I currently work as a 3D Artist/Designer and Media Specialist and am the creator of E’s a Dude & The Gang, (currently available through : www.esadude.com) & the soon to be fully revitalised esadude.wordpress.com.

My main writing outlet is in observational humour and my latest blog (abitnipply.wordpress.com) has more than enough to entice the mind of even the most abstract of individuals, so please stop on by if you get time, I’ve been told it’s well worth it.

E's a Dude & The Gang...
Your so right, we just don’t give a f*ck…!

I’m originally from a quiet suburb of Nottinghamshire in the UK but alas was finally driven out in May 2008 by the lousy weather, the Economy and last but not least – the thought of another four Years of Gordon Brown.

I come from an artistic and slightly insane background anyway and from what I now know of Greece, it’s probably one of the reasons for me being able to cope living here so far! It seems the madder I become, the easier life in Greece gets.

My Grandfather before me escaped the Russians during WW2 to seek a new life in the UK and in the finest family tradition, I escaped the UK to pursue a new life here in Greece.

The Long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz
The Long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz recently screened by Peter Weir in the film ‘the Way Back’.

Fortunately my heritage contained enough of a mixture of English and Polish for me not to consider myself a true ‘Brit’ in some ways, and when my parents Immigrated us over to Canada when I was nine years old, I managed to absorb other cultural influences which I feel opened my mind somewhat more than with other people my own age.

This, combined with my other experiences developed my desire to find my own place in life and I believe was responsible for my knee Jerk reaction to just hop on a Plane one day.

I’ve always believed that the experiences that we live through shape our destiny and as people it defines many of things that we do. As well as esadude.com, I am also partially involved in a Human Rights organisation called right2life which is currently setting up in Athens, and was driven by my initial experiences when I first arrived here. But more of that will be revealed in time…

I play guitar and write songs when I get any spare time but I am somehow bound by my insanity to create E’s a Dude’s whenever I can, as these in their many guises provide a release for me in many ways and allow me a chance to highlight aspects of this game we call life.

I occasionally play BF2 online just to quench my blood lust and feel that whilst society prevents me from physically being able to help reduce mankind’s quota of Idiots, I can satisfy this need by tooling up and laying waste to as many strangers worldwide as I can.

I tend to get adopted by cats and always have them in my life, even if I don’t want to and I often enjoy the silent comfort of animals over people sometimes, (in other words, just don’t get on my nerves and know when to shut the f*ck up, especially first thing in the morning)…

Coming to Greece was initially an adventure I didn’t plan very well to be honest, however it’s now become my home and something I believe I was meant to do, despite the current hardships.

When I first came, I decided to write a sort of Diary of events and the many articles and random scribblings you will see dotted around on here are what started it all off.

E's a Dude
What the f*ck was I thinking…!

I initially began writing to give people an insight into moving abroad, the difference in cultures, the subtle differences in people and habits and general observations I made about living in Greece, as time went on though it also became a way of clearing my brain of many of the issues that I had found myself in during this never-ending story.

Initially this became my ‘Englishman in Greece’ blog however as things unfolded, it went onto become fckdupathens for a number of reasons, many of which are covered here.

Far from being an anti-Athens blog,  it’s name derived from a corrupt non-legal government organisation which I sadly found myself working for however for legal reasons whilst the many cases against them continue the name morphed into what it is today.

Unfortunately the state of the Greece Economy (if that’s what you call it these days), and the current situation that many of us here find ourselves in, it’s become quite apt in a tragic kind of way.

Meanwhile, I kid you not, Athens is fckdup. But mostly in a good way. The sad news that filters out in the media these days concerning the riots and the racist attacks is by no means what this great Country is truly like however these events have overshadowed the many good features which need to be highlighted during such grim tidings of late and apart from the genuine love I have of my new home this blog (does and will) highlight the many musings which as a foreigner I find funny, sad, ridiculous and appalled by over time, and will similarly provide an insight into the madness which is life in Greece.

On a lighter note, if you want a real laugh, just look into the Politics here at present. Friends here have assured me that it has often been worse than it currently is at present, but my imagination isn’t that capable of digesting anything worse than the current regime of f*ckwits already providing a sound argument for bringing back the death penalty.

If you wrote a comedy that funny no one would believe it. I do have a slightly vitriolic view of the system here because me and 10 million other citizens of Greece are regularly f*cked by it. To call it a system is a gross mis-justice to the word system, and implies that things work when they may do yet we the public have often yet to see where, when or how they do if that is the case.

Greece inspired me to push my esadude.com, and if you live or have ever lived in Greece, you’ll know just how fckdup life can really be here… Since, I have developed my madness further, hoping to share the delights of my insanity with others and after realising that I wasn’t alone…

Apparently several million other Greeks share the same problems here as I do too. These are customary here and all become apart of life’s rich tapestry and what makes Greece so unique in many ways.

Other than that, welcome to my world…

As the saying goes, get fckdup @ www.fckdup.com

Also if your online and enjoy networking through any of the social sites you can find me and my world of inane reality regularly trying to poke fun at the world at the following places :

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001058954822

Twitter : http://twitter.com/esadude

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  1. Hello, I am a journalism student at Columbia College Chicago, I’m looking for someone to give me a fresh perspective of what’s happening in Greece. I will admit, I am not an expert in this part of the world, but from what I’ve read and viewed it seems Greece is going through financial hardships. I have an assignment that requires a Q and A via Skype, please let me know if you are interested in being interviewed.
    I’d greatly appreciate it, deadline is Monday Evening Chicago time.



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