Kiss my peachy arse you futhermuckers…

Seems like most people’s idea of activism these days is sitting round on their fat useless incompetent arses telling everyone how active they are being an activist…

Kiss my peachy arse you f*cking cretinous morons, do something positive for a change rather than banging on about how much you truly wish you could ‘do’ if it weren’t for the blah, blah, blah, blah BULLSH*T excuses you waste so much time preparing for the world when asked.

Meanwhile, a future conversation (somewhere) :

– Hi, I’m an activist.
(In the distance, you hear the rifle quietly getting loaded).
– I’m actively involved in…
(Scope’s true, accounted for wind, height and movement).
– We’re thinking of… (Splat, head explodes, body falls limp to the ground motionless).

Now that would be ‘Activism’. I did something, doesn’t matter that it was right or wrong, but I did something. I tried – I AT LEAST MADE AN EFFORT…

Now thinking… There’s a dangerous game. . .

I’d dread to think what I’d be like if I had more time to think and a high powered rifle at hand.

Whereby some people spend all their time thinking, thinking about doing stuff, thinking about not doing stuff, thinking about wishing they weren’t thinking about doing stuff mostly however, from what I’ve seen lately it seems thinking should be outlawed.

Some people should not be allowed to do it. Simple as that and here’s why :

Whilst running through some people on fb whilst looking for some relative articles, I came across some of the most pretentious, vain puppets you could ever sadly hope to come across. – You know the type who dwell and lose thought on how the world see’s them, and how apart from the ‘Miss Universe profile blurb’ on saving the world and how in their spare time they like to feed Dolphins, adopt 3rd world children and sew amputated puppies legs back on, they also would like to meet new and exiting people so they too can be in the ‘gang’…

PLEASE, get me a Sick bag.

Have you read this sh*t. I’m sure you have, we all have, it seems to be everywhere these days, but if you want the finest examples, check out someone connected with something that you expect to be good, Politics, Charities, NGO’s are always a good starter, seems everyone’s saving the Planet and from what they tell you, they’re doing just fine with saving whatever the hell it is they’re saving and we needn’t worry our cotton socks about it no more!

I on the other hand, don’t want to save the world.

It’s f*cked… Far too late for that crap AND I’ll be damned if I waste anymore time trying to do anything good for folk when more than half can’t be arsed to do anything for themselves let alone anyone else it seems.

Most can go f*ck themselves. That’s right, now, GO!

Doo-wah diddly one, Do One!

If it were up to me right now, there’d be a lot less to worry about, FACT.

I know this because many of you would have been lined up and shot along time ago, well before you had chance to read this and well before your ‘tut’s, ‘groans’ and general discontent would have been noted.

Harsh I know, but in my defence – I care not.

Τoday I’ve had about enough of the world as I can take.

Some of the most shallow, ignorant, halfbreed pikie scumbags have had too long on this Planet as is.

Many are competing to run the Country I am apart of – Lots are currently involved in already running it and a fair f*cking few wan’t to cause problems for each and everyone of us before you’ll have had time to read this, but all along they shine in their little ‘circles’ as beacons of light, radiating outwards like crescent moons in a clear and starless night.

Two bid liars and thieves, the lot of them…

After reading one award winning social profile too many I’m thinking of having to change mine.

Name : Simon A. Rawicz
Age : As old as my tongue but a little older than my teeth. 
Hobbies : Art, music, writing, 3D, cartoons and happily wasting dumb assed ignorant f*ckers who p*ss me and anyone I know off…
Likes : Particularly fond of Choloroform and Duct tape and has a healthy interest in High powered rifles and helping ‘Social reform’.

I just need a small selection of Photographs highlighting ‘choice people’ strapped to chairs in dark basements and all is good, maybe I could run for Council.

The whole point of doing something is because it needs doing but too many people bang on about ‘there’s nothing we can do’, ‘if only’, ‘etsi’, ‘it’s too difficult’ or they don’t know how.

Then educate yourself you f*cking moron, use the internet, get a book, read the toilet walls you dickless imbecile…

If you can read this then you’ve already f*cked up one excuse you probably would have tried to use, but no. Don’t take offense, take a lesson.

EVERYONE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Yes, even you numb nuts…!

Problem, cure – action, reaction. Causality…

So f*cking do it…

At least f*cking try rather than to try and look smug about saying you’re doing something when your about as pro-active as herpes – and as needed.

In a world where vanity, narcissism, ego and bullsh*t has come to rule peoples lives, your fake profile and all it’s purile horsesh*t doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to reality.

Your self congratulary smugness is fortunately something that only you and your pathetic & deluded world enjoy and covet, so grow a pair, sh*t the f*ck up whinging and do something you idiotic, vacuous inbred f*ckwit…

I hereby conclude my rant…

Thank you for your time, explanation pending psycho-evaluation coming soon…


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