Darned pikies stealing all our crumpets

So, a day of days and a night of nights. Apparently they are all the same.

Athens burns, Obama is the Anti-Christ, Strikes are imminent, Merkel has a Penis and I have a beer. F*ck it, whatever…

I don’t need to set the town alight to do something positive, who knew…?

It could catch on maybe? I suspect that if the students spent more time studying instead of trying to recreate their own ‘Woodstock’ over the Revolutionary killings of the past then maybe we’d weasel a whole generation of people into positive thought and not the usual bullsh*t which happens every year, but hey what do I know, I’m just a foreigner and treated with enough contempt for just voicing an opinion which goes against the grain…

Apparently, the norm from my 8 years here but hey, so far it’s been a while since someone told me to f*ck off for voicing an opinion different from theirs. Quite a day so far!

My day today was spent watching alleged ‘non facists‘ writing their disdain for foreingers on a couple of Facebook groups whereby the overall consensus was that they should all f*ck off home… Clearly a prime Christian viewpoint shared by many here at the minute, got to bless that Orthodox standpoint when it comes to ‘Love thy neighbour‘, unless he’s your neighbour, in your town, Country, or part of Europe… Amen to that.

Who needs that malarky hanging over them when a little vitriolic hate can sooth the way forward, not me for sure. I’ve been disciplined. I’m a reformed humanitarian desperately seeking forgiveness for my open willingness to see others integrate and live a normal life wherever they can.

Apparently allowing the ‘lower classes’, ‘foreign terrorists’ and other unsavoury migrants in Athens to live a life is a crime, or at least should be according to the many online groups whereby ‘Nationalism‘ seems the norm. Seen this in America per chance? Looks equally bad there too and now we have Ronald Fart in power. The future isn’t just bright, it’s orange. Literally…

Like how did that happen? Grab that bitch by the pussy and we’re good to go, as long as she’s not Black, Mexican or not part of the social elite, the Creationalist Brain trust or the ‘want to live on the Planet before we f*ck ourselves up‘ mentality.

Long live Trump! All I’m saying is this… Well, where to begin, the guys a Turd.

No, really, better words fail me but hey, what do I know, we have a Brexit, Greek Politicians, and Kim Jong Un… The worlds in safe hands, finally…

It’s like someone wound the Doomsday clock up with a Formula one drill. Game on, brief game mind you, and no rules.

Survive and adapt, or enter this decade with a load of clueless monkeys at the helm, here’s my ticket to oblivion, I’m in for the ride, have no choice, and it’d be f*cking rude not to when faced with such a great Post -Apocalyptic scenario.

Nevermind the rapture, Doomsday, Aliens, welcome to the end. HUMANS…

No more speculation, just hard cold sweetcorn wearing headpieces blowing in the breeze. And thank GOD, at least we’ll die with a laugh.

We all knew it, just nice to have a great vision so clearly defined for a change. I always loved the ‘Fallout‘ franchise, unbeknown to us all that when they released the latest version we’d actually wake up in it…

I use to have hope. That ship has long sailed, sunk and is waiting for Leonardo DiCaprio to mimic the Titanic scene with ‘her’ with the wet blouse. And yes, that’s all that mattered.

Pert. Needs no introduction when it comes to ‘End of the World‘ scenario’s. If we’re going to die, we need nipplage, it’s that simple, women no doubt need shoe shops and magazines, but speaking for myself, I know where I choose to lie snuggly when it comes, and so does she… 🙂

And come it will…

It’s a cruel world, cruel time, barbaric compared to what it should be but thats the world we made, the one we survive, if lucky.

Thankfully we have social media to abuse each other with, the less fortunate, the crippled and the infirm if your lucky, otherwise, anyone who’s opinion differs to that of your own.

Yay Facebook, where’s the ‘you’re a f*cking halfwit button‘…?

We need it, today more than ever. As it turned out.

So that was nice.

No accountaility for taste, opinion or difference of one, but decency you can measure in spades. Some have it, others will never see the light of their words and that is what is so tragic in this day and age, meanwhile we battle on, armchair warriors to causes few understand fully, all high on our own beliefs, never wrong, never in doubt, just another media/social circus unfolding before our very own eyes…

I love how in many online discussions people justify how bad their own situation is by comparing it to somewhere else or something worse than what is already being discussed!?

Yeah, so that makes it better. Moron.

So now we have more than one example how suck ass the situation is and they’re now trying to rationalise their arguement by trying to validate the woeful state of something else, woohoo, there’s logic, on a bus waving goodbye as it leaves the station…

Was there ever a time when you could find intelligent debate online without some radicalised sh*thead wading in with a bag full of dumbass and too much time on their hands?

Not anymore for sure. Stupid doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t give up even when facing overwhelming common sense, rational thought and or factual data. It’s like a pitbull with a wiener, gorging relentlessly until you just want to shoot yourself in the head. Two or three times just to be sure too.

Thankfully the Internet provides an abundance of dumbassery…

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