What time is it…?

Atomic Wedgie time...
With Justice comes Atomic Wedgie time...

Ten years of ACT UP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS abusing their positions within the Health sector finally comes under the scrutiny that is required when they have abused their positions, the state, the resources available and whilst masquerading as something they aren’t and haven’t ever been.

It there were a court for deciding if people had a sense of decency and self worth, Judgement would have passed a long time ago for these people and they would have already been tossing salad…

Their current Board of self elected Directors – C.Botsi, A.Grilleas, K.Kaburakis, K.Zikkas and G.Papachristou are finally being prosecuted for being responsible for (firstly) the last two years of lies and slander, threats and abuses against myself and those who sought to highlight this farce of an NGO which for too long has recklessly endangered the public and the HIV/Aids community with its non legal projects, while it’s President Kostadis Kaburakis and Andreas Grilleas illegally claimed to be Doctors.

Their deliberate and vile campaign of lies against those who exposed them shows the true character of these immoral, unethical individuals as they withheld information from the public about the ongoing Investigations, and as they deliberately perverted the course of Justice to damage the very people who had tried so hard to actually help the Organisation.

I think a lot of people who learn of the recent developments may be shocked to realise that this once respected NGO was only another opportunity for the systematic abuse committed by people such as these, people who have milked this great country dry due to the public trust and their deceptive lies who now regularly criticise the system, the resources and the poor management of a sector which they have manipulated and ruined previously, And who with thanks to activities such as theirs have caused further suspicion on others genuine in their attempts do well for us all as they pour contempt on everyone else who doesn’t meet with their low expectations.

To find out that it was infected with blatant corruption from the onset of their tenure is one of the many true horrors being exposed, however the nature in which they conducted themselves during this period is truly appalling and what they have done to the public and the vulnerable sector which was neglected, abused and stolen from is horrific.

More notably are two individual reports claiming that the president had been a Gynaecologist and had abused the confidentiality of one of the HIV communities trust upon confiding in the President. Having been witness to the latter case on several occasions myself when I worked there I can only pause for thought on the implications for the people who have given their trust in these people, those who called their non legal phone line only to learn that they details hadn’t been securely withheld, that the people helping were unqualified non medical staff who there on had access to their details, phone numbers etc is shocking and outwardly mortifying to some of these people.

In their position, whilst being employed by ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ, this is the lowest and saddest part to learn and having spoken to several people who confirmed their knowledge of this am still in shock to know of how many people within ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ knew of this, the Politicians who chose to stay silent, and the media especially a number of Journalists and others involved in the Health sector who still try and pretend that they are ignorant to this, who by their inaction all still endorse or allow this.

The most recent arrogance with regards to the ΣΔΟΕ Investigation whereby the President mocks the process and revels in his false sense of injustice, despite him failing to present or provide documentation or reply to the many requests made by the respective authorities, press and media when required to do so shows the contempt they have for a system which they have abused for their duration. – One they now ridicule for having no funding and poor staffing levels, incorrect treatment and incompetent guidance, appropriately so as members of their own Board ran it for a number of years and incidentally are the ones found guilty by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who found them guilty of (fraud – embezzlement), call it what you will really, providing false documentation to deliberately gain funding which you wasted on Champagne and sun tan lotion is just the minor specifics when they tried to blame others for highlighting this in between playing Doctors and Nurses for a decade…

Their two faced lies and press releases deliberately providing mis-infomation and malice towards innocent people who have had to endure the misery of such slander whilst having all the proof and documentation proving the state of ACT-UP shows just how heartless and vacuous they are as individuals, and how as an NGO they have abused their way into the situation they are in now.

Their contempt for ΥΔΑΣ and the Investigation which was ongoing whereby they continually lied of its existence and subsequently found them Guilty of defrauding the state as well as the way in which they treated the SKAI Journalists when after being correctly portrayed as lying thieving bastards who embezzled the state for nearly a decade, they threatened to sue them for liable and misrepresentation, despite it being proven to be true.

So, as a staunch advocate of causality and the old saying “what goes around, comes around…”

For now, I do believe that Atomic Wedgie time is nearly upon us…


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