The daily fumble…

Welcome to the first edition of the daily fumble. Greece’s latest online newspaper. Here to provide you the reader with information on the latest daily news around the clock, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, except for when we’re on strike which I assure you will be regularly but not often enough.

To fall in line with the latest European cutbacks we propose turning the working week into a ‘striking week’ one whereby the weekend can be used to prepare and ready ourselves for yet another strike packed week.

On the odd occasion we aren’t able to strike and (God forbid) work threatens to get in the way of any planned action, we can safely rely on the rest of the ‘not working anymore’ sectors of society to cause problems worthy of us laying down tools and joining their cause for at least the day.

A new ‘Strike hotline‘ is being prepared so if you have an Industry, a business or a commercially viable project which could be earning money or helping society get on the road to recovery, then we can provide an instant ‘Strikeforce‘ to turn up on your doorstep and cancel out any proposed financial gain being made.

'Dial a Beating' comes to town. . .
‘Dial a Beating’ comes to town. . .

This hotline will run in parallel with the Police’s own ‘Dial a Beating’ service which when combined can provide an action packed weekend no matter what the day.

Forget November the 17th, why riot for a genuine reason when you can lay waste to the City you live in 365 days a year!

A special rate on Molotov cocktails, rubble and incediary devices can be found in the Christmas deals and buy one get one free offers apply on all Police Tear gas deals.

Savings so crazy they’ll make you cry. . .

Strike Package 1 comes with 12 strikers, complete with banners and appropriate leaflets denouncing problems of your choosing, (relative or not) and can be set on site for as long as required.

Package 2 comes with 24 Strikers, 12 protestors and a Partridge in a pear tree, the ideal Christmas present for your ailing business and Package 3 provides 52 strikers, 24 protestors and a number of mini-riots which can be staged throughout the day.

Options to extend or include further damage to he neighbouring buildings is optional and allocation of looting privileges can be maximised at this time of year allowing for some special Seasonal gifts to be had.

Don’t delay, ‘Dial a Strike’ today!

As with so many sectors of industry, damning the whole Country to hell for your own needs are what matter the most. Never mind that most people can hardly get to work anyway, (assuming that they actually have a job and are lucky enough to have been paid to be able to get there), causing people to suffer AGAIN is what really counts.

Having the sh*t pilling up outside everyones houses when the Binmen went on strike was a fantastic addition to the atrocities we are having to face here in Greece anyway but if you feel you can further add to the misery we are suffering then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and find out how you can f*ck it up some more.

If you read the newspapers recently, then you’ll realise that the News is on strike, so officially nothings happening anymore then! Yay!

The downside is that we won’t be getting our ‘daily strike’ forecast which gives valuable information on how not to get to work, and which parts of the city to avoid due to Police beatings or rioters rioting.

The upside is that for maybe 8 or 9 months of the year there is no point in having the weathermen here. Everyday, f*cking sunny. Tomorrow f*cking sunny. Next week, f*cking scorchio…

So, lets put them to good use. The ‘Strike Forecast‘. Have Petroula giving official reports on where today’s hotspot is and going out live interviewing people through a sea of Molotovs, tear gas and marble bricks. Lets face it, a body like that would ease tensions enough for people to at least have a cigarette or two!

Strike reports Greek stylee
A much better use of TV resources in my humble opinion, Petroula we love you…

Even in a Gas mask I’m thinking she’d look good enough to eat and it sure would liven up hearing the same ‘Today we’re on strike because….blah, blah blah’.

We still might not care, but at least we’d recognise the sector of society affected the most by the outfit!

Officially on strike, so if you've been naughty you'll have to spank yourself!
Officially on strike, so if you’ve been naughty you’ll have to spank yourself!

As many people here, I have suffered immeasurably as a result of the  problems facing the Country but I won’t then deliberately f*ck other peoples hopes and opportunities up.

If you’ve read any of the blog thus far you’ll realise that I have endured more than many a Greek and have earned my right to bitch as it affects me just as much as it does you and everyone else here there just comes a time when before it’s too late, people need to get on with what they have before they have nothing left.

What I see here isn’t getting better and yet I walk down my high street, day after day shops are closing down, moving to smaller premises and going bankrupt and despair at those, many of which are still trying to sell things at the same price if not more than before!?

The ‘try and make the money while we’re still in business mentality’ and the ‘I’m not making a loss’ arrogance which will inevitably close them down is a common flaw which costs many a businessman all they have.

Sometimes people need to realise that a customer in the shop buying something at a loss is still a customer in the shop giving you money. The alternative is in the two empty shops, one either side of them who similarly refused to help the economy or were unlucky also.

For reference, I needed some Polycarbon for my balcony roof about a year ago now, I went all around Galatsi and nearly died through shock on how much people were trying to rob people here.

The same material you can buy online, in the UK, Germany and I suspect other parts of the world were simply un-affordable. Not one of them would bargain and when I explained that I could buy the same material from anywhere else in the world, have it delivered to my house and still give them a handsome tip, a coffee and probably buy them lunch, would still have saved over 50% of the price from buying it from the guy on my high street. . .

It wasn’t anyones fault, I don’t blame the guy who owned the store, he’d been lucky to get away with charging people over 200 euro’s a sheet for so long even he’d forgotten what business was all about, despite it being available (at Cost) price online for 60-75!

I shopped around and found a ‘proper’ business deeper in Athens run by a lovely old man who I know will be in business for many more years to come, he was kind, welcoming and took interest in why and what I needed, when he found out it was to keep my pig neighbours from poisoning me and my Cats he sympathised and his colleague actually came over and joined in as he’d had similar problems himself.

In the end he supplied all I needed, delivered it to my door for a fantastic price and it was so good my neighbour who similarly suffered went and got all her Polycarbon from him too.

That’s good business. He wasn’t robbing people some stupid price to begin with and now suffering because no one could afford it due to the recession, he was adapting to demand, circumstance and opportunity, a requirement if your to survive.

Here it’s a real shock to the system, seeing so many people struggle due to the misgivings of so many in Government that without witnessing it first hand you just can’t imagine how it has affected a society.

I struggle to relay how it is to people when I speak to them as it’s unbelievable.

Now the people are being told their contracts (if they ever had them anyway) are useless, their expected salaries are being not just cut, but slaughtered and that their jobs are under fire.

A nice concept when salaries and job security were extinct anyway.

Life in Greece has to go on, giving up and allowing people to carry on plundering, wasting and abusing YOUR Country needs to stop though.

If I can tell where all the money is and who’s done all the thieving from my limited Greek, you all should know and be in a far better position to do something about it!

We can’t survive on just the Sun and Petroula wouldn’t make more than three or four days worth of meals no matter how thinly you made the portions. . .


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