Ho, ho ho. . . So, where’s my Ho’s?

A fckdup blog for a fckdup world...

‘Tis the time to be Jolly’, (apparently) so let’s get that f*cker out the way for starters!

It’s not that I don’t like Christmas, I do.

As far as capitalist money making ventures go, Christmas is one of my faves, the fact it’s supported and endorsed by Religions worldwide is even better.

Santa, so who is he really?

Despite the fact that he only works for one day a year, breaks into your house and disappoints people the world over year after year, it’s just further confirmation as to just how awesome he really is.

In reality, he’s just a lazy chav who’s a part-time delivery driver for a slightly crazy but harmless cult. Cool or what?

Let’s face it, between Santa Claus and many other fictional entities touted Globally, my money’s firmly on the Fat guy in a red suit!

Too many mince pies or is he just…

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