The Elections 2012 – Celebrity ‘Malaka’ Factor begins…

If you hadn’t noticed, the ‘Greek Elections‘ are looming on the horizon and set to divide the Country yet further. This year however it seems like I’m the only person not running for Parliament.

– So far as I know anyway, maybe someone’s put me forward just in case there isn’t enough Political parties taking part already!

Had I a dodgy criminal past, affiliation with other unscrupulous characters or families as well as a general ignorance to the social and economic problems facing Greece, combine this with the ego and narcissism to lie and fabricate any number of ridiculous ungrounded Policies which lack vision or thought, (then and only then) would I consider any of the mainstream Political opportunities currently available.

Sadly and fortunately like many Greeks suffering at present, we’re just not that f*cking stupid or full of sh*t to attempt it in a manner which others are clearly more suited to doing for us.

So, the current elections seem to have become a parody of a modern day Greek tragedy- “Celebrity Malaka factor” as I like to call it whereby the only winner is the leader of one of the many half-baked bandwagons on offer, whereby too many Oozo’s fuelled a bunch of idiots into believing that they could run the Country better than the big fat guy who ate the two old men from the Muppets.

– I’m not 100% sure but I think that’s what happened originally, and now look at the fine mess we’re in. The Oozo, not eating the guys from the Muppets, I will have to check though just to be sure…

Muppets, which ones are you talking about...?

Venizelos explains how years of Kung Fu have paid off in fighting off opposition from the likes of the KKE and others…

Admittedly you’d really struggle to do worse than the last lot of incumbents, however that doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea either.

I personally was thinking about entering a Parrot I know in the local pet shop near me to run for Prime Minister. It wouldn’t be any different from most of the other party leaders standing to run either.

It know’s f*ck all about Politics, has no concept on the reality facing Greece, understands little about economics and finance yet would be able to reel off any sh*te it was taught like a pro. It wouldn’t surprise me if Papandreou was sat on his perch right now reading this thinking why would a ‘Pirate’ be entered into Parliament…!

‘Parrot’ numbnuts… I said Parrot…

Never in my life have I seen so much petty minded, blind, incompetent ignorance to the current problems facing Greece. Sadder still is that the majority of those sat discussing the future of Greece are the very same f*ckwits responsible for nearly plunging it into the dark ages already.

It’s like the blind leading the stupid. At least the blind have many other senses they can rely on, what do we have… Samaras? VenizelosPapariga?

Please spare me, you’d do better voting Sakis in… SAKIS! Where are you when we need you………All is forgiven, (except Eurovision), we’re desperate, not stupid…!

Vote for us and come see a WHOLE Country in Ruin...

Aleka Papariga shows off the new proposals for ‘their’ vision of Greece.

I wouldn’t have them in a sitcom about running a Country let alone anywhere near allowing them to do it for real. Except Sakis of course, he’d be great….

I’ve made it my mission to get Sakis involved anyway, he doesn’t know about it yet but we’ve got time and hopefully maybe 10 million Euro’s to spend according to the press reports of what some of the main parties have been allowed to spend, that will get me Sakis I hope and a few packs of Gum for those fierce Political rallies we’ll be on over the next week or so.

I drafted up our campaign poster : I opted for subtlety instead of something brash, you know, reach out to the demographic…

VoteSakis - "Lets face it, if we're going to get f*cked..."

VoteSakis – “Lets face it, if we’re going to get f*cked…”

On a random note, I loved Elvis Presley when I was a kid but I wouldn’t have him run the Country let alone advertise Burgers just because he may have ran for President or Prime Minister in his day. Sorry Elvis, you can shake your ass in that dangerously provocative way but get the f*ck out of Parliament with your Blue suede shoes…

“Coffee, smell, and wake the f*ck up” all spring to mind as a passive observer.

I’d frankly sooner have ‘George WW3 Bush‘ in charge over here, at least he’d kick start the economy – or at least fund another one whilst we stole whatever resources we could in the meantime, (no one would be wondering where the Oil came from) that’s a fact and at least those submarines Greece bought from Germany could get some usage too…!

Meanwhile we have everything except the ‘Monster raving loony party‘ fighting to run the Country. – Actually, except for the name, we have nothing BUT the monster raving loony parties running for governance.

If you don’t know anything about these fruitcakes, please visit this link when you’ve read this : Monster Raving Loony Party

Long story but as you may tell by the name, they weren’t in danger of running the UK and they had about as much chance as the Liberal Democrats did, thankfully…

At times like this you just want to wake up and hope it’s all a dream, or a Sitcom. Greece’s answer to ‘Yes Minister’ but it’s real.

Georgios Samaras prepares to run for president in between matches...

Yay, vote Samaras, thankfully not the ‘other’ one, – Georgios Samaras prepares to run for president in between matches…
Having been exposed to the Scottish way of life he’s not one to shy away from nutting anyone who stands between him and running the Country…I hope!

Unfortunately, the future of Greece currently hangs on which clueless halfwits fail to  address the obvious and do so by smoothing over the ever deepening cracks whilst continuing headlong down the same proven route to ruin.

The current instalment of Bailout money seems to only have funded the current farce and failed to address any fundamental problems facing the Greek system, economy and people right now.

Greeks have every right to question the validity of being in Europe when their own Government has failed to fulfil hardly any of the obligations expected of them since joining it, however misplaced anger towards Germany and other EU Countries is misplaced and unfair on a system (rightly or wrongly) in which Greece is apart of.

People here may have forgotten that the only reason why the Country has only been at 50% bankruptcy is because of the help provided by Europe thus far.

Like it or not, that little bit of money you may be still lucky enough to have is because of this fact.

I’m neither condoning or agreeing with the IMF and the Austerity measures which are being implemented however I have to acknowledge their impact on Greece even being able to have an Election right now.

Your views on the EU are all valid and poignant however this is not the feature or subject which I’m trying to address.

The fact that much of the EU funds will never see the average Greek citizen is ONE of many issues which need addressing however Germany didn’t appoint any number of past Greek Government’s in place over the years who openly abused the funds provided to them!

The German economy didn’t allow all the current Tax evaders who are now being dragged in by the state to milk the system at YOUR expense for over twenty years to get away with it for so long…

Having lived briefly in Germany I can honestly tell you that the extent of fraud and corruption currently facing Greece wouldn’t EVER have been allowed to happen in the first place. FACT.

The current problems are what happens when you allow the same arrogant families to pass the buck every new term.

They cover for each other and accept much of what happened before because they deliberately set out to do exactly the same themselves – ‘Etsi’…

Now, for whatever reason it seems like the extra pressure from the EU measures have forced a number of institutions into pro-actively seeking out those who got away with everything for so long previously.

– Good, lock em all up. Strip them naked and make them forage a living on the streets like everyone else.

Prison’s too good for many of them and the Death penalty isn’t quite the answer in many cases. Don’t get me wrong, I’d wire the f*cking lot up, save on electricity and fry them all to feed the poor at the drop of a hat but ‘apparently’ I can’t, it’s deemed wrong but I’m sure we all have a bit of rope somewhere in the house come the day…

So, whilst the news, social media and web become littered with the latest Political party propaganda b*llsh*t, remember first and foremost they are there for YOU.

You are not their tool or plaything, a statistic which they have any right to call their own or misuse in any way.


Laurel and Hardy share another joke as they plan on dividing up the spoils of the IMF bailout...

Laurel and Hardy share another joke as they plan on dividing up the spoils of the IMF bailout…

Don’t listen to their lies, their policy talk, their preconceived party political horsesh*t which they like to pump out time after time. Tell them what YOU want to happen. Tell THEM what YOU as Greeks want to be done.


I don’t care if you have to throw one in the boot of your car and take him to a secluded spot, duct tape him to a rocking horse overlooking a cliff and make him listen to what as a citizen YOUR sick of, but make them know.

Seriously, tell them why you’re sick of their deception, lies, scandals, lack of opportunities and mindless acceptance of what is wrong with the system. Do it, if they fail to provide you with the requuired answers that suit YOU the Populace then they don’t deserve to be ‘representing’ YOU and that rocking horse should be set free!

I use the term ‘representing’ loosely as we all know who they will always represent first and foremost, themselves. Mr. Aren’t I f*cking the saviour of everything ‘Self’.

If you know they have skeletons, dig them up, if you know they have been lying, prove it, if you know they have agenda’s expose them. But first and foremost, if you think they are doing anything which will further damage your Country, then don’t even entertain them.

The thing that REALLY p*sses me off with Greece is that when you talk to the average person about all this, they are aware of who the scum are, they know all the corruption cases and could give you a full run down of all the ‘non reputable’ activities these front-running Parties are responsible for… WTF!


“Once bitten twice shy” as the saying goes and the snakes in Government here outnumber the people in some areas where they seek Office. Ring any bells…

Let’s not kid anyone, Elections are a big thing, we all secretly think well what can ‘I’ do, little ol ‘me’.

Well, little ol you can do a lot, trust me I know.

I am but a humble guest of this great Country, one which now calls it home and one who knows how desperate and critical the state has become due to so much neglect, misinformation and lies. All no less given out by those who have failed to work on the behalf of the people of Greece and which now has affected those in Europe through this plight.

Yes, all those foreigners you hear moaning about the state of Greece, the state of the EU and the state of their own Countries in some cases. They pay taxes too, ones which have gone into Greek banks, the economy and much more so it too gives them the right to question what the **** is going on.

Most are supportive, many aren’t. But it’s how it is. You’d be the same if the shoe was on the other foot. What our Government’s do with OUR money is and should be a genuine concern we all have.

After all, it’s because of us they have it.

Many feel that dropping out of the EU will miraculously help Greece overnight, blaming everything from ‘Hitler’ to ‘Merkel’ for the current problems. Whatever happens though, it won’t be easy.

It will get harder but sacrifice comes at a cost.

To replace the funds stolen alone would make Greece rich again for sure, lost taxes, state sponsored malpractice and poor funding, cutbacks to the many aspects of gratuitous overspending by the many Ministries which seems to be a pandemic are all slowly being done which will in turn will make it work again.

You have the most glorious location, history, scenery and natural beauty the world has ever known – not to mention men and women who are truly descendants of Gods themselves, this used correctly will alone make Greece stand proud once more.

If any other Country in the world had half the attributes that Greece has going for it at any one time they wouldn’t know what to do with them all. – All I know is that they’d be rich both mentally and physically.

I recently read somewhere that the Spartans used to leave the inferior in the woods for the Wolves to eat, maybe we can reintroduce that again and do that with those responsible for what we now endure?

I’ve been here nearly 4 years (2 weeks away) and have seen much, fought tooth and claw for the chance to even be able to write this and I fully empathise with the people here. With the state and the system NO CHANCE.

“It’s f*cked…”

If it were an animal you’d have shot it long ago but many still cling to this ‘ideal’ as they know no alternative, they are blinded by a lack of vision and know how to manipulate what’s in place, they just want a go at it instead.

(This is the bit where we tie them to a tree in the woods).

Learn. Listen. Adapt and most importantly – MOVE FORWARD.

Failure to do anyone of the above gives us license to drag their sorry ass somewhere secluded and duct-tape them to that rocking horse overlooking the sea we mentioned earlier.

If you’re a voter, ask questions, expect answers that suit YOU, not them and sh*t them the f*ck up while they listen to YOU.

It’s YOUR Country, not theirs.

A Country of wonder and natural beauty...

A Country of wonder and natural beauty, and yet at times all we do is wonder and watch many destroy it’s beauty…


Coming up to 4 years and what’s changed…?

Not a lot, the court system is bogged down more than it was previously, the afore mentioned people still masquerade as something they are not and still few people care to do anything to make the system help them as they plead poverty, complain about social injustice and blame the Germans for the problems now facing a Country which allowed this systematic abuse of the economy to prevail.

Blame them for the War, not the current state of Greece. Ignorant greedy halfwit petty minded scum did this to Greece.

The loan Shark turning up on the doorstep was inevitable…

The world according to fckdup athens.

This is long overdue to be fair, I’ve had some issues boiling over for a while but hadn’t had the chance till I was inspired writing a little reply to another post on things you believed in but don’t anymore, and out it came…


So, I used to believe in the the Health sector, in Politicians and in International Organisations who falsely lay claim to acting in our interests, in NGO’s and people who all claim to want a better world – only to find that most of these people when given the chance on a plate to do something positive, rarely will and are more interested in their title rather than the cause.

I used to believe in people helping you when you were in need, people acting in the interests of right over wrong and in the principals that I remember my Grandparents instilling in me whilst…

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The world according to fckdup athens.

Saving Strawberry Jam.

Well Its been a while since I had a good old rant, and after this last saga of life, rant I will…

So, after being witness to a corrupt Non Government Organisation that receives funding from the very same Ministries that have employed three of the recent Board of Directors, two of which have been employed by (KEELPNO) and who have worked at Andreas Syggros Hospital as Doctors!

This is despite not being registered or qualified as medical staff! Two members of the board of Directors are in a relationship, one of which is the President of the Board and the other of which is the Financial Director, so, the two responsible for funding and who are also responsible for nearly ten years of non accountability and financial irregularities as well as the complete lack of legal framework in their actions so far, are and have been…

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Meet the Malaka’s…

So. let me introduce you to my neighbours – The Malaka’s…

It’s been a long time coming but I figured after the weekend’s exploits it was only fair to provide everyone with a laugh and an inbsight into the minds (lol) of the pathetically sad and inbred losers who live above me and my neighbour here in Athens.

Firstly I have to say, I’m not a city person. Traditionally I’ve always opted for a more serene background to my life and location however since I came to Greece I’ve been living in the sprawling metropolis that is Athens and to be fair it’s difficult to find such expanses.

Maybe f*ckwits such as these exist all over the world and are drawn to cities however to me it’s quite a shock to say the least.

So, there is hillbilly dumbass number 1. He’s in his mid forties I guess, has a face like he’s just shat himself, and he’s a fulltime wanker. He likes to spend his day and nights spitting and throwing cigarettes down on me and my neighbour in between dragging furniture about throughout the night whilst hammering for no reason.

He’s rude, obnoxious, impolite, and a miserly pathetic coward who has nothing else to do in life apart from spy on people and try to cause problems for them. He currently is sporting a rather nice array of facial decorations after we had a ‘talk’ over the weekend but I’ll go into that later on and in his spare time he likes to stand around looking at little girls & boys on their way to school… In the UK it would rhyme with ‘Eedofile’ and you wouldn’t trust him with a barbie doll.

This putrid, arrogant and puss-filled pikie scumbag is accompanied by his halfwit brother and his wife-in-law who live next to him (above my next-door neighbour). These two make up the full compliment of retarded losers who live in our building and for whom have a continual hate campaign against anyone who lives below them so it seems, or is foreign, intelligent, half-decent, Greek or in fact I suspect – alive as they seem to afford the same courteous lack of respect to each other let alone everyone else they know…

History has exposed this vile family for what they are well before I arrived and my dear neighbour has endured much as I have prior to me moving in however since I moved in and we got on as human beings, these people took it upon themselves to try and drive us out the homes we live in.

Needles to say it failed, it would have always failed as I’m the sort of bast*rd who will endure any amount of sh*te to right a wrong. Subsequently this meant that this weekend matters came to a head with myself and the spineless loser who is currently nursing his face back to pieces who lives above me.

In the beginning…

When I first moved in, things weren’t easy (moving’s always en event – I know, I’ve done it enough times now), however I got lucky in having the most genuine, friendly and helpful landlord you could ever hope to know.

Genuinely, he even helped to move me in – How often does that happen. NEVER, that’s how often.

So, after a couple of days of actually being ‘moved in’ a figure appears on the balcony above me. I hear this rough, ignorant question again, ‘Ena Cigaro’ (One Cigarette). No please, no subtlety, no hint of manners or a welcoming, just ‘Ena Cigaro’.

Hmmm, you know what they say about first impressions. Well, rude pig summed up the kindest of them at the time, so out of purely a combination of shock and me being me, I reached for my Cigarettes and threw one up to him. He caught it, lit it and started smoking it before turning to ignore me – At this I called up, Hi, what’s your name in my best Greek. (I’ll just use ‘Christos’ for now) he replied, I extended the civil courtesy of ‘Harika’ (a welcome) in an attempt to diffuse his ignorance to no avail. He then disappeared into his appartment and on I went doing my own business. Some hours later when I’d finished trying to assemble some normality to my new home I went out to have a drink and sit in the sun only to see the remains of a Cigarette thrown down on my balcony area.

I thought to myself, Nah, no one could be so pathetic as that…

I was wrong. I kind of sunk into quiet disbelief and just didn’t know what to think about it. Now my Landlord had explained that there was a prick who’d lived upstairs however the term ‘prick’ clearly didn’t and still doesn’t do him justice. Regardless of whatever your think, a prick can be useful. This abomination has yet to ever prove that and I’d want witnesses as well.

So, we didn’t get off on the right foot. Later that night, I’d managed to get my bedroom in some sort of order and it was the back end of July, hot as hell and not much going on so I laid back on my bed and just relaxed for a while, trying to mull over the daily events.

By now it was getting late and I saw a light come on from above reflecting shadow down out onto the Balcony, currently highlighting a mingy hobbit foot perched on the railings above. After several minutes of him de-flemming himself audably I noticed him appear to peer over the Balcony and then spit a great big flem ball onto my floor. I jumped off the bed, turned on my outdoor light and shouted up at him only to be greeted with silence and no one there, just open Balcony doors.

I cursed a bit and then went in, not a good start.

The next day, low and behold if this f*ckhead didn’t appear on his balcony as if nothing had happened. ‘Ena Cigaro’ he barked… I was in complete shock, so much so that I just threw him a Cigarette to see what would happen today. By law of averages, even allowing for stupidity, him forgetting that someone lived here, for him accidentally dropping it and partly because I was in shock over such behaviour I had to see if it happened again.

This time, I was pleasantly surprised. He clearly saved it till he thought I was asleep or that my doors were shut before he threw it down and upon waking the next morning sure enough found one of my Cigarettes lying on the floor.

By now I’d met my neighbour to the left of me, a woman who is not just kind, but who is humane, well natured and what I hoped to consider as ‘normal’. The sort of person which makes having neighbours welcoming and in ways, almost old fashioned in it’s concept, someone with whom days would be more than just polite nods and asking about the weather etc.

Since we’ve both come to discover the true extent of what some socially retarded maggots are truly like.

Apart from the constant throwing of Cigarettes into our balconies, they then turned to providing us with all their waste hair, dirt, food and other such niceties. My neighbour in-particularly get’s all their used cotton buds and tooth picks thrown down on her and still does even though at a ‘meeting’ of residents whereby the key items being discussed were their p*ss poor behaviour, and yet this sick joke continues.

Apart from me highlighting the fact that this twat is always dragging furniture around in the middle of the night, hammering repeatedly whenever he feels like it, and slamming his shutter doors all through the night, other residents had also suffered as a result.

I had the misfortune of meeting the ‘brother’ one fine day when he rudely appeared over his balcony mid-August and started trying to cause problems when I was securing my balcony. We were expecting him though as we’d heard the pikie mongol upstairs on the phone to him previously, bitching about someone had moved in and was now living below…

The fact that me and my neighbour had gotten on I don’t think helped them as they had been causing her problems since she’d move in, in their eyes she now had an ally – which I like. And the fact that it’s since come out that they seemingly hate foreigners, animals, women and people with any semblance of dignity, manners or respect, things are have and will get interesting.

The Brother who lives above my neighbour is what I’d only assume a sad and pathetic man who suffers from little man syndrome. Having seen the way he treats his wife and kid and how he forms an intricate part of this circle of lies within which these people live is evidence of this and something that by his actions, behaviour and attitude further confirms this.

The hilarity is that they think they are smart doing all this, most occasions whereby they have come out to defend their brother (above me) for throwing Cigarettes down on me & for spitting, they have chosen to blame a woman who lives on the top floor who is never in.

Not only do I know this fact and know that this woman is not just hardly in, but no way likely to behave in such a way – WHO DOES? Secondly, having either seen it myself first hand, having had my neighbour witness it, or the fact that they are the only people above us in kind of gives it away a little.

Now, numerous slanging matches have gone on whereby now they have seemingly blamed just about everyone including ourselves for such actions, and that’s a yes – even OURSELVES for such activities. That it’s so pathetic it’s funny – in a kind of ridiculous way.

The resulting actions of these people has so far failed to stop and it was only today after a night of the cockless-wonder above me dragging his furniture around and banging through the night that by mid-day today, my neighbour who had endured not just another sleepless night thanks to this but she now had to endure her son (above) banging around all day as well as their hammering which I’m now kind of immune to that we joined in the fun too.

Her son sadly is f*cked, he’s only young and has no real chance in life when he see’s his parents living and treating people like this, and then there’s his uncle, a decrepid and spiteful man full of malice, so shamefully this child is used as a pawn in all this, of which they are quick to hide behind him after unleashing a torrent of abuse at US after WE have had to highlight THEIR pathetic behaviour AGAIN.

Conveniently it’s unfair for us to raise our voices after we’ve had to put up with their sh*te after they then come out and blame everyone for what’ve they’ve been doing for some eight months now. In part I agree, I wouldn’t like people yelling in front of my children either however firstly, I wouldn’t be spitting on people in the first place and then again I wouldn’t have my son around when it came to ‘adult’ discusions whereby you would have known that you were the subject of the talks.

Our first opportunity to resolve anything was when myself, my friend who had witnessed most of this and my landlord and neighbour confronted them about their activity, the ensuing farce still makes me laugh when after not denying a single thing, blaming everyone they could and then getting ‘mad’ and threatening to call the Police (lol), their IQ deficient brother (the one above me) said that we’d never prove it anyway.

Of course at the time this was all in Greek and I was getting a rough narrative on the fly by my friend – by the time I heard this I went mental but still managed to keep it fairly together, when I pressed him on why they’d been spraying chemicals on me and my cats, directly to the point that I could hardly breathe, he reiterated that we’d never prove it and called me a ‘Malaka’.

I knew ‘Malaka’. I didn’t need a translation for that. The penny dropped and I grabbed him and pushed him to the balcony in the hall.

(Throw his ugly stupid dead weight body over my brain was telling me in between, not good for your landlord to see you attempt murder over a fellow tenant), however the ‘Malaka’ word woke everyone up. I having all the reason in the world to call this prick still acknowledged him the privilege of some dignity ( wasted I know), however I did.

His brother then reared up like a little Ewok on steroids and threatened me which resulted in my getting all fired up and ready to party when I’ll be damned if my Landlord didn’t just get into the festive spirit too. (See, now what kind of a Landlord is that)…

It’s since become fairly obvious that these people have been at least part responsible for driving out tenants from my landlord and my neighbours landlord previously which is something now being addressed too however it was so rock ‘n’ roll to be stood in the hallway with my Landlord ready to rumble…

Fortunately the situation dissolved, and or unfortunately the situation dissolved, I’m still not sure about the outcome but either way, we learn’t a lot about these people that day. So did they, they’re plan had failed and back fired.

Since this day, it’s like one of them wakes up with a boner in the middle of the night whereby they try a ‘new’ ingenious way of trying to p*ss us off and make life hell, and it works.

We have been p*ssed off however WE haven’t now wasted nearly a year of our lives being malicious scum, losing sleep over trying to make someone’s life hell while they can.

This weekend just gone went one further though, a usual day here resulted in me being slightly sleep deprived through working on my new site and as per the norm – 30 minutes after he see’s that my lights have gone out he starts hammering.

Bad mistake, I react of course, grab my baseball bat and start banging at the ceiling as I have done now for months but as now they step it up when my neighbour leaves, they maybe didn’t expect for any more. Not that night.

I calmly went up, walked outside the lobby knowing he’d be peering through his keyhole window watching me go past, wondering what the hell I was going to do.

In some ways, I knew what was going to happen. I’d had the dream, over and over, night after night and it had become like a story unfolding, one to which I was just a passive stranger watching from the outside.

I had a cigarette, enjoyed the fresh air. It seemed to calm me. Then I stubbed it out, flicked it away and pressed his doorbell. I say pressed, I just kind of held it down.

It’s one of those horrific inner city buzzers you get too, I loved hearing it that one time, over, and over and over…


One minute passed, I knew no one would answer. For eight months now he’d hidden in the darkness of his flat until I’d screamed enough blue murder at him to cause others to take notice. I knew a coward when I saw one, or should I say, if I could see the one…

Two minutes…

Three minutes, and it’s fair to say I’d have been there all f*cking night too.

Maybe four minutes, had gone by and I saw his limp snivelling body appear in the hallway, (bingo, his door’s just shut behind him).

“Oi, f*ckface. What’s your problem AGAIN hammering at this hour.” I enquired… Θ)

He looked down his nose and as I managed to open the outside door, heard the back end of him saying “Ti – MALAKA”

“What – MALAKA” – You get one for free, the second comes with a pricetag.

By the time I’d gotten my foot through the main door he’d tried to scramble his sorry ass through his door but we both knew there wasn’t going to be enough time for that level of cowardice this particular night.

It’s fair to say that without anything getting lost in translation, I made my point. Had it not have been for his brother’s wife coming out to find me dragging him toward the main door in a headlock, who know’s – I may have been still ‘discussing matters’ early Sunday morning.

Of course, I was the problem – Goes without saying. Of course she didn’t hear him hammering some minutes earlier (or any of the other times previously except for when she blamed another tennant for it), but definitely not this time She didn’t hear his buzzer going for nearly five minutes either but me waking her with my loud behaviour did and apparently she saw the whole thing. LOL

If she HAD of been there, I’d have given her my phone to film it all, get some youtube feel good factor going on around the place for once…

Plus, there wasn’t any loud to it, in truth not much was said and I wasn’t mad, it was instinctive by this point, the loudest thing I was aware of at one point was when his head cracked of the floor at one point but that was just musical.

In fact I’d buy that on CD…

I camly went back down, had a drink and awaited the Police. Not much you can do in these circumstances. I called my dear friend who ‘again’ helped with my linguistics whilst dealing with what can only be described as the nicest Police officers you could ever hope to meet.

Kind, thoughtful and understanding of the situation.

I don’t ever like to lose control and rarely like to engage in such activity however if you’ve read any of my blog before this, you’ll understand that one can only hold out for so long before someone pushes you so far.

What happens next, who knows – I care little. For the first time in months I slept like a baby – The hammering stopped and I met some great Police officers. In some ways I should have done it months earlier however a voice inside of me, as well as several voices belonging to people I know and care for has been telling me not to. I tried.

I’m sorry – in some ways anyway.

Sorry I waited, sorry I didn’t get him outside, sorry I didn’t do it that first time, but mostly sorry for the few people in my life who don’t need this sh*t.

I’m only human too though and I can only bottle up so much anger against people with such disgusting habits as these scumbags have and chose to carry out against people.

So if you’re in the neighbourhood, or maybe one of the neighbours who live across, next to or within sight of me and you were wondering about that crazy English guy who’s often screaming up at the f*ckwit above him, now you know.

Sure, I’m English, but I’m a human being too, one well worth knowing if your a decent sort too…

Χαρήκα,  it will be nice to get to know some more human beings in this Country as I know there are lots about…

Smile, act like a pro and take it up the ass…

Kind a Catchy don’t ya think…?

I’m thinking of helping a number of respective Government parties with it for their new and up-and-coming election campaigns.

Let’s face it, it’s what they secretly wish they could whisper in our ears whilst they’re f*cking us REAL good, which when it comes down to things, they could well be doing right now anyway.

Fortunately I haven’t got some sweaty Minister canoodling with my bits as they shaft us daily. I do check though, regularly as these days it’s hard to not feel like at any point a strange guy with nothing but a smile and an erection offers us a cigarette before he nods off and leaves us wondering who the hell he was.

That’s not from experience anyway, I may have been that guy in several cases, but I never nodded off… And to be fair, the focus of my passion wasn’t to feltch my way through your pockets in the eager anticipation of discovering whether or not you’d have a ‘fun-sized’ Mars bar.

Me, my particular vices all feature women, Mars bars being optional and usually lots of them, women that is, not Mars bars – although I’d probably be the last to complain about them either way.

Firstly, a word of caution though about any form of ‘Chocolate Liason’ if you’ve never had one of those little ‘accidents’ before, be careful, they do melt surprisingly quick and can end up in more than your pillow casing, so I’ve heard…

Secondly, don’t attempt any sexual encounters with Maltesers either, especially if it’s with me as you’ll only end up disappointed as you lie naked clutching an empty bag…

…of Maltesers that is…

This, my latest shameful outburst today comes after reading numerous articles about the Immigration problem here in Athens, and how in some sectors of the press it seems like people won’t be happy till everyone non Greek is rounded up and cattle-prodded into their own little Ghetto.

If I seem to remember rightly it’s Pink triangles for Gays, a Red triangle for political prisoners, liberals & communists and a Purple triangle for Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc, etc, etc…

Sounds a little too familiar does it not?

I’m in favour of any nation trying to resolve it’s immigration policies but not at the expense of human dignity and the suffering of others through persecution.

I learn’t that in History, lot of it about so I’m told.

Meanwhile the harsh reality is that the SS, Oops (state) are suggesting HIV monitoring and detention centers throughout Greece to tackle the current immigration crisis which it is competently terrifying people with at present.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in favor of a Nation sorting its own first, it’s common sense. It’s easier to help people full stop, but in reality the world has moved on beyond a point of being able to do that realistically.

Personally, I like the Ozzie approach – meet their criteria or they’ll sink your ship and feed you to the Koala’s, no messing about.

So, If you’re new to my blog then you’ll soon realise that the point of this blog was to help highlight state governed abuse of the Health Sector by KEELPNO and ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS, something that is now being discussed to control the people ‘who are running wild in Athens’ so they would have you believe… That’s the immigrants running wild in the city, not the Greek CDC who are sadly still running wild with their Policies.

(Brief interlude) – Man appears offering the crowds snacks – Albatross, get you’re Albatross here…

The Blog – I keep hoping to write a post about the many good things there are in Greece however these days it’s difficult to focus on the good when the bad eats at out hearts daily, have faith though, summer is on the way and even a serial sun dodger like myself can find the good in that.

So on I roll…

(Interlude over)…

To re-iterate, the same people who allowed non qualified, non legal criminals to masquerade as Doctors are providing their ‘Expertise’ to help plan and implement a solution’.

Fortunately isn’t hasn’t developed into a ‘final solution’ however you never know. You probably don’t know their current form to such malpractice, it’s the stuff of Legend.

Furthermore to this farce is that the KEELPNO Director in charge of employing at least one of these nimwits who illegally claimed to be a Doctor is in discussions about how this should be carried out. Not to mention the others who no doubt received pharmaceutical benefits through dealing with such medical cases, but who also managed to give themselves access to state and EU funding of their own approval.


The Higher echelon of this organisation act with complete impunity whilst the power that be carry on implementing which ever Mickey Mouse projects they so chose to embark on.

Now it seems to me that for 10 years at least and whilst these half-brained idiots were in control of this sector, they clearly f*cked it up to now that it’s beyond repair and subject to the ridecule that is now running rife within this sector, so the answer clearly is to let these people carry on with it as it’s not f*cked enough.

If it’s not bad enough that the Police have to pick up the burden of trying to Police these ghost citizens, the mainframe answer to coping with them is to lock them up, brand them as dangers to society and then what.

I personally recommend that Greece now bolsters it’s Space program so at the very least we can jettison some of these poor f*ckers into space and at least save them the misery and indignity of having to live like prisoners for trying to make a life for themselves.

Better still we could get the Greek CDC to use them as Guinea pigs on test medication, erm, and get Pharmaceutical companies to reward staff for using their Medicine… Now how about that for an idea that doesn’t seem like its a new thing already…

So, back at the Ranch and as the Greek bailout plans push to gain the confidence of it’s nation by locking up absolutely anyone else, it truly seems like progress will be made and that tube of super strength lube will come in handy for at least somebody here.

I’ve long thought that those in power have little clue about their own Nation at best, but now it seems that they not only fail to have a clue about ANYTHING, they don’t even know what it is they are suppose to be doing.

Smiling, acting like a pro and taking it up the ass is all they can ever hope to achieve for those in front of them whilst those behind stand eagerly awaiting, dick in hands wishing it was their turn…

* Will probably add to this as the initial anger that poured out on reading much of what is going about failed to give me time to properly digest the stupidity of it all…

Kiss my peachy arse you futhermuckers…

Seems like most people’s idea of activism these days is sitting round on their fat useless incompetent arses telling everyone how active they are being an activist…

Kiss my peachy arse you f*cking cretinous morons, do something positive for a change rather than banging on about how much you truly wish you could ‘do’ if it weren’t for the blah, blah, blah, blah BULLSH*T excuses you waste so much time preparing for the world when asked.

Meanwhile, a future conversation (somewhere) :

– Hi, I’m an activist.
(In the distance, you hear the rifle quietly getting loaded).
– I’m actively involved in…
(Scope’s true, accounted for wind, height and movement).
– We’re thinking of… (Splat, head explodes, body falls limp to the ground motionless).

Now that would be ‘Activism’. I did something, doesn’t matter that it was right or wrong, but I did something. I tried – I AT LEAST MADE AN EFFORT…

Now thinking… There’s a dangerous game. . .

I’d dread to think what I’d be like if I had more time to think and a high powered rifle at hand.

Whereby some people spend all their time thinking, thinking about doing stuff, thinking about not doing stuff, thinking about wishing they weren’t thinking about doing stuff mostly however, from what I’ve seen lately it seems thinking should be outlawed.

Some people should not be allowed to do it. Simple as that and here’s why :

Whilst running through some people on fb whilst looking for some relative articles, I came across some of the most pretentious, vain puppets you could ever sadly hope to come across. – You know the type who dwell and lose thought on how the world see’s them, and how apart from the ‘Miss Universe profile blurb’ on saving the world and how in their spare time they like to feed Dolphins, adopt 3rd world children and sew amputated puppies legs back on, they also would like to meet new and exiting people so they too can be in the ‘gang’…

PLEASE, get me a Sick bag.

Have you read this sh*t. I’m sure you have, we all have, it seems to be everywhere these days, but if you want the finest examples, check out someone connected with something that you expect to be good, Politics, Charities, NGO’s are always a good starter, seems everyone’s saving the Planet and from what they tell you, they’re doing just fine with saving whatever the hell it is they’re saving and we needn’t worry our cotton socks about it no more!

I on the other hand, don’t want to save the world.

It’s f*cked… Far too late for that crap AND I’ll be damned if I waste anymore time trying to do anything good for folk when more than half can’t be arsed to do anything for themselves let alone anyone else it seems.

Most can go f*ck themselves. That’s right, now, GO!

Doo-wah diddly one, Do One!

If it were up to me right now, there’d be a lot less to worry about, FACT.

I know this because many of you would have been lined up and shot along time ago, well before you had chance to read this and well before your ‘tut’s, ‘groans’ and general discontent would have been noted.

Harsh I know, but in my defence – I care not.

Τoday I’ve had about enough of the world as I can take.

Some of the most shallow, ignorant, halfbreed pikie scumbags have had too long on this Planet as is.

Many are competing to run the Country I am apart of – Lots are currently involved in already running it and a fair f*cking few wan’t to cause problems for each and everyone of us before you’ll have had time to read this, but all along they shine in their little ‘circles’ as beacons of light, radiating outwards like crescent moons in a clear and starless night.

Two bid liars and thieves, the lot of them…

After reading one award winning social profile too many I’m thinking of having to change mine.

Name : Simon A. Rawicz
Age : As old as my tongue but a little older than my teeth. 
Hobbies : Art, music, writing, 3D, cartoons and happily wasting dumb assed ignorant f*ckers who p*ss me and anyone I know off…
Likes : Particularly fond of Choloroform and Duct tape and has a healthy interest in High powered rifles and helping ‘Social reform’.

I just need a small selection of Photographs highlighting ‘choice people’ strapped to chairs in dark basements and all is good, maybe I could run for Council.

The whole point of doing something is because it needs doing but too many people bang on about ‘there’s nothing we can do’, ‘if only’, ‘etsi’, ‘it’s too difficult’ or they don’t know how.

Then educate yourself you f*cking moron, use the internet, get a book, read the toilet walls you dickless imbecile…

If you can read this then you’ve already f*cked up one excuse you probably would have tried to use, but no. Don’t take offense, take a lesson.

EVERYONE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Yes, even you numb nuts…!

Problem, cure – action, reaction. Causality…

So f*cking do it…

At least f*cking try rather than to try and look smug about saying you’re doing something when your about as pro-active as herpes – and as needed.

In a world where vanity, narcissism, ego and bullsh*t has come to rule peoples lives, your fake profile and all it’s purile horsesh*t doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to reality.

Your self congratulary smugness is fortunately something that only you and your pathetic & deluded world enjoy and covet, so grow a pair, sh*t the f*ck up whinging and do something you idiotic, vacuous inbred f*ckwit…

I hereby conclude my rant…

Thank you for your time, explanation pending psycho-evaluation coming soon…