Update October 2014, ACTUP HELLAS

Updated information with reference to a previous article on NGO integrity :


Just a quick update surrounding the court cases exposing the corruption within ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS as per a previous post on here to help forewarn the community as to the legitimacy and perils of people who manipulate NGO’s for their own gain and so people know to be cautious in who they get involved with. More details shall follow however after being in court for what seemed like an eternity I felt it better just to highlight a few of the most significant findings.

Myself and the two others have been involved in a six year fight to expose the malpractice and financial corruption of this NGO whereby the president and another member of the Board of Directors illegally claimed to be Doctors to gain funding, status and position within the HIV/Aids sector whilst they elected themselves in, falsified signatures and fraudulently provide documents to achieve their goals.

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Rights, high on the agenda, but only when preventing people from having any. . .

Shortly after summer 2014 their case against us for ‘slander’, exposing them as what they were went to court. We were acquitted and the case details were recommended to be passed on for further investigation of the details exposing the President of the NGO.

Justice, fight, awareness, corruption, Athens, Greece

Themisis and Dike protect integrity and order wherever possible, but  often at a price.

Another case against myself for supposed forgery of my employment contract and for theft of work materials was judged to have been nothing more than a poor attempt by the NGO to persecute myself for standing up to their abusive and inhumane treatment of their staff, their volunteers and the people to whom they lied and robbed as they sought to use the case to divert people from the facts exposed in 2009.

Ongoing cases by ΖΔΟΕ (for serious financial crimes), ΥΔΑΣ for financial crime and others all stand to shed light on nearly 20 years of deliberate manipulation, malpractice and systematic abuse of Greek, EU and private sector resources.
The similarities within this sector and the facts surrounding the many injustices within this domain only reinforce the harsh reality of who is to blame for the misery people featured below suffer for.

Using the cause as a smokescreen and then appearing to defend the problems created seems all to familiar a story.

Ruins, corruption, malpractice, systematic abuse, CDC, Zoe Maroudi, awareness, HIV, Aids

A documentary exposing the case whereby a number of women were publicly exposed as having HIV, and yet they collaborate with NGO’s guilty of everything which they claim to be fighting to expose. . . !?

One hand creates the problem whilst the other offers support, all attached to the same Government Body who employs or allows these people to carry this out.

Nurse, rubber gloves, anal probe, lube, pucker up

A helping hand is always nearby

When approached all knew of this and yet for 15 -20 years did nothing, and worst still when given the facts 6 years ago, still allowed it to continue.
Persecuting people such as myself for standing up to those who abuse the sector was clearly a higher priority than helping rid the sector of the cancer to which it feeds on.

Corruption, fight, awareness, justice

The saga is never ending, but fight we must

Maybe now this has been officially exposed people will help raise awareness and prompt NGO’s and people connected with this to act more responsibly, if not to convince people of their genuine validity, but to give people peace of mind to their integrity for their own sake, if not those to whom they seek help from, or offer help to. . .


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  1. Reblogged this on A fckdup blog for a fckdup world… and commented:

    20 years of lies, malpractice, systematic state fraud and abuse were exposed in 2009 by myself and a few dedicated individuals who chose to stand up to the corrupt and unethical Greek NGO ACT UP Hellas.
    The persecution and abuse which shortly followed whereby they systematically tried to damage everyone involved in revealing their true nature slowly comes to an end whereby another court case gave us the opportunity to prove the facts, and break down the illusion they hide behind when abusing the state, the people who work for them and the people they falsely represent under the guise of a cause aiming to provide help.

    Illegally pretending to be Doctors, misrepresenting state, EU and private funding whilst abusing the very system which they lied to gain access to is just the beginning of a catalogue of illegal, immoral and unethical activities brought to light by the investigations which took place.
    Having recently tried to use me as a pawn in deflecting the real issues, the courts allowed me the chance to put the record straight and expose them for what they are, as another of their bogus court cases claiming injustice went against them and proved their lies to be just that.
    HIV/Aids, the Greek CDC and the sector to which they abuse is ongoing and further court action now follows to bring Justice to those who sought to publicly crucify and damage those who opposed them.
    The President, Kostadis Kaburakis along with Konstadinos Zikkas, Chrysoula Botsi and George Papachristo have all been exposed as attempting to cover up a history of crime through threats, forgery, false documentation, bogus court cases and worse.
    Details shall follow and more information is available on https://fckdupathens.wordpress.com


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