Support NGO’s not the ‘Malakas’ who abuse them. . .

Finally some much appreciated and valued support from a genuinely concerned person like many who is sick of the corruption, and malpractice which plagues this Country and who wants a level of moral and ethical behaviour sadly lacking in this sector to be brought about by a change for the better. And I don’t just mean in the HIV / Aids sector, I mean the two faced hypocrisy as shown by those connected with it, all keen to talk the talk whilst doing nothing, those who moan and bitch about the Country being in a mess whilst actively condemning those who get of their fat arses and who do do something.

So, with pure and genuine warmth, I thank you ‘those who listened’ for also helping to do the right thing where so many people have failed.

As an FYI :

Corruption, NGO, MKO, Greece, ACTUP, "ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS", ΥΔΑΣ, Aπάτη
Let’s stop all the f*cktards stealing all the money shall we?

You wouldn’t believe the level of corruption shown, even when trying to highlight this malpractice and corruption to ‘so called’ people who care and or work in this sector. It takes an outsider, a foreigner at that to have to spend 5 years in and out of the Courts fighting to make this place a slightly better place through doing the right thing, and often all I get is abuse or people trying to cover it up.

So if your Greek, don’t say ‘Etsi’ and just shrug your shoulders thinking nothing can be done, it can. FFS, if I can get sh*t happening here with my limited (if not slightly amusing) broken Greek, no support whilst taking on your state and those who make a career out of abusing people and thinking they CAN, (but don’t) get away with it, then imagine what YOU could do yoursellf.

Sure, it’s not easy, it’s painfullly slow, cost you time, money and effort, but that’s the price of change, reform, something positive happening. No faeries come and sweep it all up at night, that’s for sure.

Yes, of course it drives you mad, often I’ve myself even contemplated walking into these government offices wired to the max and putting us all on the moon, but I persevered, sometimes even found it either funny or enlightening, as the many things you witness can cause a greater inspiration, but also, whilst doing this I’ve met some great people and seen those who do want change, who are mad and doing something too.

Then you have the Ignorant and ill-informed people who work this for a whole different reason, the celebrity factor. You have people like Zoe Maroudi who has recently been trying to milk a documentary whereby 12 women were abused by the state, which appears to be nothing more than a shallow opportunity for her and those responsible for this corruption in the first place, to YET AGAIN stand behind those they allow to be neglected and manipulated by a system and sector of Healthcare which seems to be openly involved in covering this up.

The women, and as before with a different case, the immigrants who get hung out in the public eye by the very people who let them down, only for them to appear on the bandwagon rallying for support seems to be nothing more than a vain and vacuous attempt to again appear to be doing something in the media when doing nothing good when asked of them, suits them best.

Who fed these women to the wolves in the first place? Who had privvy to being able to give the highly sensitive medical data to the Police and authorities other than the people who sheltered them in one way or another, and it’s simple, it’s either through the National HIV program to which they work in or run, or the NGO’s to which they abuse and manipulate whilst working for the sector which now appears as saviours?

Then you have people like one of the current front running representatives for Mayor here in Athens who when approached nearly five years ago, was well aware of all this and yet, despite being another ‘so called’ devout saviour the the Country and State, offered this soundbite for the press at the time “This Circus has to stop”.

Well, ‘This Circus’ he talks about is one he helped start, one whereby he was one of the NGO’s founder members, one whereby he worked with, alongside and next to for over 15 years, and one he oversaw and dealt with as a key member of the KEELPNO (CDC) board, the very people who (illegally) it seems misrepresent and abuse the f*cking people to which they are employed to protect.

So, that Circus he talks of, it turns out he’s a key Ringmaster of. As I’ve said before, if he didn’t know that everyone including the committees he sat on were taking the f*cking p*ss, then he’s too stupid to be Mayor, and if he did know and chose to do nothing but be a spectator to all that has happened, then he’s as guilty himself and too corrupt to be Mayor.

Personally, he probably stands a better chance of being voted in as Mayor if he says he is corrupt and did know of it, but that’s just based on a theory. . .

Similarly we should throw all the two faced lying thieving scumbags to the lions in order to genuinely help anyone who DOES need help, after all why have a Circus without having some entertainment . . . But guess who’s now helping with the Documentary, and the women exposed by the state recently and on the ‘Ruins’ bandwagon’, that’s right, the same people covered above, despite me contacting them directly and wishing to help them with regards to this case.

– What did they do, they removed the information provided, censored the truth about what this sector did, and those who they now affiliates themselves with, blocked me from contributing and now seeks ‘funding’ for the NGO’s and Lawyers to help fight the case. . .

I wonder if this ‘funding’ will go towards cases whereby the President of ACTUP prosecuted myself and others for exposing them? Is this how it works. . .

Makes you wonder, as that IS what happened to me after I exposed ACTUP, the state (KEELPNO) tried to cover up and provide false information as submitted by those guilty of the crimes, the NGO’s who all knew about this and did nothing dissappeared into the background when an Innocent person was being persecuted by an NGO of their own sector and the guy mentioned above, now running for Mayor who in one of his other soundbites online said he was prepared to “roll up his sleeves to help the people of Athens”, not to mention his own sector, the very bread and butter of his life by all accounts, clearly not.

Rarely a single day goes by without us having to hear how badly the economy is doing and how ‘yet another Lamoyo assh*le’ has robbed this place blind, AGAIN, and mostly all the people involved can do about it is shrug their shoulders and be spectators to their own downfall. Wise up.

corruption, fraud, NGO, MKO, theft, malpractice, ACTUP, Kabourakis, Kostadis
500+ NGO’ (MKO’) in Greece, and people wonder where the money goes?

Not for me, I couldn’t give a rats ass anymore, Do it for yourself if no one else.

I’ll do what needs doing for my own greater good and so that I can sleep at night but I’ll happily watch you wallow in your own ineptitude as life passes you by, and gain strength from knowing that I contributed, a lot, and probably more than them, EVER.

FYI for the haters and people who feel it their right to begrudge me being involved :

People have sometimes had a hard time with me doing this, sometimes because I’m not from here, but that’s ok, meanwhile when for the last 5 years I’ve been in and out of Court, at great expense and mental anguish trying to save the Country money’s stolen from it, helping fight and expose people abusing the Health sector to which we all need and use, ask yourself, where in the queue were YOU?

Because I don’t recalling you do anything else other than just bitchin and moanin about someone who actually did do something.


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