Grèce : Ils s’injectent le VIH pour 700€ d’aides sociales par mois

In continuation of my recent post on the subject (which incidentally had the most hits yesterday) – It’s hard to not be surprised at the misery and misfortune of those connected with this sector suffer at the hands of the one place which hypocritically claims to care.

If you want to stand a better chance of surviving HIV or Aids here in Greece, you’re probably better off using a cheese grater on your genitals and taking extasy to numb the pain. . .

I’d like to say that at least it can’t get any worse, but I can’t.


About Simon Rawicz

Hmmm, It is about me I suppose... Work hard die young seems to be the motto life's going to write on my coffin well before we agree on terms and conditions. I'm a 2D/3D Artist/Designer and Multi-media specialist by trade, I play guitar and write songs when I'm not wanting to vent my anger out on the system. If I occasionally do get time to do anything else I'd like to know about it... Meanwhile to free my mind of the many demons that stalk me, I write stuff, your reading it so I don't need to tell you any more than that surely...!
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