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The Hitler Hotline…

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Thank you for enquiring furher (oops, further) about the Hitler Hotline number. If you have a Hitler related matter or a worryingly dangerous desire to Conquer Europe and it’s surrounding…

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Grèce : Ils s’injectent le VIH pour 700€ d’aides sociales par mois

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Yannis Behrakis/Reuters/Landov Un récent rapport de l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS) montre les répercussions de la crise économique sur la santé des européens. En Grèce, les citoyens vont jusqu’à s’infecter avec le…

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Suffering from HIV or Aids, good, F*CK YOU and take a number. . .

– Business as usual, and that’s what it is. A Business.

Have Aids, F*CK YOU take a number, HIV problems, F*CK YOU, take a number, dying becuase you’re not being fobbed off by the latest pharmaceutical bullsh*t your paid off Doctor is trying to sell you, F*CK YOU, take a number. . .
Confidentiality been sold down the river and in danger of being manipulated by a sector who prey on people becuase they have HIV, Aids, F*CK YOU, take a number, afraid your medical details will be used by anyone for anything, F*CK YOU, take a number and last but not least, unhappy that the state isn’t doing enough to help you, then why not visit a bogus NGO and in the meantime, why not go F*CK YOURSELF while you take a number. Continue reading

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