Dear Syriza, please allow me the opportunity to indulge in some constructive criticism. . .

Please allow me a minute or two of your time. If you will.

I’m by no means a Politician, nor a particularly renowned Economist, nor an Expert in anything hugely relevant other than maybe a few subtle aspects of life which on the shop floor of society, I feel may have passed you by in your Political pursuits.

I am just another wannabe survivor in the wasteland which is sadly, and rapidly becoming Greece.

I have lived here for over six years now and had privy to much more than the average person in my escapades, this unfortunately due to my active role in refusing to help steal from your Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Greece when I mistakenly thought a long standing NGO here in Athens was something more than a front for State Sponsored Corruption within the Medical sector.

My observations through the Courts however may be of great help, and my willingness and ruthlessness in helping to hang the bastards responsible for much of the peoples financial misery, may, be of some solid use to yourselves during these trying times we now face.

I think I can speak on behalf of most people here when I say that regardless of a persons Political affiliations here in Greece, and maybe even Europe, that it’s genuinely been a refreshing change to see the previous incarnations of Government temporarily removed from office, even if for no other reason than to just give an illusion of hope for a change, then we’ll take it as it comes.

Time is the key and we all know that the clock is ticking, so please consider investing a few moments in to some of the suggestions, observations and comments I’d like to raise if only because they won’t do you any harm, and maybe, could aid in your fight to liberate a greatness in Greece which has been bound and gagged for so long, Nationally.

So, first things first.

Not to be a stickler or anything, but I’m quite old school when it comes to values. I was raised and given a glimpse into the world through my parents and indeed my Grandparents eyes, who presented a world through slightly more mature insight, but who never the less taught me so much about the things I, and many still hold dear to.

One of these things is almost elementary, and yet it’s still significant in many walks of life, and I’ll paint the picture to you as it came to me through my upbringing.

1. When you go to Court, regardless of the reason or a wedding, or a funeral, it’s unfortunately taken as Gospel to try and wear a suit for the event. You know, shirt, tie, polish your shoes and just be seen to have made the effort, for that day at least.

I’m pretty damned sure that if I were to present myself in the European Courts, appealing to the better nature of people who are about to be meeting ‘the new kids on the block‘ and be harassed into opening their minds to alternative solutions or strategies, then I’d damned well borrow a suit for the occasion.

You seem educated people and its clear from your attire that you are smart, well dressed, well presented, and yet even so, didn’t feel that wearing a suit, to what is essentially a suit wearing convention, would be a wise move. . .

Surely you must be surrounded by officials, Parliamentary people, stars, family and friends, and I’m guessing that you must have watched the news before, you must have seen what happens at these events on the TV previously, and despite this, not one thought, “you’re meeting the leaders of Europe, spruce the f*ck up”!

Looks great for Bouzouki, but old fashioned principles still stand strong, you try and turn up in a suit, if your in Europe begging to be heard as a new Government, make an effort at least!

It’s a game, we all know it is and it shouldn’t matter, but it is. At least turn up wearing the uniform.

Varoufakis, Yanis, Eurozone, Grexit, tie
Still, it could have been worse, they could have thought he was a male stripper at a gogo bar!!!

The price of failure is to devalue an already financially weak Country, lose currency and wipe everything off the value of everything that is left.

Had my nan been there, she wouldn’t have even let you in the building without a tie on principle alone, and would have probably tried to have you escorted off the premises for wearing a Burberry scarf. I know it’s mainly a cultural thing in Europe, one whereby some people actually wear it as a fashion accessory, however there’s also a social stigma to being seen as a Chav. Not a good look in Europe I assure you.

As a brit, I’d give you an ASBO with it for lack of effort and general failure to meet the minimum requirement. It’s like spelling your name wrong on the exam before doing the test.

Matteo Renzi, Alexis Tsipras, tie, government
Tsipras thinking to himself, thanks but I already have a belt, and this one has no buckle. . .

The rest becomes irrelevant, and under the circumstances of the meeting, is not one whereby you get second chances. I mention this because its a simple thing which shouldn’t matter, but it does, to many.

And to those it does, you shot yourself in your Calvin Kleins.

FYI, it’s not a dig. As a rule Greeks have indisputable taste in many things, fashion being amongst them, and it was clear to everyone that your a smart bunch, but maybe too over reliant on trying to look good as the new guys. I appreciate your new, but come on, play the game. . .

Borris, Bug Bunny, Clown college, Grexit, Prime Minister, lunatic
Look, I have no defence for the UK, we have this. No one knows what it is, but we have it. So, no comment please, you win. . .

Secondly, you need to tackle the whole transparency in office issue to gain any true respect off foreign Governments, let alone your own people. This lack of accountability in Office is pathetic, and the reason why Greece is f*cked at the minute and still not doing anywhere near enough to show that you mean what you say about the whole sordid affair.

Further to this, how can you honestly expect to earn the trust of Greeks, your own people if you as a Government in principal say that you are invulnerable from prosecution if you suddenly get the urge to rob and steal when the opportunity strikes.

I’m not implying that you will, but let’s just mull over the Countrys track record for a minute shall we. . .

So, you see what I’m getting at here. We have a history of nearly 30+ years of people running the Country and fast tracking peoples savings, insurance, and worldly possessions out the back door of Parliament. It seems that lately, the only time this isn’t happening is when Greece has no money left to steal and or people have blocked off the escape route with a protest or march.

See the connection.
Cause and effect.

Many would feel empowered knowing that the current Government would tackle these crippling injustices immediately, as there is simply NO REASON NOT TO.

I myself would suggest that as an Idea, you would forever become Saints, Gods, Legends in knowing that anyone ever to represent the people forever more, would be fully accountable to the people. We all know as a fact, that this is something much more than the people would like to see. This is what the Nation deserves. It should be your defining goal if you truly do care about your Country, now you represent it.

You’d also have the rest of your glorified careers to reflect and be praised for the long term, never ending future of security and potential trust which you gave back to the people, because whether in power or not, you’d forever know that you had a large part in making sure that no one else could EVER abuse the opportunity given them without facing up to lady Justice.

It’s relevant on so many levels because at present we live in a Nation where no one feels that you as a Government deserve to be trusted with their money. People scarcely have jobs, contracts, security in any shape or form, and when we do claw our way into saving a spoonful for ourselves, you want us to give it you, only for us to be able to tune in or read about which f*ckwit stole all we gave.

Poverty, loss, unemployment, Greece, faith, chance, salvation
Another eager shopper awaits the sales, courtesy of the financial hardships many now endure..

So how can you expect people to willingly be honest themselves. We have a ‘you f*ck us‘, ‘we f*ck you‘ mentality, and nothing in the bank.

No Insurance, no taxes, no employment, trade or commerce, because if anyone here is fortunate to be able to earn it, they’re gonna become like Al Capone.

Meanwhile, you have Europe, the IMF or who ever else is next in trying to help the Government ‘fix’ the problems and its getting worse and worse. And worse, and oh, here we are, where it really will struggle to get worse, but we’re under no illusion that it won’t, because we all know it will.

Meanwhile we have people going crazy about Germany, the EU, the IMF and everyone including the Eurovision Song Contest from what I hear. And why? Who set this show on the road? Who put the people here, Government, ie, you, the people who need to get a groove on plugging the internal flood of money which never seems to stop evaporating way.

Personally, I blame Bjork. The volcanic eruptions years ago, their Economy and the Bakns, coincidence, I think not. . . Who knows what powers she has in her voice.

Bjork, Grexit, Eurozone, Syriza, bailout, IMF, Sugarcubes
Some people have also suggested that Bjork is in some way connected to the Greek submarine incident too. . .

Hostility and anger at the ‘Austerity Measures‘ is like blaming the wound after chopping your own arm off with a chainsaw, and something unjustifiably aimed at the wrong people in much of this f*ckup.

EU, cuts, bailout, grexit, eurozone, IMF
Optimism, often the mother of all f*ckups gets a whooping at the IMF conference in Brussels. . .

I’m by no means saying Germany and the IMF is fair either but, if people want to get mad, they only have to walk around the capital here in Greece, the islands and to visit all the Ministers basking in the sun on the peoples money!

I’ll say it again, the Lagarde list. It’s like, we have the names and people who can give us the means to recover most of what the people had stolen, but do nothing, still. . . WTF, get mad at them.

Siemens!? Anyone remember the ‘great submarines scandal‘, “International Mine Initiative“, Mayor of Thessaloniki to name but a few, and still no one in Government is being made accountable. . .

Submarine, scandal, corruption, Greece
Amazing, you wait for one submarine scandal to come, and then three more turn up at the same time!

For years the world marvelled at the Beatles and their yellow submarine, but imagine if only people would have know that it was owned by a Greek Minister!!!

Seems like Syriza are just as keen to ensure that loophole stays as open to them as previous Governments, so why would you trust any Government who doesn’t hold it’s own Ministers accountable, and I ask that to Greeks? How do you allow this?

And similarly to everyone, why would any other Government trust anyone who allows such ridicule?

The Party who grows a pair and who changes this will forever lead the way forward, anyone else who doesn’t is as guilty as the rest before they even start and not worthy of standing for the people.


Nothing to hide, prove it from DAY 1. . .That’s what the people need.

Otherwise why would you expect the people to adhere to the rules if your own Government doesn’t, and that’s what we have now.

And that last comment is by no means a blight against Greeks, it’s the way I see it here.

‘F*ck them if they f*ck us, and ETSI and a frappe to go. . .’

You’re showing promise, now show direction and lead the way.



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