Surviving Greece – Chloroform, Duct tape and a plan…

It’s time to get real people, we’re down with all the bullsh*t now, we’re sick of the problems, fed up with relentless debate over how fckdup we are in Greece and I know myself, sick of external sources being ‘experts’ on a Country few have ever spent enough time in to get close to trying to understand.

Survival is no longer the subject of discussion here in Greece, it’s a way of life for many and to be fair it has been for quite a while, well before it’s current spineless cabinet fell apart.

Can you imagine Europe telling the UK, Germany or France what to do with it’s own economy…?

Exactly. At what point did anyone in the Greek cabinet allow such sovereign neglect to fall into the hands of an external source? If previous cabinets had been honest with themselves let alone the people, THEY would be dictating the terms in which they would make their own economy stronger – for their own sake.

Backbone, where did that go. It must be surgically removed once they get into office. “Here’s your desk, your Malaka card and free reign to state funding, before you start we just need to implement a political enhancement operation to improve your overall charisma and once we’ve removed your testicles and backbone you’ll be on your way in no time…”

I understand the need for Government to tone down their approach to the news sometimes, after all no one wants an official government spokesperson on the front pages telling it’s citizens that they’re about to get gang-raped by parliament, diplomacy is key.

It’s only when you see week after week this tragic comedy deepening that you realise that somebody’s not being all that honest with the people, and to make matters worse they clearly haven’t got a f*cking clue either!

Take your pick, blindfold or duct tape? Either way we’re being screwed and you know we are.

23% tax, a minimum wage that requires a microscope to find and an economy that is suffering what seems to be a terminal disease, not good for the short term, horrific for the long term and that’s the good news.

Tax is ONLY 23%. There IS a minimum wage, and analists still use the term ‘ Economy’, maybe there is hope – For today at least.

ThuperMalaka to the rescue...

ThuperMalaka to the rescue...

The people feel like they are being punished for a legacy of corruption which has bled into the fabric of the present socio-political arena.

All those stories on the news all make sense now don’t they people? All that never ending looting carried out by everyone from Government to Industry rearing it’s ugly head just when we thought times couldn’t get any worse, nice.

F*ck you, I work for the Government and I do as I want...

F*ck you, I work for the Government and I do as I want...

It comes as a shock to many, but worse than that it comes at a price. One we all now have to pay for as will many generations that follow.

In many ways people with children would simply opt to take them out the back and shoot them to save them from a future so bleak that even the Grim Reaper would be envious, the reality is that they couldn’t afford the bullets and sadly watch the future fade from view like a distant memory.

We live in an age where ‘Do you want fries?’ may become the dream. Being able to offer them will be an achievement and merit in itself, however being able to actually afford them, well, that is the stuff of legend…

These are harsh times indeed for Greece but harder still for the vast majority of hard working people here, desperate to find a way of surviving whilst being made to pay for years of financial neglect and abuse overseen by many Governments well before this latest fiasco begun.

Unemployment here is said to be nearing 21% and if you actually know Greece you’ll know that those figures don’t include a majority share of truth – you’d be better off asking a penguin for more reliable statistics on the matter.

To believe the current government is the political equivalent 0f being told by someone that they won’t come in your mouth, they will. Whilst we’re all on our knees and they have their d*cks flapping in the wind it makes sense. What else can they do?

This Country didn’t get into this sh*t because of all the truth these Politicians have been telling everybody for so long, bear that in mind.

Contrary to many peoples views, the black guy trying to clean your windows at the traffic lights isn’t in ’employment’, he’s just trying to survive. The same can be said of most temporary staff here, Greeks included.

Being paid on time if at all are regular daily/weekly and monthly issues that most of Europe fails to comprehend, and I’m not talking about cash in hand jobs, working for someone you know or temporary/occasional work which just falls into your lap, I’m talking about Teachers, Doctors, probably the Police force too however theirs is probably carried out more through love than necessity.

You're going to be feeling the hard end of my love truncheon baby...

You're going to be feeling the hard end of my love truncheon baby...

At present we’d all like to get paid for kicking the hell out of people but sadly we don’t all have such fortune, maybe we should become ‘even more’ of a Police state and all become cops, or better still politicians.

So, who do you vote for and why would you ever vote again when for generations the people have seen an ever increasing social agenda played out by a select group of people fortunate enough to live in circles which fail to even see the bigger picture here in Greece, many don’t even have a feint idea of the deepening reality of their own Country.

It happens everywhere I know but here is where this is out of control. Till people themselves take action there will never be a hope for Greece. Wishing for a miracle cure for the Economy isn’t going to happen overnight, even the ‘fix it faerie’ is on strike and hasn’t been paid yet.

Hoping that the next government will be any better won’t happen because these ‘caring’ people chose to do it themselves, it will only happen when they run by the book and know in themselves that what has happened is wrong.

The Greek people need to know their rights as European citizens to negate the lies and bullsh*t that hypocritical Politicians and civil servants abuse so readily.

To make a difference in Greece is simple, you just have to want to.

They keep telling us we’re in Europe but when do you ever feel apart of it? – When do any other European standards stand out and help our everyday lives, when do you honestly connect being Greek with being in Europe…?

I’ve lived in a number of European countries and in every single one felt an impact because of being apart of the EU, can I say the same of Greece, No.

We pay through the nose for it, we get beaten by it in the press and we now have Europeans everywhere moaning about us being in it but what is being implemented by our Government to make us feel it?

You tell me because I’m struggling with it. Really!

So why are we suffering so much if we are paying so much for it, where does the money go? Forget the previous bailout, forget the rest of the European money given to Greece in one way or another since it’s inclusion into the EU, even forget about many other aspects in which hard spent money should have gone on the people, the system, healthcare or education and transport.

Where will it go in the future? – And there’s your problem.

Here in Greece, you just know that the person at the top of each tree in state is incompetent and not following the rules, work your way down branch at a time and remove the deadwood and see what happens – life, the Economy and the Country will thrive once more.

I sympathise with peoples desire to strike, to take to the streets but it’s what people do with the system that counts.

If you’re going to go to Parliament, go and make a difference not just a new facebook entry.

Sure, it might be funny for a while, sure a few friends may like it and you feel better for doing it but after the moment has passed it’s the same merry old sh*te. What’s changed? Nothing.

Do you think the state cares, hell no-one even really knows who ‘Parliament ‘ is these days. But that’s a good thing, it means that there is hope for someone who does know what to do – someday at least.

Whilst we have a crisis brought on by people many known for their incompetence, ignorance or stupidity it presents an ideal opportunity to remove them from any ‘responsible’ withstanding in society.

To coin a phrase, ‘well done numpty, time to move on before we start lynching people’ and presto, we have a chance of slowly moving forwards.

Unless lessons are learn’t, unless people make a change, and unless the core reasons for which we find ourselves in this situation are addressed, then we’re forever damned. That is clearly not what people want, that much is sure.

I see so much passion, anger and motive here to make more than just a change and yet so little progress is actually being made. The same f*ckwits responsible for this are still living the high life blaming everybody else as we all wake to groundhog day, again and again.

Chloroform, Duct tape and some sort of a plan aren’t necessarily the best things we can do but they’re sure as hell aren’t the worst things we could consider either…

If you like being f*cked by the Government, you're going to love this...!

If you like being f*cked by the Government, you're going to love this...!


Greece – A Country at war with itself…

I’ve seen a lot in my time and especially since I moved to Greece, it’s beauty however has recently been overshadowed by the incompetence, tyranny and corruption which now threatens to destroy it.

I sadly believe it’s been there for a long time, but recently it’s become a plague which has spiraled out of control. One which now threatens to take everyone with it as a result.

When I first came to Greece I was caught in the middle of Exarhia when the young boy got shot. That was the first time I ever saw a riot first hand and it wasn’t pretty.

When you see the pictures on TV they don’t give you a scale of the intensity, they don’t capture the air, the smell of the toxic chemicals pouring from the cars and buildings which are in some cases still ablaze, you don’t have to gasp for fresh air as the residue tear gas burns your eyes and causes in some cases vomiting and sickness, and when you walk down roads familiar to you, you struggle to recognise them as you tread on broken glass, marble and brick, dodging the mangled wreckage of overturned vehicles whilst at the same time trying to avoid harassment from the Police or become an accidental and unsuspecting target for rioters in mid throw.

Here tonight (again) the city went to war with itself, and still I wonder who won. I couldn’t understand why people choose to burn what is theirs and why people would take to the streets to fight and destroy what they live with until I moved here and experienced the Greek way of life.

It’s not a life in which people assume that all Greeks enjoy sipping their frappe’s by the beach all day, it’s not a life of riches and vain obsession with being lazy as I have seen them wrongly portrayed – It’s one of hardship, of several jobs and no security, of never being paid on time, of not knowing ‘when’ or ‘if’ you will actually get paid, and if your job will even exist next month, that’s the reality.

In summer it reaches 40 degrees here in Athens as with many places and if your workplace has no air conditioning I defy anyone to say that the heat won’t affect them, equally so in Winter, businesses aren’t like in Europe where Health and Safety cover your working conditions, they don’t in many cases exist.

Now Greeks feel like they are being screwed by Europe when the ‘Europe’ they as civilians signed up for never made it past the Politicians who had lied to get them there in the first place.

EU law isn’t implemented in Greece much, in fact I’d be so bold to say in many cases most Greeks don’t even know what should be in place and provided for by their Government, and few would even think that there is another life beyond the misery inflicted upon them by those guilty of bringing the Country to such a state anyway.

The salaries here are a joke, the conditions are poor and the fear in peoples eyes as they watch the news and read the papers is one of betrayal, of anger and of not knowing as they see another bunch of hypocritical leeches hanging the working class out to dry as they act with impunity, allowing furthermore the rich to get rich and the rest to waste away.

They have a word in Greece which describes the people who have led to this decline in infrastructure, the people who have and still do bleed this country dry, it’s ‘λαμόγιο‘, pronounced ‘Lamoiyo’.

This word represents a sector of society who have used and abused every opportunity to take all they can from us all. The Politicians, the businessmen the Government officials and corrupt civil servants who have taken everything and put nothing back, who lie and still run around like headless chickens waiting for the Virgin Mary to reappear and tell them how special they are.

Yes, they are special – anywhere else in the world they would be slowly going missing, one by one to strange and mysterious suicides. You know the type, ‘shot himself in the back of the head seventeen times’ or ‘buried himself alive’ scenarios…

Greece wouldn’t be borrowing money from Europe if it recovered just half of what people have stolen in just my time here, IT’D BE LENDING IT THEM!

Then there’s the resources and other exports which don’t get to have half a chance to get developed correctly as all the scum are fighting over them. If they can’t be in control and screw the system some more then they won’t let anyone else do it either so nothing ever stands to get done anymore.

I know this as I saw it first hand after being offered the chance to work for an ‘NGO’ here in Athens which was run by these ‘λαμόγιο‘.

The full story is covered within numerous posts on the blog as I still fight to help rid Greek society of scum such as these who have no shame in being two faced hypocrites as they steal from you all, but the sad reality is far worse.

The Greek C.D.C who were in charge of this farce, and who allow their staff to run bogus and non legal projects and who employ people who pretend to be Doctors, when confronted with the facts, the did nothing. First they refused vital information which they are obliged to give about their projects, then they employed the President who is masquerading as a Doctor full time. Fact.

Despite this one NGO being guilty of wasting taxpayers money, they still do nothing. So, here’s your problem Greece.

As they were happy to charge champagne and other luxuries on the system’s payroll, (technically EU and Greek taxpayers money), then surely it’s easy enough to charge for a little rope and be rid of the problem once and for all…?!

This can be said of thousands of other institutions, businesses and other Government run projects which have been guilty of throwing funding to halfwit con-men who have now bled us dry.

Some of what you see and hear is understandable, much defies belief however it’s only when you’ve lived somewhere and tapped the surface that you come to understand the way of life and why the people are what they are.

After four years of living here you have little else to do than get mad as nothing seems to be recognised by the people who can and should do something.

I haven’t taken to throwing petrol bombs at people and to ripping the city down but I understand what makes people so mad that they would.

My only suggestion would be to throw them where it counts…

This next picture was featured online and says it all :

Yes, there is enough rope and more than enough lamposts to ensure we solve the problem correctly...

Yes, there is enough rope and more than enough lamposts to ensure we solve the problem correctly...

Days before Greece is due to sign the bailout package and as the city is on fire as panic spreads through the Country, Politicians sit watching the football.

“One bullet, a good scope and a high powered rifle are all you need to make an impact in Politics…”

To be continued…