When colour returns to a darkened world. . .

When it seems like there’s no end to the dark clouds that hang overhead, no end to the tears that pour from the heavens and no colour in the world, the Universe spills paint onto the canvas of life.

When the darkness fades and the light shines bright, the path becomes clear and the road ahead beckons once more, familiar, willing, like an old friend eager to lead the way.

Sometimes all it takes for the lock that shackles the heart and mind to break open is for time to tick away, ever present in the constraints which previously bound ones self to an unwarranted destiny, yet ever present no matter what the conditions may be.

For some, time is a resource. Easily wasted, and yet to others, an opportunity, a chance, a reason to act. Those who waste it, lose more than they know.

The simplest things return first, one by one. Inspiration, hope and laughter all climbing over each other in their need to be expressed, and the undying optimism that allowed me to survive, though hidden for so long now bursts free, skyward like an eagle, soaring higher each day.

The misery others sometimes try and force upon you is often overlooked by those too ignorant to search for the truth, foolish in their appraisal of things they aren’t capable of understanding, and blinded by the lies they covet.

The truth was my constant, patient and true, ever present in the world I watched from afar, now prepared for those who long to serve the cause, and as the scales await, and Justice be dealt as the balance returns.

Through the window of a world turned upside down, I watched as it passed me by, ever hoping to step foot once more alongside the living, hungry to taste the pleasures long forgotten and out of reach.

The nightmare always ends, for if not, we are surely already dead?

Now a new day breaks, and the grey fades to blue, the hole that once was, now replaced by the Sun, and the shadow far behind, not prominent as it was yesterday.

I slowly climb free of this prison, once the ghost of myself, a spectre to a life of misery and hate now lies dead at my feet.

Reborn, whole again, bursting with energy as the blood pumps through my body, my heartbeat beating, my pulse growing faster, stronger and more consistent with my mind.

Vision returns, and to see all I see, a thing of beauty I must know, eager for me.

Like a voice on the wind, I hear it growing louder, the music in the words, and the rhythm bringing me closer to the touch I so desire, the feelings I crave and the helpless ambition which takes center stage.

Day turns to night, and the moon now takes watch, the velvet sky like a painting, glistening and bright as the stars share their twinkle, and the sight fills my heart.

All I long for now present, here by my side, ahead is the future, surrounded by a Universe I no longer fear.

Though learning again, each new day is a joy, and to wake as I do is to now have lived once more.

Sleep is a dream, embraced by the night, a reflection of the hope I now share with you all.

In my heart it shall live, as real as it is, feeding my soul to no end. Drunk as I am, and lost in my thoughts now to live as I can.

Nectar of the Gods, your taste on my lips, filling me with the hope of the world I now see.

Not alone, not afraid, a victim no more.

– The personal cost to fighting corruption here in Greece for nearly 7 years now when criminals openly abuse their position to persecute those who take a stand will never be appreciated until you’ve had to endure the misery that comes with the spineless and cowardly actions of the few who tried and failed to hide behind a wall of lies, threats and abusive legal action which only served to prove their own lies once they could hide no more.

When you read the news, or watch TV, talk and see stories about the widespread corruption which sadly fills our world, please spare a second for the nameless many who stand their ground and endure hell to do the right thing when often facing the most appalling conditions and circumstances imaginable.

To those who do fight the fight, never give in.

To quote my nan, ‘Don’t let the Bastards grind you down. . .”

ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS – The epitome of low life scum abusing an NGO to further their own gains at the cost of the people they lied to, stole from and manipulated to masquerade as something they never were. Systematic state sponsored corruption like no other and the worst blight on HIV/Aids since it came to be.


Better days have already begun, and the best days yet are to come. . . In so many ways.



About Simon Rawicz

Hmmm, It is about me I suppose... Work hard die young seems to be the motto life's going to write on my coffin well before we agree on terms and conditions. I'm a 2D/3D Artist/Designer and Multi-media specialist by trade, I play guitar and write songs when I'm not wanting to vent my anger out on the system. If I occasionally do get time to do anything else I'd like to know about it... Meanwhile to free my mind of the many demons that stalk me, I write stuff, your reading it so I don't need to tell you any more than that surely...!
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