NO, can we just have NO to f*cking about instead!

Don’t want to overcomplicate the day, but yesterday, there was a Government who failed in overturning or changing the situation in Europe as promised in it’s election campaign, who brought about a last ditched Referendum, something it discredited the previous Government for, who now having used misinformation in this ‘NO‘ campaign it set into motion to which (had it not have walked out on in the first place), could have been already moving things forward, something it hasn’t been able to do once ,yet in it’s Governing of Greece, plus when previously it also lied about the terms being offered, now promises the people of Greece that in 48 hours they will have resolved the EU/Bailout issue, something which they couldn’t do previously on better terms in (6-7 months), and now after walking out and calling this desperate Referendum to which the people now wait for the follow up, not to mention as the crisis here still deepens, with everyday, as it was exactly the same, as Yesterday.

Referendum, Greece, Votes, Results, verdict, EU
Never before has such little factual information been given to so many in such a short period of time.

Now the Government in question, either return to the table and try and negotiate a deal, which they couldn’t manage a day previously, under a campaign of failure with the same mindset, or pull out of Europe with absolutely no back up plan for when the Banks shut down, the Hospitals and the emergency services collapse and as suggested probably an Import ban and European confidence makes trade for the rest of the world even more difficult, all this as the stores are empty because they frittered away the last 6-7 months of reserves playing games, Thankfully to get right back where they are now, today, either ‘IN‘ or ‘OUT‘ of Europe.

So, at what point are we celebrating for when the same lies, as told by the Governments of old, which are the catalyst for Greece now being in this never ending spiral of debt, are we celebrating with nothing achieved so far?

Tsipras, celebrating, woohoo, referndum, result, victory, democracy, NO vote, Οχι
Well done, back at square one, with less money, less negotiating power, less time to waste and f*ck all closer to the goals you set in the first place, congratulations, now have a lolipop and get a f*cking GROOVE ON.

The banks have suggested that there will be no more money for propping this up, while the debate ensues, meanwhile assets will then will be raped from the people when federal reserves run dry, in approx 2 weeks according to the finance Minister, when Banks just take whatever is left in them, remember (Iceland etc), and at this point and despite all the goodwill and idealism of a ‘NO’ vote and all the principles it stands for, I have yet to see 1, (yes 1) response from the Government on how it plans to keep a Country thus crippled from complete anarchy when everyone realises there are no more cookies left in the pot. No more Bailouts and no ones accepting the treasuries Monopoly money tokens.

Euros, Money, cash, burning, economy, fail, crisis
If you can afford to do this, you’re not even affected by the f*cking crisis here so sh*t up. I don’t know anyone who can willingly burn money, the people who are suffering sure as sh*t can’t.

I hate to say it, but really, it’s just a case of ‘same sh*t, different day’.

This tragically, is the reality.

Groundhog Day – Day 1

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