Three years today…

And what a load of sh*te it’s been so far…!

I’d like to personally thank ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ for allowing such scum and petty minded criminals to work for it, for allowing them to persecute people for standing up to their rule of tyranny and for acting in every way possible to be as inept and blatantly useless in every way in helping fight the corruption which runs through it like Diarrhoea, especially when civilians attempt to make a difference and come to YOU to help your stupid f*cking joke of a CDC sort itself out and do something good for once, instead you lie and promote those Guilty of fraud who illegally claim to be Doctors… Bunch of C*nts you are!!!

I’d like to also thank ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ  ΗΕLLAS for stealing my finances, failing to pay my taxes and IKA and allowing me to help reveal to the world what maggots the current Board of Directors are and how their conduct is befitting of the immoral, lying cheating bastards they are and have been for their duration in charge.

Since hijacking a once good Non Government Organisation and abusing it, its funding and its resources and good name, whilst in the meantime threatening and damaging those who worked so hard to believe in it and what it once stood for with your malicious lies and slander when you deliberately set out to delay and pervert the course of Justice with regards to your own exposure being proven to be TRUE, ie… Let me see now, all of it.

If there is a parasite which feeds on the sh*t of the dung beetle, its the current President and his band of merry thieves. What pretentious, empty headed lying thieving retches you truly are, and yes, please try and sue me (again) for me pointing out how by your own hand members of your board of Directors claimed to be Doctors, please explain to myself and the many how that is slander…!? How me stating that you being investigated by ΥΔΑΣ was a lie, which when you WERE being Investigated, you tried to deny for nearly a year – and then were found GUILTY of, is liable…

Which part of ‘Dumbasses‘ do you not understand…?

A VERY special mention also to all the f*ckwit scumbag Politicians and other Organisations who failed to act responsibly and who still allow these criminals to slander and abuse those who fought to highlight their lies and shameful behaviour.

In words which can only briefly summarise how I feel about your ignorant, arrogant and completely useless and pathetic voices, which similarly show that cretins such as yourselves aren’t worth wiping our arses with :

I can only hope your genitals drop off slowly you retarded tossers

with affection,

Simon A.Rawicz

x x x

Oops, did I use my name and stand proud for what I know and believe in when I have nothing to fear from the truth coming out…? OMG…

Or should I hide myself behind petty closed groups slandering the good name of people who are innocent, lying to protect other lowlife phlebs who listen to lies without seeking any form of proof… Would I not be better off making up accusations, lies and failing to show a shred of decency while I abuse every aspect of what I could stand for in a futile and empty last gesture before the courts close in…

Even when facing the truth, facts and being shown to have lied and abused your position for nearly a decade, should I still LIE and make up yet more f*cking pathetic lies about people who have exposed me for the anal stain that YOU ARE…

No thanks, I’ll stand proud and wait for the Pepsi challenge thank you very much and leave you to your standards…


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