Just a quick thank you. . .

Note to self & to those it may concern :

Nearly 5 years in Greece, and wow, some f*ckin rollercoaster I’ve been on. From meeting and working with one of the Countries largest collection of Malaka’s to surviving to the ‘right here – right now’ has been the stuff of legend, but definitely NOT to be repeated.

Hope or Sun, we'll take both please. . .
Hope, the Sun, and Erections, but not necessarily in that order. . . It’s all we have!

This year is to be a good year for Greece. I know and in time, so will you.

I myself have had to learn and find out the hard way, and that despite everything we’ve had to endure here lately, can only say with a confidence born of experience:

There is hope.

I found it in the unlikeliest places at times but despite the misery of my humble battle, I never gave in. I couldn’t. Not just for myself, for the few who helped, for those who gave time effort and energy, or precious information and assistance where needed, but also partly because I’m a real stubborn bast*rd and subsequently don’t like being threatened by some jumped up little tosspot who thinks themselves high and mighty because they’d been screwing the system working for the Government.

Everyone’s accountable. It’s causality. Cause and effect, and like Karma lately, pretty much sums up what certain people bring upon themselves when they start playing with fire.

Meanwhile, the reality of NOW goes on, and Justice inches nearer. . .

I have faith in these desolate times and just like in the films, some justice will and has prevailed already, however the long awaited finale draws ever near. It’s just the way it is.

Every fight, every wrong and every lie becomes undone and with each struggle the People, the Country and the future slowly regains it’s sense of purpose, for without one there is no point.

From the civil servants within IKA to ΥΔΑΣ (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and ΣΔΟΕ (Serious Financial Crimes Office), to the many others who fought for sense and decency within a nest of corruption gone wrong, I, we, (and those who care) thank you all immensely.

The lies, corruption and abuse of state resources has to end and will so very soon (for at least one sector of State anyway) and those guilty of such systematic abuse, who thought themselves immune from action, who assumed they could threaten, lie and escape the clutches of Justice by avoiding counsel, slandering the innocent and by assuming those in pursuit would give up, well, wrong. again.

To coin a phrase, “you gone and f*cked up real good”.

I’m proud to say that despite things taking longer than a sane man would ever truly expect, here in Greece and against all the odds, YOU honestly can make a difference and help fight the corruption which has bled this nation dry.

To the Guilty :

Five years on and we patiently wait to see your ‘not so smug’ faces in the Court you openly mock, fighting the state you openly robbed whilst you abused your positions, the resources and the trust given to you by the very people you lied and still lie to. . .

So, how did that work out for you?

Ain’t Karma a bitch.

The best thing is that we’ve lied to everyone for so long, even we forget what we’ve been telling people…

To learn more, please visit the links below or browse through the many posts contained online which cover this abysmal state of affairs in greater detail :






And last but not least, why the name ‘fckdupathens‘ you may ask?


Well, long and short of it is that a) it’s saved me at least one court case by not calling it actupathens which I originally wanted to do, and b) well, 5 years here and in the nicest possible way, Athens is fckdup. . .

It’s like living on another Planet, normality is or isn’t something you deal with here, life is just what it is. . .

For surviving nearly 5 years, you have my sincere thanks.

Simon A.Rawicz


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