Smile, act like a pro and take it up the ass…

Kind a Catchy don’t ya think…?

I’m thinking of helping a number of respective Government parties with it for their new and up-and-coming election campaigns.

Let’s face it, it’s what they secretly wish they could whisper in our ears whilst they’re f*cking us REAL good, which when it comes down to things, they could well be doing right now anyway.

Fortunately I haven’t got some sweaty Minister canoodling with my bits as they shaft us daily. I do check though, regularly as these days it’s hard to not feel like at any point a strange guy with nothing but a smile and an erection offers us a cigarette before he nods off and leaves us wondering who the hell he was.

That’s not from experience anyway, I may have been that guy in several cases, but I never nodded off… And to be fair, the focus of my passion wasn’t to feltch my way through your pockets in the eager anticipation of discovering whether or not you’d have a ‘fun-sized’ Mars bar.

Me, my particular vices all feature women, Mars bars being optional and usually lots of them, women that is, not Mars bars – although I’d probably be the last to complain about them either way.

Firstly, a word of caution though about any form of ‘Chocolate Liason’ if you’ve never had one of those little ‘accidents’ before, be careful, they do melt surprisingly quick and can end up in more than your pillow casing, so I’ve heard…

Secondly, don’t attempt any sexual encounters with Maltesers either, especially if it’s with me as you’ll only end up disappointed as you lie naked clutching an empty bag…

…of Maltesers that is…

This, my latest shameful outburst today comes after reading numerous articles about the Immigration problem here in Athens, and how in some sectors of the press it seems like people won’t be happy till everyone non Greek is rounded up and cattle-prodded into their own little Ghetto.

If I seem to remember rightly it’s Pink triangles for Gays, a Red triangle for political prisoners, liberals & communists and a Purple triangle for Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc, etc, etc…

Sounds a little too familiar does it not?

I’m in favour of any nation trying to resolve it’s immigration policies but not at the expense of human dignity and the suffering of others through persecution.

I learn’t that in History, lot of it about so I’m told.

Meanwhile the harsh reality is that the SS, Oops (state) are suggesting HIV monitoring and detention centers throughout Greece to tackle the current immigration crisis which it is competently terrifying people with at present.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in favor of a Nation sorting its own first, it’s common sense. It’s easier to help people full stop, but in reality the world has moved on beyond a point of being able to do that realistically.

Personally, I like the Ozzie approach – meet their criteria or they’ll sink your ship and feed you to the Koala’s, no messing about.

So, If you’re new to my blog then you’ll soon realise that the point of this blog was to help highlight state governed abuse of the Health Sector by KEELPNO and ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS, something that is now being discussed to control the people ‘who are running wild in Athens’ so they would have you believe… That’s the immigrants running wild in the city, not the Greek CDC who are sadly still running wild with their Policies.

(Brief interlude) – Man appears offering the crowds snacks – Albatross, get you’re Albatross here…

The Blog – I keep hoping to write a post about the many good things there are in Greece however these days it’s difficult to focus on the good when the bad eats at out hearts daily, have faith though, summer is on the way and even a serial sun dodger like myself can find the good in that.

So on I roll…

(Interlude over)…

To re-iterate, the same people who allowed non qualified, non legal criminals to masquerade as Doctors are providing their ‘Expertise’ to help plan and implement a solution’.

Fortunately isn’t hasn’t developed into a ‘final solution’ however you never know. You probably don’t know their current form to such malpractice, it’s the stuff of Legend.

Furthermore to this farce is that the KEELPNO Director in charge of employing at least one of these nimwits who illegally claimed to be a Doctor is in discussions about how this should be carried out. Not to mention the others who no doubt received pharmaceutical benefits through dealing with such medical cases, but who also managed to give themselves access to state and EU funding of their own approval.


The Higher echelon of this organisation act with complete impunity whilst the power that be carry on implementing which ever Mickey Mouse projects they so chose to embark on.

Now it seems to me that for 10 years at least and whilst these half-brained idiots were in control of this sector, they clearly f*cked it up to now that it’s beyond repair and subject to the ridecule that is now running rife within this sector, so the answer clearly is to let these people carry on with it as it’s not f*cked enough.

If it’s not bad enough that the Police have to pick up the burden of trying to Police these ghost citizens, the mainframe answer to coping with them is to lock them up, brand them as dangers to society and then what.

I personally recommend that Greece now bolsters it’s Space program so at the very least we can jettison some of these poor f*ckers into space and at least save them the misery and indignity of having to live like prisoners for trying to make a life for themselves.

Better still we could get the Greek CDC to use them as Guinea pigs on test medication, erm, and get Pharmaceutical companies to reward staff for using their Medicine… Now how about that for an idea that doesn’t seem like its a new thing already…

So, back at the Ranch and as the Greek bailout plans push to gain the confidence of it’s nation by locking up absolutely anyone else, it truly seems like progress will be made and that tube of super strength lube will come in handy for at least somebody here.

I’ve long thought that those in power have little clue about their own Nation at best, but now it seems that they not only fail to have a clue about ANYTHING, they don’t even know what it is they are suppose to be doing.

Smiling, acting like a pro and taking it up the ass is all they can ever hope to achieve for those in front of them whilst those behind stand eagerly awaiting, dick in hands wishing it was their turn…

* Will probably add to this as the initial anger that poured out on reading much of what is going about failed to give me time to properly digest the stupidity of it all…


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