What if just isn’t good enough for those who really need help…

So, what if…?

What if an NGO had ceased to be active for a period of nearly Ten years and was restarted without a temporary board being appointed by the courts and the leading members effectively voted themselves in and then when it was restarted, two members of the board of Directors ended up working for the same Ministry that provided funding for themselves, whilst another member worked at a Hospital that also received funding and support from both the Ministries and the NGO that they were working for…?

What if when they released information about International causes that they were supposed to be members of, they weren’t in fact members at all and just used this title to gain further opportunities which they could manipulate for themselves…?

What if members of their Board were regularly referred to as a Doctors despite not being qualified or registered, and had allegedly attended a major hospital whilst being unqualified/unregistered as well. Also new information claims that one was passing himself of as a Gynaecologist as alleged  by one concerned member of society, and a previous member of the NGO claims the president violated medical confidentiality also…?

What if another Member of the Board of Directors also worked for a Hospital and was also not registered on the official Doctors registrar as stated by the Hospital itself despite abusing his position gaining sensitive medical data, HIV/Aids results and having access to other medical records and information…?

What if certain members of the same Board acquire funding without the full knowledge of the current Board of Directors and fail to provide any form of receipt or accountability during their actions except by providing mis-information and deliberately false information, such as stating even to the Ministries that they were Doctors…?

What if the NGO were to allow the Members of the Board to appoint themselves as Directors on the Board despite all the members not always knowing that they were elected or even being present during the elections as confirmed by a previous member of their Board and using peoples names without their consent to provide false documentation for their ruse…?

What if their own accountability has been compromised by their neglect to provide a suitable diary of events, meetings, and accounts for actions planned, intended or previously worked on, and what if they were to create their own version of events whenever suited themselves as proven…?

What if three Members of the Board of Directors we’re informed about financial Irregularities highlighted by staff and their reaction was to change the locks and to then try and pass the blame onto previous members, whilst at the same time denying the other Members of the Board the information requested by those genuinely concerned enough to care…?

What if the President were to ask members of staff to illegally create receipts and commit fraud for previous projects that had happened up to 5 years previous…?

What if the Board of Directors file an illegal court case stating that a Broadcast on SKAI radio highlighting them for being under Investigation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for fraud was false just to delay their impending Judgement from a tribunal case against themselves whereby they deliberately lied and slandered the members who had previously sought to help the organisation in a way befitting it’s true nature, purposely setting out to damage those and cause misery so they could continue their deception, and as they have now for two years provided untold lies to try and cover their reality…?

What if the President, who was subsequently also Head of a Trafficking Department which regularly released press information on Trafficking and Migrants not having Insurance were to steal the IKA – staff Insurance, social security etc, and then tried to deny having ever writing a contract of Employment, despite it being prepared by a Volunteer who testified to this fact, it having his handwritten notes explaining what the Contract needed to say etc, and having being now verified by a Graphologist who specializes in Handwriting…? Their original statement nearly two years earlier claiming that their graphologist report denied it subsequently never materialised and only appeared this year when they were summoned into court for the beginning of one of many preliminary cases against them…

What if, when information was requested from one of the Ministries (in which two of the Members of the Board of Directors work), about funding issues related to the NGO in question they firstly refused the information requested, then stated that they didn’t fund NGO’s at all, then they simply allowed the President of the NGO in question to provide the answers…? Is this not like theoretically asking someone accused of being guilty if they are guilty or not…? And being more suspicious when they say of course not, because ‘I’ told you so…?

What if the NGO in question had a shelter for Trafficking victims and refugees and allowed them to live without water for over five weeks, would this not be against the very principle of trying to help…??

What if the NGO were to agree to participate in an potentially non-legal EU project that collects highly sensitive data (DNA) and highly sensitive personal data whilst failing to provide adequate medical staff to collect the data required…?

What if the office in which the President works for within the Ministry uses a number of its staff to work on the Project despite this clearly representing a conflict of Interests for the NGO as stipulated by the terms of the project, who all stand to gain funding as a result and who all have direct involvement with the Ministry which also represents a conflict of Interests for the Ministry also…?

What if the Ministry and the NGO both deny certain members of the Board of Directors receiving any funding despite documentation stating that numerous amounts were allocated to various staff on the Board of Directors, and yet when questioned the President told numerous members of the NGO that he wasn’t to receive any funding by anybody for his involvement…?

What if members of this NGO who worked for the Greek CDC received payments from Pharmaceutical companies…?

Unethical – Yes or No?

Immoral – Yes or No?

Illegal – Yes or No?

Do you not feel that this is something that needs addressing if your government was responsible…? Is this not a matter for the HIV/Aids community to address having allowed and encouraged these people into being able to do this for so long, or is it a poor example of the sector as a whole who have all failed those who truly need help the most when they put their trust, faith and safety at risk allowing themselves to manipulated by NGO’s and organisations who all fail themselves by their ignorance…?

This counts for all of the so called concerned bodies in this sector who have all hidden from their responsibility and who should be ashamed into knowing that they are all as guilty for their role in allowing this to be.

WAC, UNAids, STOPTB, KEEΛΠΝΟ, WHO, HELMSIC, INET and the many others who allow and encourage this abuse of state to happen should look into the mirror and question what they truly represent to the people who put their health on the line trusting in the names of organisations who sit back and let this happen…

This applies to the many Journalists and other media representatives who have lied, covered this up and allowed many more to suffer as a result of their neglect. Especially to the Politicians and members of Parliament who hide behind their pre-fabricated bureaucracy with their ignorance of indifference to the people they pretend to represent.

Quite frankly your all an embarrassment to your names and the institutions you represent, you know who you are, as do we.

For more information please browse through the following link :


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