Dear America, like seriously!?

Well, where to f*cking start for one…!

You’ve suddenly become that fruity senile old racist xenophobe who sits in the corner of the ‘Worlds’ nursing home, rambling wildly and abusing everyone because your meds won’t EVER fix a problem you continually nurse into full effect. All those years of snorting Moonshine and Crystal Meth Enema’s whilst shooting N*ggers from the balcony finally seems to have finally taken it’s toll as you struggle to recite your crusty old bible backwards in a vain attempt to appease the God of Ammunition.

If you were a dog, we’d be inclined into thinking that taking you out the back and putting a few rounds through your head would be the best alternative to having you continually to try and hump everyones leg, as you do.

In fact ever since you wiped out the Native Americans you pretty much haven’t stopped trying to hump people’s legs. Full stop.

So where did it all go wrong?

Popular opinion would be to question when if ever did it ever go right?

Can’t ask the Natives, they’re all dead. Can’t ask the Blacks, they’re not all in custody yet and might do something unpredicatable like ‘voice an opinion‘ so that’s out, can’t ask Gays or Lesbians or anyone else who falls outside Adam and Eve’s extreme and yet beautiful incestuous circle of ‘love’ and you can’t ask many of the others who are left, because they still think Aliens anally probed them and are still sat around in their pants wearing tin foil hats waiting for Trump to become president.

The ones who are either ‘sane’, educated or sensible enough to know ‘common sense‘ and who try to live and do the right thing just darent fucking step outside the house and are probably peering down a Snipers sight listening to Radio Freedom and waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse as we speak.

Personally, I’m with them.

So, the last couple of years I suppose is as good as place as any to start and let’s face it, the focus could easily get lost along the way if we even dare look beyond the immediate and current circus which is currently swallowing up the world so effortlessly, and not for the reasons I’m sure most of you think either.

Mass-Debating… (Think about it)…

Let’s skip over the recent debate media debarcle that is the ‘now’ and can we just tackle one of the things which I feel is on most peoples minds globally…

Ronald McFlump… Doughnut Trunk, Whatever the f*ck his name is, it matters not.

Donald Trump, America, USA, Election, Map America
“One small step in sh*t for man, one Giant leap for Stupidity”

It can be nicely summed up with this little soundbite : What a complete and utter wanker.

The question is how did it EVER get to this, I mean COME THE F*CK ON!!!

America, or should I say the US of A, (don’t want the true America’s getting their knickers in a bunch, I hear ya!), so, a population of 324,701,378 (at the time of writing), and naturally subject to births, deaths and Blacks being shot by the Police obviously… and you honestly mean to tell the World that you can’t find a better candidate…!?

This is the best you have, like seriously!?

No ‘one star‘ McDonalds staff available? No car park valet’s looking for work, no homeless people aware that the White house might need a new squatter soon? No crack heads needing a roof over their heads?

Donalt Trump, hair, hairpiece, corn, cob, sweetcorn, president
I mean, was this Corn on the Cob NOT F*CKING AVAILABLE???

Instead we’ve got to watch Elmer Fudd run for Office!

I’d apply myself if I could but apart from not being a US citizen, it appears I don’t fear Muslims enough, I don’t hate ‘blackies‘ either and I actually do love the company of women as people, I don’t despise Mexicans and I quite like social diversity and haven’t got guns in every room in case I want to go ‘Postal’, plus having half a brain and trying to be engaged in the whole ‘human dynamic‘ is another failing which I regret otherwise I’d be all over that sh*t like Monica Lewinsky was.

On the upside, there’s clearly plenty of time for me to lose my mind, become rich and hate everyone non white, so I’m not ruling myself in the future. Just sayin…

Where is the Love?

Do Americans hate themselves that much? Is it not enough that you allow every lunatic to own a gun, grenade launcher, Mini-Nukes, and then moan about crime, assault and people f*cking up your show whenever they lose the lottery, cross the road, go to school, fart too loudly…

Makes you think. I’m beginning to wonder if you can actually die of natural causes in the United States these days, War, civil conflict, gang related shootings and ‘The Police‘ seem to have cornered the market in Death these days.  It’s hard to see how illness or misfortune can ever stand a chance.

Or is it that widespread these days that a bullet to the head now is just classed as ‘natural causes‘?

Police brutality, getting shot for not being a criminal, oh, you mean ‘State Assisted suicide‘… Lot’s of it about apparently.

I remember when criminals use to worry about going to prison and facing the Death sentence, at least that had a 10 year appeal time and you could be proven to be innocent in some cases, seems like these days hoping to get the Death penalty is safer than walking the streets if your Black…

Not that America suffers a racial biase in anyway, they presently have a the misfortune of a Black Muslim born Mexican running the Country from what I’ve seen and heard, and what a fine job Obama Bin Maracas has done too!

It’s just a shame that in the aftermath of a non white religious biggot running the Country  for once, and doing rather well at it, plus the added shock of him not turning out to be a Cotton Picking halfwit and bringing the Country to it’s knees, that now the desperate race to re-install a lunatic white f*ckwit racist to appease the hill billy crackers is on and in full effect…

Basically, anyone will do, clearly…

Forget Hilary and whatever you think about her running for Office, just the fact that Arnold Stump is able to is beyond words.

Donald Trump, Simsons, Homer, Cartoon, hair, Homer Simpson, 2016

Homer Simpson is sadly just a cartoon otherwise he’d be most peoples favourite I’m sure, and to be honest, half the world would breathe a sigh of relief it it was Homer Simpson…

Donald Trump : An NKVD infiltrator or 2 North Korean’s in a Dumbass suit?

It’s a genuine thing, it has to be!

I can only assume that he’s part of either part of a North Korean or Russian plan to infilitrate the US and bring it’s own end upon itself. People often blame and claim that covert and underhand Politics are all part of today’s war games, and who can blame them.

There’s no way you’d do this to yourselves, surely? Not even in private. Not even for pure humiliation, and I’m no stranger to kink… But seriously, this is the worst self abuse you could ever subject yourselves to, honestly…

It’s not just bordering on the surreal, it’s ridiculous as a concept, as a premise, as a f*cked up reality that you’d pray scientists would discover in a Matrix simulation, somewhere FAR FAR WAY…

Sadly, this is our Matrix, our reality and it’s very much like someone put too many ‘scooby snacks‘ in the cookie tin and we’ve all got the munchies.

If you’ve ever been soooo stoned that you’ve willingly sat through daytime TV, you’d expect to see this on the Jerry Springer show, Jeremy Kyle, ANY COMEDY SHOW.

Not the news. Not the World News, and not as a serious story.

More a case of “Meanwhile a 300 pound Monkey escaped captivity and is now heading for the White House, experts hope to catch him before the rest of the Country f*cking vote it in…”

Donald Trump, monkey, sexist, racist, uneducated, primate
“White house, Hello?”

You do realise that the rest of the World can see all this? I mean, you’re not all living life thinking like you’re in your own ‘Truman Show’, sooner or later it’s turns out that it’s just a wacky gameshow…

So time to reset. If not for our sakes, the sake of the Planet, but for yourselves.

Surely you do understand that part?

Reset the USA, reformat, USA, America, start again, new begining
Try just one more time to be sure…

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