Ruins, a sector in Ruins. . .

Ruins, appropriately named after repeatedly censoring the truth about one of the key NGO’s attributed with this supposed fight.

When I first saw the documentary come out, I was almost filled with a little optimism. Almost.

You see I’ve been dealing with this sector for 5 years now and I know that deep in my heart of hearts, that everything that happens within this sector so far, sadly is pretty much the same sh*t deep down everywhere you turn. Why, because it’s the same mentality, the same people and the same hypocrisy. Far too many people get caught up in the idealogy without giving undue care and attention to the realities which are going on, and by doing f*ck all relevant when needed.

People usually jump in feet first without surveying the landscape and often find themselves being fed the same lies and mistruths by those at fault already for a whoafully inadequate health sector before taking stock of what is actually going on.

Myself and a few other concerned people had the Misfortune/Opportunity to approach many of the HIV Aids NGO’s several years ago about certain examples of malpractice and criminal behaviour to which shockingly, 99% were already aware of, and in many cases had been for many years. What had they done about the issues you might ask, well, exactly. Nothing, so the same people who now oversee the civil fight for this cause, who allow corruption are the only point of reference in an already well orchestrated web of lies, ready to be told or not told to those who happen to probe deeper.

Its like asking Charles Manson if he’s good around people, you know!

The reality it seems of this sector is that its a one sided fight against a corruption only those involved in can contribute to. This is further confirmed by when after several attempts to expose the corruption involved in not only this sector but in the very organisations trying to gain funding for a fight against the authorities for injustice is unjustifiably covered up at every opportunity, now so by the ruins administrator on facebook. Well done there.

You allow people who have corrupted the very sector to help and ban people who genuinely do and have helped. . .Hmmm. Speaks volumes about who’s fight your really fighting for.

This isn’t news, I know you know this anyway. But after the revelations which occurred over the last year or so within this sector, I hoped that people would have gotten wise to continually trying to protect the same unethical and immoral behaviour which could have been spared the women highlighted in the recent ruins documentary.

Sadly not, the system needs reserves like these it seems, why else would people be allowed to illegally gain access to highly sensitive medical data whilst working for the state (the CDC) and whilst being involved in an NGO claiming to fight HIV / Aids. . . ? Why else indeed.

One hand causes the problem whilst the other claims to be there to help. Simple, and clearly effective it’s just now more people clamber over the scraps as not enough is ever done to protect the people, the genuine people who care to help, and the state, which despite its best efforts will always fail whilst allowing this level of malpractice to prevail.

On the upside, it’s a recession winner, turn the peoples anger against the state to which most people make their living from, enjoy a bot of backslapping whilst soaking up the media spotlight and bobs your uncle, fanny’s your aunt and before you know it everyones seen to be doing good again. Woo-f*cking-hoo. . .

This gem can be good all year too, some NGO’s have been playing the state against itself for decades and this now has everyone on board so they can bang the drum of ignorance even louder.

I don’t mind still helping raise awareness on the documentary. The essense of it and the poor victims abused still need help, but thats it. If you want to genuinely help, then in my humble opinion stay well away from people who firstly censor the truth, and definately those who work and affiliate themselves with people who abuse the very sector they claim to help.

I trusted the people behind it for ooo, maybe a week or so and then everything started feeling the ‘same’ again, a bit like playing the same broken record that you’d heard before, over and over again.

Failing to address key issues, affiliating themselves with a majority problem, and then censoring realities about people they work with. And there’s the warning sign. You just get the impression it’s celebrity razzle rather than intelligent content cruising on the back of misfortune, and that of others as well.

Now I gain nothing, never have from trying to get a decent response from this sector, so I have a right (like everyone does) to question others who pop up and give the illusion that they are doing something that matters when I know for a fact, so few have actually responded to in 5 years of dealing with elements connected to these people and their cause. I care now more than before as myself and two others who exposed these immoral parasites tried to sue us for exposing them, whereby the rsults of the information provided by us was haned over to the DA directly due to the severity of what was disclosed.

To have people look down their noses at you and who seem to deem themselves better whilst having no fecking clue about what’s gone off is insulting and well, gets me writing and doing my bit again, because its saldy due to misguided people doing everything they can to avoid dealing with the problem, that we in fact have such a crap lousy problem in the first place. If half the people involved took onboard what is really going on, then I’m fairly sure that incidents like the one covered wouldn’t have happened in the first place were it not for the number of people who now gain from it happening in the first place.

Another incident to put it in perspective – A number of trafficking victims appeared unprotected on TV several years ago here in Greece and subsequently this became a chant of the very same NGO which paraded them on TV in the first place. Is it right to mention that they were kept like animals, deprived water and in breach of every regulation required to having them in the first place, not an issue, the battle became over how they appeared on TV unblurred. . . Interesting to note that the President of the NGO then became invoved in KEELPNO’s Trafficking dept. . .

One hand causing the problem, the next helping the problem. All the same.

It makes you question the virtues of people when they themselves fail to act responsibly when given a chance, but then gives them the right to feel peeved for being exposed, whereby YOU yourself become the bad guy having wanted to help in the first place.

So, 5 years of this sh*t and I’ve got skin so thick it could work for the Government, plus I couldn’t give a f*ck either way.

So, to the makers of (and please correct me if I’m wrong), the opportunistic documentary made to better further your career rather than genuinely care for the cause to which you now aid people in corrupting, I ask of you, to whom do you serve with your cause by censoring the truth about those connected with your plight who have robbed, lied and stolen from the state and the people they claimed to represent as they pretended to be Doctors at the expense and trust of people (such as the women featured in your article)?

Please feel free to reply as I’m not one to censor debate, I only seek to encourage it and make aware what is and has been a brutal lie made to the people of Greece for so long by the typical ‘Lamoyo‘ responsible for our current financial joy.

Also, are you aware that the President of the NGO in question is ‘alleged’ by one woman online to have been examining women who were victims of trafficking, whereby she assumed he was a Gyneacologist? Please, investigate yourself as you see fit. But it’s all online, as are many other examples of why it’s imperative that people / Organisations and those who claim to care, act.

Because if you do care for the people in your Documentary, you’d help stamp out such behaviour, even of there were a chance of this happening again.

It certainly doesn’t help the women abused by the state to which you disregard by impeding their right to valuable information about people illegally claiming to be Doctors within the HIV / Aids sector, those employed by KEELPNO (The Greek CDC) to whom are in charge of this sector, those who run the National HIV / Aids Plan, and subsequently were the very same people abusing the state funds, the projects and the people with HIV & Aids to which you now deny information vital to the wellbeing of.

5 years of trying to get people within this sector to behave with some morality seems to fail at every opportunity, however you won’t be the last to be guilty of censoring the truth and denying the people the right to know how bad those you affiliate yourselves with are.

Its just yet another deplorable act on behalf of a shamefully inadequate and two faced opportunistic cause that gets used for opportunity, position and funding at the sake of those already caught up in the trap and vulnerable enough to be abused but too helpless to actually get help.

Failing to address the key issues and censoring the truth makes you no better than the people you now protect, shame on you for similarly helping this sector be as bad as it is.

15 years of defrauding the state, illegally claiming to be Doctors, illegally abusing the confidentiality of those with HIV whilst masquerading as medical personnel in Andread Syggros Hospital and deliberately slandering and threatening those who exposed them, now want your money to help fight for the rights of women abused by the sector, the same sector they represent. . .

I hate to say it, I really do, not just because it be-littles all the good of Greece, but because it should need to be said but through people and bullsh*t like this – to quote a senior official who works in Justice here, one who truly represents the better side of Greece, “Only in Greece” as she shrugged her shoulders and looked sadly on, being fully aware of the case in question. . .

Do I need to do this sh*t on Christmas Eve. No. Do I gain anything from it? No, but those in need might gain from it oneday. People in this sector might just be able stand proud one day and help those in need for a change instead of the same p*ss poor hypocrits who just stand to help themselves.

Censorship, corruption, covering up the truth
As the previous posts suggests, rights in Greece are looking pretty bad if you can’t try and help and speak the truth. . . Who’s helping who?

It’s a f*cking joke here, and a sick one at that. How many of these people can look themseves in the mirror is beyond me because what they stand to see reflected back at themselves is not something to EVER be proud of, and something that will forever be draped in shame.


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