Get the f*ck outta here. . .

Unfortunately, this sh*t’s still going on here in Greece, the current stories hitting the news lately (and with no signs of remorse) all seem to still be surrounding the many cases such as this whereby people deliberately sought to rob and steal from the state under the guise of a once respected cause, or in some cases, one that would fool people into believing that it was a genuine cause in order to gain state funding in the first place.

Here in Greece, a Country where over 500+ Non Government Organisations are reportedly in operation, you’ think that we’d all be walking on water due to all the ‘good‘ work being done, but sadly the reality hides a far darker truth.

Whilst it is common for people involved within these Organisations to paint themselves as saintly figures with the blood of Mother Theresa coursing through their veins, what is found is often a fabricated illusion based of a persona which is so far removed from the truth that even the person who wrote it fails to recognise the person it was once supposed to represent.

That’s in no way to detract from the genuine people who do offer their valuable time, effort and energy to these causes, of which there are many, however it’s usually the Organisers who benefit, not the actual causes, or the people who need the help of the cause initially, their help as with ACTUP’s most likely got wasted away on all the champagne the funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided!

And yes, according to their records for the data submitted concerning the ΥΔΑΣ Investigation, Champagne is ‘apparently’ instrumental in fighting HIV & Aids. Now you know.

Last year for me did see the end of the key legal farce which tainted my life here since having the misfortune of choosing to accept a job for what turned out to be an Organisation run by petty thieves and pretenders to a cause they hijacked for their own gain.

Not only did they abuse my name, steal my wages, rob me of my Insurance and then slander me for the privilege when I refused to commit fraud for them, but then when threatened and having to listen to the horsesh*t the pikie thieves tried to hide behind when they were exposed for what they are, they then try and abuse their positions working for the state by getting them to provide false documentation to try and cover it all up.

After refusing to commit fraud against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Greece on behalf of the President of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS, he then attempted to sue myself and the two other people who exposed him and the many immoral and unethical aspects of the NGO (MKO) to which they abused for 15+ years after already having reasonable doubt to numerous facts which had come to light in their own records.

The case against us to which he claimed was slander was something he chose to try and hide behind for three years, enabling him the opportunity to shrug off the realities which had come to light about him illegally pretending to be a Doctor and alongside the other board members, who provided false documentation for funding whilst working for the CDC and abusing state resources, for projects both state and EU.

Gaining access to the key Hospital Andreas Syggros hospital was just a small part in the overall plan to gain access to highly sensitive medical data alongside the non protected or confidential phoneline which they also set in place allowing them personal and medical details of all who came into contact with them, allowing them to potentially operate with impunity as they were employed by the state and working against it as members of the NGO.

The case finally came to an end in December 2013 whereby after choosing (as usual) to not attend, present themselves or turn up on previous appearances, after hearing all the information against them, the Magistrate not only acquitted ourselves for acting with integrity and for exposing one of the worst medical malpractice cases to have damaged the HIV sector, but then requested further Investigation against Kostadis Kaburakis and the involvement of the NGO as detailed in many of the documents provided by ourselves.

Many of the documents and claims to which he denied and claimed were false and nothing but malicious slander made up by ourselves, were actually the same documents as submitted by him to the Ministries whereby he and another board member, Andreas Grilleas masqueraded as Doctors. This  was whilst the key member of the NGO, the financial Director responsible for the financial crime Chrysoula Botsi, masterminded and covered this up for them at KEELPNO and who was also one of the leading members of the National HIV & Aids program here in Greece.

So, as this ‘subject’ again hit the headlines recently with regards to the other MKO cases currently coming to light for the same period, and the city elections concerning the Mayor debate surrounding Γρηγόρης Βαλλιανάτος, it felt right to get it back to peoples attention as it covers such an interconnecting aspect of the fabric of what is wrong with this sector in particular, but also helps expose two decades of corruption to which pretty much everyone currently involved in this sector on a significant level is well aware of.

Whilst I do not in anyway implicate people currently in the media spotlight who are running for Mayor with regards to the essence of this blog or for any of the other corruption exposed within this sector, as an outsider who has had to fight the immoral, two faced hypocricy of those who have tried to cover this up for the last 5 years now, I would like to point out that  people connected with the decision for who does become Mayor should realistically choose the right man for the job based on track record, willingness to act correctly and for their virtue, and not due to their sexual orientation, religious views or charisma.

Having dealt with one of the key people involved in this debate though, and knowing that he not only had a origin within the foundations of this NGO, who also similarly sat on the same comittees as these people whilst they provided lie after lie, and whilst he attended all the same conferences and NGO events as per the sector, and last but not least, as with the others involved within these NGO‘s, who when personally sanctioned and begged for help to tackle the corruption within HIS sector, did little other than be a spectator (as usual) to a legacy of shame and criminal malpractice and financial deception, then I would seriously reassess his credentials as a person to be trusted.

It comes down to this, (and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, despite knowing what I know about what was known), if he honestly didn’t know that the people he worked with for over 15 years weren’t Doctors, were defrauding the state, and were running non legal projects with KEELPNO helping to cover it up, then he isn’t  really smart enough to fulfil any greater role in society, especially having already failed the very same people he claims to protect. If he did know and chose to do nothing, then he’s no better than any of the people who helped cause the mess Greece is in right now and shouldn’t be allowed to run for the position.

As a person, some people have charisma, personality and charm enough to talk your grandma out of her teeth, but whether or not they are suitable to live up to the false expectation painted up by the other dreamers blind to the truth, then nothing will ever get better.

Now more than ever Greece needs people who set an example, people who stand up to the tyranny which has ruined so much of it recently, and more than anything else, the people need to vote for someone who will inspire change because it is right, not because it’s a novelty, because of perversion, color or creed.

Personally I have time for most people, and especially the criminals to whom I now know many who have abused this sector so badly for, and yet it is better to know the reality of the man and be able to avoid the expectation which will always fall short, than to be led into darkness by those who mask their true intent by being something they are not.

On a lighter note, the blog does contain many more irrelevant and (light and fluffy) posts, it’s not just about hating the lies and fighting the corruption, and posts such as this (another day at the funny farm) should make for an alternative read should you need a break from the stress associated with daily life, however the effort required to get people to act responsibly when standing up to the state in 5 years caused for no respite, and similarly due to the amount of pathetic and two faced liars and other f*cktards who all attempted to cover it up, it was at times a fulltime job ensuring that people actually got to hear about the truth surrounding this sector.

Future posts will aim to highlight and expose those intent on covering this up and shed an interesting light onto the other aspects to which this case reveals many, who similarly (by their social profiles) are also related to Mother Superior, and yet who do nothing but cover up and censor the truth, but that’s for another day, and after no doubt more comes to light in the media anyway.

Meanwhile, at a board meeting somewhere in Greece. . . !

MKO, Απάτη, HIV, Aids, corruption, Greece
Just another board meeting at one of many NGO’s based around the Country. . .

#Truestory. . .

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  1. Reblogged this on A fckdup blog for a fckdup world… and commented:

    There’s so many people who think they are related to Mother Superior running NGO’s worldwide that by rule of thumb, they Planet and all of it’s woes should have come to an end a long time ago. Unfortunately, the lies and misgivings of those in charge reveal a shameful greed and voracious appetite for notoriety and the willingness to be seen as a champion, despite in many cases stealing from the people they claim to protect.

    15 years of malpractice within the HIV sector in Greece is just the tip of the iceberg, as ACTUP here is exposed as having staff working for the state illegally working to gain access to Highly sensitive medical data for their own gain whilst they, the CDC and those connected with this cover it up.

    The reality is finally laid bare.


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