Is Doctor Dumbass in…?

Doctor Dumbass Strikes again...!
Doctor Dumbass Strikes again...!

Inspiration comes in many guises, this sad reality is an example of the Health system gone wrong, a Sector of Health which openly abuses it’s position as well as the trust and validity of it’s own cause by allowing people to persecute and jeopardise the health and safety of those in need.

But there’s no need to worry, after all it’s not like it’s real or happening within the Health Sector right now… Well, actually, yes it is.

I moved to Greece in 2008 and unfortunately ended up working for this particular Non Government Organisation which at the time I falsely believed was true to it’s ideology. This unfortunately turned out to be a corrupt and self serving dictatorship run by petty minded criminals who lied and stole from their staff, their volunteers, and a nation for nearly 10 years.

This was further made worse by being state sponsored and technically run by the Greek CDC which clearly allows it’s staff to abuse their positions. Defrauding the state whilst they damage those who need help and risk their own confidentiality and health when they put their trust in the Greek National HIV/Aids plan (this of course is run essentially by the same substandard and morally devoid cretins who have made a mockery of everyone’s trust for nearly a Decade anyway, and who still slander and threaten those who dare to speak out against them as they carry out their ‘well practised’ deceitful ways).

The CDC is guilty by allowing their own staff to illegally claim to be Doctors to gain access to highly sensitive medical data which they in turn can do whatever they want with, and by allowing the same people to run their own NGO without accountability has lead to a complete abuse of state resources as they deliberately sought to use this to their own advantage.

Myself and a few individuals have since fought to highlight this sector of Malpractice only to see that the majority of this sector is Ignorant to showing responsibility or will shelter and protect these people for fear of exposing further cases whereby this sector is exploited in this manner.

My overall shock however goes to the overwhelming number of Politicians and media people here in Greece who have since tried to cover this up, or worse still knew of it or are partly responsible for allowing it in the first place. This includes many of the NGO’s within this sector who were all made aware of this nearly two years ago who many have since been involved with them since, and further more who failed in some cases to even see a problem…

Well done there, give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back for that.

The response from this sector and the HIV/Aids community in general beggars belief in that no one is prepared to investigate this or even stop it from happening, subsequently this only leaves bigger questions unanswered as the joke goes on.

This rather pathetic character in particular – (Doctor Dumbass or Doctor F*ckwit) as I like to lovingly refer to him is a true representation of the incompetence, ignorance and arrogance of this entire sector, which has to my knowledge failed the very people who believe in it, and the many more who recklessly claim they care as they fool themselves into believing that they are actually helping people.

To sit back and do nothing is as shameful as when these organisations pretend they care, and yet when the UNAids, WAC, TAMPEP and the many others who all allow themselves to be affiliated with such low moral standards, it only serves to show how little they really care for the true cause that they claim is always underfunded, insufficient and in constant need of help.

Maybe if they didn’t allow such practice to go unpunished and didn’t excuse themselves from having to be responsible by covering it up, ignoring the issues or allowing this behaviour with these people then this sector would gain support and respect from the a larger section of the public who see enough public money being wasted as it is.

If those in need don’t act, those in charge don’t care and those who run this sh*t all fail to give a damn then why should we believe anything they say… One former member who had their medical condition recklessly used by the President of this NGO I’m sure would have their own thoughts on how they were helped.

To those involved, sort yourselves out and stop f*cking ruining it for those who do want to help and the many worldwide who dedicate their time, money and faith in allowing YOU to do F*CK ALL about serious problems that YOU all allow to happen…

Further Information covering the rest of this farce can be found here :

Now onto a lighter note, ‘Hard nipples’ is trending on twitter… Good day!


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