Prosecutor rejected complaint report of five HIV-positive women

The recent case against the people responsible for abusing the rights of the women featured in Ruins (documentary by Zoe Maroudi) was apparently (no surprise), a failed quest.

As predictably as they appeared, the very same people in this ‘self righteous’ sector which for over 20 years offered little short of corruption, malpractice and cover-ups, all managed to come out shouting about this (their latest project) and latest injustice, one by all accounts, they oversaw, allowed and had potentially all had their grubby little fingers in from the start.

How splendid that opportunity must have looked from way up on that moral high ground that they all bask in. Is it no surprise that this fell at a time when votes were needed nationally, and half the people involved were all sucking up to the latest Political cheque book with change imminent…

Yippie ki yay mutha-f*cka’s. . . Publicity, more funding, prestige at the expense of some poor women who were thrown to the wolves, and some backslapping all round. Well done.

How bad would it look for HIV/Aids and the people suffering from it being hung out to dry for say, Politics? The whole thing stank of career opportunity anyway, and after contacting the maker of the Documentary, friends and associates all ‘supposedly connected with this cause’, who mysterious that no one would dare tackle the issues at to why and how this came to be? Issues that called into question, if not the people involved in this outrage, but certainly people who could, should and better be doing more to STOP it happening in the first f*cking place, and not using it as a springboard for ego and opportunity.
Looking for blame? Hmmm. I’ll give them a clue shall I!

Many work, worked with, and some even contributed to the National HIV/Aids plan for Greece throughout their history within this sector (20+ years in some cases), many know of the failings, the corruption and the problems that would lead to this type of scenario in the first place, and what did they do about it.
Exactly. Some of these people sit on, govern and either run or participate in the NGO committee’s run by the CDC, AND, some also work for it, as well as being involved in NGO’s which present a conflict of interests as well. I know, I met with most of them in 2009.

The shocking truth is that many saw nothing wrong with this type of behaviour anyway. Wrong. Some knew of it all along, and one walked out as he was appalled we questioned the validity of the system and the people sat round he table.

I won’t name names but the list makes for good reading, and the details about what they knew is even better. something that someone who would be making a documentary trying to help the sector would look into, wouldn’t you think?

Apart from the general malpractice and disrespect some of these people and Organisations have shown to the people they are supposedly there to protect, many selectively isolate and ignore these ‘issues’ as nothing more than threats to their careers, so a documentary and high profile game changer needed to come from somewhere, HIV/Aids wasn’t getting half the publicity they liked, plus for some, the pharmaceutical payoff’s wouldn’t pay off all their summer houses would they?

I know this is the case in one particular case, as I’ve been involved in epxosing them for 6 years now.

So, leading on. . .
Having myself and those who fought with me to expose these people, been falsely sued for refusing to commit fraud at the bequest of the man featured in the case below, and for exposing him as what he is, nothing more than malignant and spiteful criminal scum, the court case which he tried to use against us as a smokescreen for his activity is to be further used to expose the rest of the malpractice as already covered.

Here below, (featured) we have the President of ACT UP HELLAS, or ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS or however they are using their name this year (as to avoid being linked to the previous criminal incarnations), Kostadis Kaburakis who was exposed (2009) as being involved in deliberate Fraud against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ΥΔΑΣ), since it’s been uncovered that he illegally pretended to be a Doctor alongside another member of the board of Directors whilst being employed by ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ, to gain funding and to gain access to Andreas Syggros Hospital’s medical patient data etc – discussing the morality surrounding the unfortunate women who had their own confidentiality abused by the state, ie KEELPNO and the authorities. . .

Much more about that will follow after the latest court cases come to a close, but that’s about as hypocritical as you could even dare to make up, even if you had a really crazy imagination. But that aside, only serves to highlight further the genuine and real problem with the people involved in this sector. You can’t help. It’s like asking Pol Pot to help you with overcrowding, or Edward Scissorhands to give you a Brazilian, you just don’t do it.

On the one hand, why not have an expert on illegally gaining access to HIV/Aids data through masquerading as a Doctor lead the way? Why not have one of the many NGO’s (MKO’s) who have lied, covered up and worked alongside this practice for over 20 years, help share the fame and misfortune of those the very Health sector they plundered whilst stealing and abusing the resources they could get away with looked on in awe . . .
It all makes sense does it not?

The state, which consists of NGO’s working in this sector, who have staff employed by the Greek CDC, who are involved in the data/client human right violations as covered by the documentary Ruins, were by very nature, the very same people dealing with these women on some level anyway, so let’s start by having them all rally around providing help having done all they could to illegally acquire private and personal information which miraculously makes its way into the public domain to help raise awareness of serious issues to which they all created – in the first place.

One hand creates the problem just in time for the other hand to pretend to help.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good people involved in this plight, you can’t question the genuine desire to help of many, however it makes you wonder who’s telling who what.

If you ask a criminal if he’s a criminal, he’s not likely to say yes is he.
Give him a position, some authority and allow him to falsify and make up a good story and those below only serve to help the problem rather than the cause they set out to help.

It’s not a case of the blind leading the blind, but who the f*ck’s leading anyone nowhere fast. . .

I can't relax in Greece



The calvary for the pilloried HIV-positive women is endless. A few days ago, the prosecutor rejected the lawsuit that five of the HIV-positive women, who suffered persecution and were insulted in May 2012, while eleven of them were trialed for misdemeanor on March 28, 2014.

The lawsuit was submitted by the five women, along with four NGOs that support HIV- positive individuals: the Centre for Life, the PRAKSIS health clinic in Athens, the Positive Voice and ACTUP Hellas.

“This decision sends a clear message that there was nothing blamable in this vile operation and that vulnerable people’s forced tests constitute an accepted practice in our country today”, as characteristically mentionned in a relevant announcement published at the social networking site of the documentary “Ruins- Chronicle of an HIV witch-hunt” by Zoe Mavroudi.

The content of the lawsuit is about the illegal violence, the inhuman and degrading…

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