given to us by the Ministries concerned and highlighted the fact that all 5 members of the board of Directors, Kostadis Kabourakis, Chrysoula Botsi, Kostandinos Zikkas, George Papachristou and Andreas Grilleas all were found guilty of defrauding the state, not to mention some of who illegally claimed to be Doctors and abused the access this gave them to by gaining privvy to highly sensitive medical data, illegally obtained by decieving their way into hospitals and key HIV / Aids projects.

This was overseen by the one genuine member of the Greek CDC who worked for KEELPNO and was the financial Director (Chrysoula Botsi ),not only responsible for the financial issues currently under further investigation by Ministries, but who covered and was part of the deliberate deception whereby other members of the board could illegally pretend to be Doctors and provide false documentation to whoever required it over (now) a 15 year period.

The lies and slander go on by the afore mentioned people in their last ditched attempt to blame others and provide a smokescreen for what has been a very elaborate and deliberate opportunity by immoral people who took advantage of the HIV & Aids sector for their own gain.

——————————————————————————————- Original Post.

Before I start, I feel I have to add a small legal disclaimer on this entry just incase any members of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS – Greece’s foremost non Legal Government run organisation happen to stumbleupon it and suffer any ill effects after being exposed to their reality. – I wouldn’t want any more illegal court cases to be brought out against myself for writing about the truth again now would I…?

ThuperMalaka rears his ugly head again...

ThuperMalaka rears his ugly head again…

Interesting to also note that, erm, your still giving me material to write about, and yes I can and have proven it all, and no it won’t stop while you provide such quality entertainment. – Thanks – Big ‘love’ back atcha…!

I almost want to use the saying he’s my opposite ‘partner in Crime’ but he’s not, he’s already got a whole Board of partners in crime. We’d have to fake another election for that to happen and I’m not so confident with the whole ‘voting ourselves in bit’ if I’m honest, something which by now we all know you’re not bothered by.

So : Beware – This blog entry contains the truth and some members may suffer adverse effects if exposed to any.

We only lie to protect ourselves and rob for our greater good...We're just like Robin Hood but corrupt and working for the state!!!

We only lie to protect ourselves and rob for our greater good…We’re just like Robin Hood but corrupt and working for the state!!!

I’m inspired into action on this fine morning having seen (again) what is arguably the finest assortment of lies ever compliled by an Organisation already famous for it’s bullsh*t, ineptitude and complete disregard for human values, ethics and any moral decency.

I have to try and see the light in this matter because it’s so tragically sad and to be honest, if it were a horse it would have been shot a long time ago. As it is such a serious matter and one that is still ongoing and affecting me on many levels I have to. After being drawn into having to battle the never ending lies and constantly fighting for survival thanks to a terminal lack of humanity exhibited by 5 members of an NGO, one which has shown no decency or  morality in its 10 year history since the current ‘key’ members of the Board took over.

The latest post by ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ ΗΕLLAS available here is the very reason why these delusional and sociopathic liars need to be removed from any social interference and sadly are again the focus of my latest post. As Kostadis Kaburakis claims there is ‘no news’ and everything is cloudy’ I feel it only right in helping him get upto speed with his own little fantasy world.

Point 1) –

It’s one thing to try and cover up your failed attempt to defraud the Ministry of Foreign affairs (ΥΔΑΣ), but it’s quite another to pretend that you are leading the way in financial accountability, having been found guilty of trying to steal nearly 180,000.00 euro’s by providing false documentation, non legal accountability and by threatening former members whilst you tried to deny that you were even under Investigation, and let’s not go into all the private money which mysteriously appears and then disappears…

Priceless... Have you got your Malaka Card...?

Priceless… Have you got your Malaka Card…?

I seem to recall a statement by ACTUP shortly after they were highlighted on SKAI radio and dragged in by (ΥΔΑΣ) to account for their inevitable verdict of fraud whereby they were keen to be the first NGO to provide online documentation for their accounts. Never happened did it? – And you got found out about your financial activities and are now awaiting judgement by ΣΔΟΕ, so that part wasn’t entirely true either was it and so you hardly lead the way in financial transparency having been exposed as liars and potential thieves.

Arrogance, contempt for their peers and ignorance to their crimes instead choosing to belittle those who dare question their lack of standards.

Sun Feb 20th, 2011 – More arrogance, contempt for their peers and ignorance to their crimes, instead continually choosing to belittle those who dare question their lack of standards and those who they have stolen from such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This is of course was after they then lied to the public claiming that you weren’t even under investigation and after filing an illegal court case against myself claiming that I had lied and made it up despite having recieved confirmation of this from ΥΔΑΣ, spoken in person to the person in charge and after having had this aired on SKAI radio. – One of Greece’s core news channels in both TV and Radio, and clearly open to presenting an article without obtaining all the facts first, not very likely is it now considering…

But that didn’t stop you did it, you then threatened to sue them for covering (lol) – ‘the truth’ in their feature. I won’t elaborate too  much on your other lies whereby you claimed that you weren’t even contacted by them prior to the broadcast, and that you weren’t given the right to defend yourself, instead choosing to fabricate malicious slander and ignore the essence of the story and the activities of your Organisation. Your press statement about having a graphology report on the impending tribunal case against the organisation was also a lie too, it never appeared – and only this month, two years later made an appearance. Over a year after you said you had one. Please don’t let the facts get in the way, I’d hate to ruin the focus of your ‘press releases’.

I do have to ask, how well did that go with SKAI…? Apparently another article by one of the Journalists who highlighted ACTUP being corrupt also got the same vitriolic treatment and was also subject to the same cries of ‘innocence’, ‘violating your privacy’ etc, etc…

Your lies then got better, you suggest that the reason for the problems highlighted by ΥΔΑΣ were due to those who you’d asked to commit fraud in the first place, the same people who you claim then tampered with the receipts which you then submitted to ΥΔΑΣ, – How did that work out, what we broke in, returned fake or altered receipts which you then submitted…? Or lie number two, having then said that you had to gain fresh receipts because of our so called intervention, you then presented ‘these‘ fresh receipts yourself which were mostly all non legal or valid to the Ministry with your other unacceptable paperwork which proved that for the period of 2004 to 2009/10 you had been running with no accountability, with non legal projects which jeopardised the very people you claim to protect. You even tried submitting Invoices for 2009 for a 2004/2005 project…!

By providing false document to ΥΔΑΣ written by your own hand claiming to be a Doctor as well as fictitious accounts of what your activities were as staff and as NGO and the projects which you ran… In English we call it embezzlement. Plain and simple. Deliberately setting out to mislead a Government body of funding by providing false documentation takes either balls or stupidity. I’ll let the readers decide on that though.

You should be in Wikipedia with some of this sh*t. There’s quite a few words and meanings which come to mind too when I think about it, and I know a few who would agree with me on that!

One of your great and endearing earlier statements claimed that you were no ‘English Lord’, it was very funny, I laughed.

I’d like to re-create the moment which summed up my hysteria with – ‘lol’.

Having implied that you had no desire, need or responsibility to myself for your involvement in defrauding the state, and by cleverly trying to divert the focus of your guilt to me being a foreigner and having the audacity of accusing YOU, one of Alexander’s finest Greeks in his own country, your moral high ground was abundantly clear. Of course you were right – What rights do I have – an immigrant questioning the head of Trafficking for ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ, who with his Godlike powers of impunity and 10 years of manipulation and deceit was above such reason. Having a decent life which you denied to so many, especially after you do all you can to deny other people their rights is beyond your grasp.

Well, actually, the funny bit was because YES you do have to account to me, not just to me though as I am just one civilian with the same rights as any other citizen of Greece and Europe who has everyright to be concerned about how the country I live in allows it’s civil servants to behave, and while living here trying to wade through life (which is hard enough whilst having to struggle with dealing with scum like you), you mostly owe it to Greece and the Greeks to which you stole from, especially to the people to whom you still lie to and damage by your reckless regard to law and decency.

ThuperMalaka was lucky, corruption came as easily as lying...

ThuperMalaka was lucky, corruption came as easily as lying…

You’re a civil servant Dumbass! Accountable to the Government and the society in which you have abused for so long, and a lousy one at that. Unqualified, unregistered and a good for nothing fake exposed for all you are and yes I, we everyone needs to know and learn how to protect themselves from people like YOU.

Everything you do has to deceive, hurt, steal or ruin the good in society, and all who have tried to help you and who trusted you end up getting caught in your fallout as you drag everyone around you down in the process.

This isn’t opinion, just fact gathered by your own actions and that of the good for nothing scam of an NGO (MKO) you have hidden behind for so long.

Your latest post should be printed off and hung in the Greek Parliament buildings as a warning to all other servants who become as deluded and twisted by their own arrogance to the system, living a lie which has gotten so far out of control that not even the people caught up in it can remember what it was like to do anything good in life.

How does someone who has illegally claimed to be a Doctor for so long, who has stolen and abused the hand that feeds him muster the ignorance to try and belittle those of us who do try and achieve a greater goal in life and those of us and who are persecuted by people such as yourselves for your own crimes and evil doing. I don’t just speak for myself, more of the genuine people who for years have contributed into unwillingly allowing you to surround yourself with such stupidity, such brazen disrespect to the system and the people who you have taken advantage of for so long, the many volunteers who over the years believed your lies and when questioned or stood up for themselves were equally treated so appallingly.

Trust me, I'm a Doctor... Well, at least you can trust me... Erm, ok I work at KEELPNO, I'm not a Doctor and no you can't trust me.

Trust me, I’m a Doctor… Well, at least you can trust me… Erm, ok I work at KEELPNO, I’m not a Doctor and no you can’t trust me.

You constantly speak of the ‘mud’ being thrown, and information is scarce…!? Erm, no it’s not, it’s in abundance. All the reports online whereby you claimed to be a Doctor are freely available and all the press articles whereby you either ran non legal projects exposing those who sought help, not to mention the many ‘press releases’ you yourself have provided, such as your latest one for example which provides the average person with enough knowledge in what is going on with ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ ΗΕLLAS and it’s current Board of Directors – with a true insight into just how pathetic your lies and claims of victimisation really are when you compare the reality of what is said.

Those who cast shadows on such a ‘great’ institution do so because for 10 years it’s become a rats nest of parasites and petty minded liars and thieves who thought that they could abuse the system, its people and the vulnerable people which they exploited for so long.

How you can still tell the difference between ‘mud’ and ‘sh*t’ is pretty impressive anyway considering you’ve been upto your necks in the latter for so long.

You talk of the good you did for the refugees. I only know of my time there when a few men were housed in a non legal shelter with hardly any provisions, poorly equipped with no security and who many of which were exposed in a documentary on TV thanks to your egotistical need to publicise yourself at any expense. The poor refugees were exploited by yourselves and the other members of the Board as you saw fit as you deprived them of water for over a Month in one case, and that’s just scratching the surface. Great work indeed and yet you boast of it, thinking this is what they deserve – You were the Head of trafficking for ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ…? It’s no wonder so many trafficking victims end up with criminal gangs when the alternative is YOU.

Please, anything but ACTUP...!!!

Please, anything but ACTUP…!!!

I cannot comment on the female victims of trafficking as I never saw this in my time working there but if it’s anything like the reports online whereby a witness claims that you had been carrying out duties as though you were a Gynaecologist then I won’t be the first or last to see the real threat to people YOU really are.

I haven’t had chance to even mention the conduct of the other members of the Board yet, so much TRUTH to cover and so little time is always a problem with writing about yourselves, but may I…?

Let’s not forget Andreas Grilleas, another member of the Board who also was keenly touted as being a Doctor when he wasn’t, and employed by ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ as with yourself and another member of your board who just covered this up and allowed yourselves access to the state tools and resources.

Surely a key part in being a non governmental organisation lies in the title, (Non Government Organisation), not all working for the government whilst feebly trying to insist that the state isn’t doing enough when its yourself you’re actually criticising…!

I shouldn’t compare really, after all you were responsible for writing the Official report on HIV/Aids for Greece as you then provided the shadow report as ACTUP stating how useless and underfunded the system was. Maybe not stealing so much of it might have helped or is my logic getting in the way on that principle.

A key part of the Lais project, and non legal phone line which you ran to deceive ΥΔΑΣ of it’s funding is also questionable. Over 100,000.00 euro’s a year for an incoming phoneline which jeopardised the confidentiality of those who rang in, allowing you to see the details of the caller as your non qualified, non medical ‘volunteer’s helped you further your knowledge of who has HIV/Aids in Greece. This wasn’t without using Chrysoula Botsi to cover this up and enable your Organisation to partake in EU and Greek funded events whereby again you could infiltrate Andreas Syggros and gain further information for your own gain.

Maybe part of the reason why for so long now the press and media, Politicians and others have been scared to expose you despite all knowing about it, maybe a few people know a little more than what has actually been proven so far as it is and I’m sure this is why many other NGO’s and organisations all relative to this sector all show similar traits and refuse to acknowledge a problem even exists.

You talk of Institutional framework for Greek NGO’s being similar to organised crime and yet commit some of the most appalling abuses of civil society that I have been aware of anyway. You were recently trying to lead a movement on how NGO’s should operate with impunity and have no accountability…

We have every right to know, it’s our money – are you mad or just stupid?

Then there’s the other Ghost members of the Board – Kostandinos Zikkas and George Papachristos. ineffective participants who served their purpose as being able to make up the relative numbers  for you to vote yourselves in again, safe in the knowledge that you wouldn’t be questioned by your actions and are allowed to act with the same impunity as you did when other members were taken advantage of previously.

Lets just add that two of the previous members claimed to a journalist that they didn’t even know they had been voted in, one claiming he was getting his hair cut on the date written, both now unwilling victims to a cause they once had faith in.

By all affiliating yourselves with ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ, the Greek CDC, you took advantage of C.Botsi having access to being apart of the Ester program as well as Greece’s own poorly coordinated attempts within this sector, with her being head of one committee and by all being members of others you successfully gained opportunities to gain access to European funding and projects whereby you applied the same logic as highlighted above.

My favourite quote you use in your most recent post is ‘Cash without Shame‘… I nearly fell off the chair with that one. Maybe when you come out prison you should do stand up while you still can. It’s an option anyway.

'Cash without Shame' - I have loads of your cash and just no shame...

‘Cash without Shame’ – I have loads of your cash and just no shame…

This leads me onto my very special own mention by yourself – thanks, I’ve gone all shy now… Θ)

After only highlighting a few of your many many problems, ones to which as always you have no answer, never defend against as you can’t, and blah, blah, blah your holy -we’re a victim routine bores me. The facts though, don’t bore me.

I’m really into them and having been unfortunate when first coming to Greece to have to be subjected to scum like yourself, have had to.

Remember sunshine, this is not by my own choice but by YOURS for trying to rob me, stealing my IKA, my taxes, and making my life miserable before you expected me to commit fraud for your sorry ass so you could live the lie for a few more years at other peoples expense.

You then talk about Human rights – you don’t even know what being human is.

All I ask is for you to carry on giving me, the authorities and those who don’t yet know what you truly are a reason to keep highlighting to the many good people of Greece who do actually want something better than what you and Organisations such as you do and what sickness hides behind the system, feigning all that it represents, damaging all that is good as it tries to smother anything that questions its unethical and immoral behaviour.

Articles like the one below aren’t coincidence you know, yourself even brazenly mocking ΣΔΟΕ – (the serious financial crimes unit) when they begun their pursuit of yourselves after ΥΔΑΣ found serious financial irregularities with yourselves etc, etc…

So how did that work out for you all…? I can only speculate and make a wild guess at to what the verdict will be knowing just how much evidence was given in, but I think I’d rather wait for you to surprise us with some more well timed horsesh*t on your complete innocence and poor victimised Saints routine.

I could go on all day exposing the corruption within ACTUP and how you systematically destroyed it’s name, all it’s values and what it stood for but I don’t have to, You do a pretty damned good job showing the world what you are everyday.

What bullsh*t looks like when you hide behind a government sponsored NGO

What bullsh*t looks like when you hide behind a government sponsored NGO

This post will probably get removed from their blog as with previous attempts to censor the truth, to hide from their obligations or to even acknowledge their own lies and deception. I fortunately am able to provide insight into the way they operate by salvaging a copy, knowing full well the extent of their behavioural patterns. As with all the evidence provided by ACTUP and their board who spend so much energy trying to still deceive us of their intentions I look forward to more instalments from their blog.

The only credit I now give to them is that rather than just lying behind closed groups, un-answerable and censored blogs is that they’ve chosen to do it on the Stand in Court. I guess that’s just a natural evolution and something else that the Justice system will have to take into account as well…

I have one additional footnote to include (again) the numerous facts to your ‘Sialon‘ project in which you slander me in lacks. Firstly after agreeing to be involved in a EU project as part of ACTUP with yourself and a selection of other members, one which during the beginning and prior to it starting myself and a volunteer highlighted the many legal, physical and dangerous problems which the project exposed in being pursued by yourself and the other member of the Board, without utilising trained or qualified medical staff to collate DNA from members of the public. After having you decide to proceed forward on a non legal project (again), we brought up the serious flaws firstly to ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ who we were led to believe were in charge. They reacted by doing nothing so then we contacted the project coordinators in the EU and highlighted the issues to them who also refused to acknowledge the dangers and still implemented a non legal project one in which yourself at least on member of ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ and another member of the board of ACTUP who to my knowledge weren’t medical or qualified set out to collect highly sensitive DNA from members of the public, (again) allowing yourselves to gain access to the results of medical data which has been one of the key focuses of the problems highlighted so far.

If my involvement in agreeing to join a project whereby once the dangers were apparent, I tried at every level to highlight these to yourself, the coordinators and the EU who ran it and they still decided to continue as myself and the other responsible member refused to be involved in a non legal project which potentially put all parties at risk, then yes I am a bad person for not lowering myself to your standards and going along with another abuse of ACTUP‘s reign.

This is all subsequently under investigation by the EU and something that as usual you fail to mention. Happy indeed to twist the truth and fail to mention the very real dangers you pose to the public with your complete disregard for the safety and well being of society.

Somewhere in Greece as well as the rest of Europe and the world are genuine people who work hard at making a change. NGO‘s which do make a difference for the right reasons and volunteers who do strive for positive change out of the goodness in their hearts, but whilst people can abuse the system and prey on the vulnerable like these do the problems will always outnumber the cure.


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