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The Elections 2012 – Celebrity ‘Malaka’ Factor begins…

At times like this you just want to wake up and hope it’s all a dream, or a Sitcom. Greece’s answer to ‘Yes Minister’ but it’s real.

The future of Greece currently hangs on which clueless halfwits fail to address the obvious and do so by smoothing over the ever deepening cracks whilst continuing headlong down the same proven route to ruin.

Greeks have every right to question the validity of being in Europe when their own Government has failed to fulfil hardly any of the obligations expected of them since joining it, however misplaced anger towards Germany and other EU Countries is misplaced and unfair on a system (rightly or wrongly) in which Greece is apart of. Continue reading

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Originally posted on The world according to fckdup athens.:
This is long overdue to be fair, I’ve had some issues boiling over for a while but hadn’t had the chance till I was inspired writing a little reply to another…

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Originally posted on The world according to fckdup athens.:
Saving Strawberry Jam. Well Its been a while since I had a good old rant, and after this last saga of life, rant I will… So, after being witness to a…

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Meet the Malaka’s…

Maybe f*ckwits such as these exist all over the world and are drawn to cities however to me it’s quite a shock to say the least.

So, there is hillbilly dumbass number 1. He’s in his mid forties I guess, has a face like he’s just shat himself, and he’s a fulltime wanker. He likes to spend his day and nights spitting and throwing cigarettes down on me and my neighbour in between dragging furniture about throughout the night whilst hammering for no reason.

He’s rude, obnoxious, impolite, and a miserly pathetic coward who has nothing else to do in life apart from spy on people and try to cause problems for them. He currently is sporting a rather nice array of facial decorations after we had a ‘talk’ over the weekend but I’ll go into that later on and in his spare time he likes to stand around looking at little girls & boys on their way to school… In the UK it would rhyme with ‘Eedofile’ and you wouldn’t trust him with a barbie doll. Continue reading

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Smile, act like a pro and take it up the ass…

Smiling, acting like a pro and taking it up the ass is all they can ever hope to achieve for those in front of them whilst those behind stand eagerly awaiting, dick in hands wishing it was their turn…

Welcome to Politics, Greek stylee… Continue reading

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Kiss my peachy arse you futhermuckers…

If it were up to me right now, there’d be a lot less to worry about, FACT.

I know this because many of you would have been lined up and shot along time ago, well before you had chance to read this and well before your ‘tut’s, ‘groans’ and general discontent would have been noted.

Harsh I know, but in my defence – I care not.

Τoday I’ve had about enough of the world as I can take. Continue reading

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