Don’t Panic…

Trust your Government, trust your media…

After one of the worst natural disasters to have affected people in my lifetime, the after effects are a long way from being resolved, and far from it, the many repercussions will no doubt linger for quite some time.

A week ago there was no chance of a core breach with apparently just one minor reactor problem, three days ago there was no chance of them being exposed as three had suffered explosions, fires and potential meltdown, now half the east coast is experiencing major radiation contamination and Tokyo has radiation ten times higher than expected…

But still optimism remains high. “Officials in the Japanese capital say radiation levels have reached ten times the normal but there is no threat to human health.”

No threat to human health in my book means that at no point EVER will the Government have to tell me that radiation is a threat – full stop. Anything else belittles my primary survival skills.

E's no the Messiah - E's a Very Naughty boy! - It's a big can because you got a big ass...

Those now trapped within their homes within the 20-30km boundary who have no power, supplies or means for escape must be feeling like ghosts already. If things get any worse will they ever be able to leave, will they be able to decontaminate or is it their bad luck that they were to survive the earthquake, the Tsunami only to be trapped by circumstances, victims of fate…?

If anything good can be salvaged from this catastrophe it’s hopefully an awareness that playing around with the most dangerous Technology has very dangerous repercussions if things go wrong.

There is no such things as safe nuclear power and countries striving for such ambitions should weigh up the risks in humanities safety before fighting for the right to own such capabilities at any cost.

True we can’t un-invent technology but we can opt to be responsible with its usage. Have people forgotten about all the other options that are less temperamental and freely available… The many elements which surround us are in abundance yet often overlooked due to a lack of desire, means or just a long standing human ignorance to do what we want to regardless of the cost to the Planet or our species.

Once again the balance of human life was interrupted during our often natural desire to kill each other by a reminder of the many powers that we have yet to fully comprehend and treat with a little more respect.

I’m only hopeful in the fact that maybe after seeing one of the worlds leading powers humbled by an act of nature, there is hope for us yet to learn from the many lessons given to us by fate.

One day we hopefully will learn from our mistakes, build for a better, safer world rather than assuming that we can do whatever we want all the time.

In years to come maybe Alien life will discover our ruined Planet and have the foresight to prepare an epitaph for our memory :

R.I.P. Mankind – Stupid bast*rds never had a chance really…

When they weren’t content finding new improved ways of killing each other they failed to address the many Planetary issues raised by their own reckless endeavours…

There in your hour of need... - My Arse...
There in your hour of need... - My Arse...

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