Top tips on how to deal with the dumbest of creatures, the ‘online troll’…?


Disclaimer I :

Firstly, and my sincerest apologies to readers who’ve just stumbled onto this blog/post by accident (or) to those who innocently thought to themselves, “oh look, another post by ‘fckdupathens‘, it’s been a while, so let’s see what the feisty little sh*t’s been up to…”, well, you’re about to find out and it’s not going to be a quick stroll through the calmer more creative recesses of my mind either!

To coin a phrase, I’m c*nstipated having had to deal with one online c*nt too many, and so here we go…strap in, it’s likely to be quite the journey…

It’s probably going to get a little fruity in part too, and for that I have no intention of apologising either.  It might help if you put on RATM “Killing in the name of “and roll with it, (or) jog on…

Either way, you have the power…and likewise, and with no disrespect “f*ck you…I won’t do what you tell me”, this is my house of pain…

Disclaimer II :

Furthermore if you’re one of these pathetic online morons who can’t be bothered to read information provided, and yet still try to pick apart an argument or point as covered below without anything to contribute, then go f*ck yourself you inbred loser, I mean, grow the f*ck up… You’re partly the reason for post’s like this anyway you discombobulated sh*thead and will more than likely be featured somewhere below anyway, so deal with it you mardy little twat…

So, it’s probably safe to say that this post wasn’t genuinely intended for normal consumption and was written having dealt with one c*nt too many this week.

Apologies in advance.

Proceed with caution :

If music be the food of love, then this post may be the g-string wedged snugly between your cheeks…and without further ado, let’s play on…

It’s been a bit of a tense year already as many of the saner people in life will in part also recognise already, (this will become more apparent as you read on), but this most recent chapter in life is just the result of having to wade balls deep through the vacuous sea of morons that linger aimlessly online like some brain damaged fungus, bereft of purpose or intellect and with no direction, passion or sense of humanity, and yet who interject at every given opportunity under the illusion that their nonsense, abuse, immaturity and abject stupidity is an acceptable ‘norm’.

It’s not just me discovering them on an almost daily basis either, it turns out it’s not a new phenomenon by any stretch of the imagination,and god knows we need one these days!?

Who knew… ? Well, after a quick assessment – I spoke to a few people, we did the science and it appears we all do indeed know just that, they’re everywhere, like crusty dogsh*t hiding under the leaves.

So… What is abject stupidity!?

Chances are that if you don’t know already, then you may have already been blessed with it.

In which case I really wouldn’t carry on reading any further.  There’s going to be a lot of words, quite a bit of anger and things which will no doubt offend those who this applies to, otherwise i’d say more than most will understand completely and side with me when I say with a hand on heart, if you don’t like it, “kiss my peachy ass“…#truestory

If you are unfortunate enough to go online regularly and frequent the many hells that social media has more recently become, then you’ll know exactly what ‘abject stupidity‘ truly is.

I think it’s safe to say that the first observational symptoms were probably witnessed in the earliest ‘comments feed’ of youtube videos going back to the sites origins, where any non argumentative video would solicit the attentions of a subspecies of human which over time has become known as the humble ‘online troll’.

To be fair, some of the best non rational, insane and humorous comments still exist on videos whereby some bored lunatic just let loose on a cookery video for no reason at all, or a hand craft video showing how to make ‘pot pourri‘ from cornflakes!?

Now reddit, facebook and many other online platforms have become the lair of the ‘online troll‘, the ‘sleeper agent‘, the ‘robot‘ and or the most loathsome of beast’s – the ‘maga-man/woman‘…

Not to be confused with the long lost ‘Republican’ who share many of the same politics, but minus the lunacy as exhibited by the others, these two shouldn’t be confused either, despite being similar in many ways, but not so warped to make up stories like we see so regularly on the news.

*Camera usually pans to some old guffer who claims she heard a story about 8ft Mexicans with small Pox who were smuggling duct taped women over the border to exchange for $10,000 that George Soros’ promised them… No really… This is where we’re at, people so caught up in a lie it’s beyond fiction.

I wouldn’t like to say that these are in anyway the same, but the desired effect/result, and reoccurring issue to arise from this plethora of buffoonery is indeed one and the same for many of us all regardless.

I dare say that there are many variations, many probable causes and reasons for their involvement online, but irrespective, their complete and abject stupidity, deliberate and misinformed ignorance and unwavering insolence is usually accompanied by an underlying childish and immature hatefilled arrogance that defies belief, and does leave us at a loss for words more often than not.

Obviously there is always the (block/delete) option if they become more than just an online scourge to which our tolerance can handle no more, but we shouldn’t have to resort to this as a default action because some asshat can’t handle an alternative opinion to their own, and unless experience has taught us so much already.

To quote that baboon in the White House, “there are good and bad people on both sides, and in this case, there are”. #truly

I myself really try to tolerate people for as long as possible, partly because I do like the mental stimulation you get watching a halfwit dig themselves so deep into an online hole, that you can audibly hear others online rolling their eyes.  Sadly these morons make up for their lack of intelligence with more than enough tenacity and stupidity to wear you down and as it has been duly noted :


Occasionally every now and again you have the misfortune of dealing with an absolute f*ckmuppet who doesn’t even offer the equivalent of an intellectual snack, let alone a few crumbs, and so here began my week.

A diet largely consisting of an over enthusiastic arsehole, followed by a side order or malicious pettyness that you honestly wouldn’t expect to see in children, let alone a so called grown man.

Now this kind of pathetic behaviour sadly is all too familiar online as some of these idiots de-evolve into lesser primates, too unfit and too stupid to climb back up the tree of wisdom from which they once wish they’d fallen.

Meanwhile, I had one such encounter the other day and having had enough of abusive social diseases like this particular one, had to highlight this in all it’s glory and to use it as a social awakening for myself and others subject to such abysmal behaviour.

Return of the numpty :

The reason why I take such an aggressive stance on (pardon my french) – hostile c*nts like these is because if you haven’t read any of the blog already, I ended up fighting corruption in Greece and had to endure death threats, being attacked, abuse few could even imagine, and had to spend nearly 10 years fighting a foreign legal system hell bent on destroying me, all whilst fighting their torrent of abuse and misery as we exposed them and brought Justice to bear.

(It’s all covered within the blog), and equally in many ways largely irrelevant bar for the fact that I’m so sick of degenerate scumbags like the ones now featured, who all act like they’re something special because they hide behind a keyboard and know f*ck all about ANYTHING.

After all that I’ve been through, this sh*t is like an appetizer that just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

So, allow me to set the scene…

A thread starts by redneck hill billy number 1… Now this guy I kid you not is a redneck hill billy. I’m genuinely not being disrespectful to hill billy’s here either.  I loves me some Catfish Cooley and know a lot of Americans are damned good people, but we have this #maga touting Justin hater, convinced the Planet is 6000 years old and that global warming is a conjob because the good lord – Donald ‘son of God’ Trump says so.

I kid you not.  Now seriously, if you doubt Global warming is a ‘thing’, then you’re a f*cking turnip, plain and simple.  And it’s not up for debate either.

The science is done and without further ado, go f*ck yourself.  Seriously.  :

F*ck off.

You offer me, science, the Planet and society absolutely nothing, and in all fairness, when the sea’s rise and food becomes sparse, I’ll carve your skull open with a blunt spoon to make sure I don’t starve because of your fetid ignorance.  Not because your brains will feed me, but just so I make sure that peanut isn’t ever an issue or threat to me or civilisation in any other way.

I digress… SO, ah yes. Hill Billy number 1.

Now to be fair, apart from his absurd reasoning when it comes to religion, science, the world we live in, rational arguments, current affairs and his genuinely sad immaturity when it comes to him name calling me (#simple simon) – never had that before…seriously, we’re dealing with children…otherwise I actually do enjoy the intellectual stimulation he provides to everyone whilst we tear his stupidity apart, word by word, day after day…

It’s quite the spectacle these days and to his credit, at least he’s committed…Or should be!

He’s not malicious, and so at times, (briefly), I almost feel quite sorry for him, till he rears up an hour later, and starts all over again albeit with another absurd or stupid theme.

So, me a few others and this guy have quite a history online, he rears up and tries to sell his bullshit arguments, his fascist ideals or his hateful religious rhetoric and we rise up and give him the intellectual smackdown as appropriate, it’s become comical, but in good spirits considering…

It’s become a kind of daily mental exercise. So, for all intents and purposes, we’ll call him Anthony… 😉

Oh Ma Gerd :

Anthony now, having spent weeks battling to convince me that a  Zombie Jesus was normal because he wasn’t human, and that Noah didn’t have to round up all the animals two by two to get them in the Ark, informs me that the animals just turned up of their own volition…!? I kid you not…

Some magic WIFI and google maps combo I guess?

You can’t make this sh*t up, but yes, this happenes, and too often! As it happens, unless you similarly believe that some dude sat in a cloud made it so, this is all completely rational and as he later said to me : “I need to get a grasp of reality”!

I thought I was going to laugh a lung up.  Seriously!

The day begins, he now posts a link to a story demeaning teachers, parents and kids who’ve had two snow days due to the bad weather here and proceeds with his usual tripe hoping to divide and cause anger among’st people for no reason…  You know the type I’m sure, so desperate for attention it’s painful to watch, or a Russian troll too stupid to see how we’re not that intellectually challenged to sit idly by.

As expected, I naturally leap’t on his comment like it was a live grenade, just to make light of his ‘lack of education’ being an issue, very MUCH made obvious by his lack of knowledge on pretty much everything that he mentioned and covered – as did everyone else, as usual, the main focus on the schools I knew had nothing to do with the teachers either.  It’s a governing body issue.

So then we have angry Hill Billy number 2, we’ll call him Nick Keating for all intents and purposes and the reason why his names not been changed will become quite obvious in a second.

There’s a few more who will get the treatment too, especially those who think bullying and threatening people, abusing them and attacking them as they have me and my animals is ok, and I’ll get to those cretinous bastards in due time.

Spotting little penis syndrome :

He posts the following, skirts everyone else’s comments and attacks me directly as depicted below, having had no prior knowledge of this f*ckwit ever before :


Now I hadn’t even mentioned anything about ‘staying in bed’ or to ‘dont risk it’ or anything else whereby he felt it appropriate to start an online dickfest for no reason…

To be honest I was enjoying my little jibe with Anthony, it was the early morning starter that usually sets everyone up for the day ahead…

Incidentally, I was part raised in Montreal for years and went to school in snow 5ft deep and in drifts where we clung to the bus bumper and boot slid our way to school through the winter months, so I don’t give a rats ass about snow, or snow days, times change, so whatever!?  Some love it, some don’t.  It’s all relative…

But I certainly didn’t say it was one or the other, my only insight having known many embattled teachers was that I know that they only have the kids well being at heart either way. #FACT

Anyway, I tolerated this imbeciles pathetic insults maybe half a dozen or more post later before realising that this hateful little turd was just looking to spout his little man anger at me and everyone else all day without any logic, and somehow then tried to twist the fact that I was some kind of Trump supporter…!

Yeah, I know…Me…MAGA…I nearly fell off the chair. If you don’t know me, I don’t hate Trump because of his Politics, I hate the orange faced lowlife because he’s a blight on mankind and gives decency a hernia by still existing.  He’s a vile and appalling pig and were it not for the promise of Justice and Karma, and knowing that the lies and misery he inflicts on us all, will soon be over, I might be a little more outspoken than I already am, so there’s being a c*nt and there’s a Nick Keating level of being a c*nt…

I don’t mind angry logic and people getting het up over their own beliefs, but just swearing and abuse, screw that.

I’m not new to the internet and as my blogs may insinuate, I don’t shy away from a good honest debate or argument, it takes a special kind of c*nt to make me block them, and so after abusive comment after abusive comment, I reached my limit, still being as comically civil as I could be.

Half an hour later I recieve a random message by someone else I’ve never met with a fyi message and a screen grab of this :


So, I’m flattered to be thought of so highly…I mean, what are we talking, maybe 12 years old at best here!?

Yes, I’ll be honest, my desire to just exchange abuse with a complete wanker all day was pretty low. As it always is…

My first thought was thanks, I’d forgotten who I am, good to know what and who I am…and then I saw what he’d written…

So school began again…

Meanwhile the guy who’d messaged me to tip me off said that the prick had turned on him when he just queried his bullshit about me hating Trump, he then proceeded to call him a f*cking loser and apparently they got stuck into it for 56 comments worth too… LOL

At what point did people become so pathetic that they leave school, interact with people socially whilst pretending to be adults before pulling up a fresh nappy and throwing their toys out the pram like petulant children…!?

Now I’m just guessing – but I reckon this douchebag’s not got much of a life going on…  I could be wrong, but if you see the rest of his dirge online, how he attacks and abuses everyone without even addressing their issues, it’s clearly a failing of EPIC proportion on education!

And this ‘eventually’ leads me onto my main, and long lost point!

The point : (like really…)

Forget the post, maga, Trump, Religion, and or anything we may or may not believe in, what happened to respect and virtue, humility and compassion acting like adults, people civilised human beings etc…!?

I appreciate that half these vacuous turds are online for propaganda, online sleeper agents, fake profiles, all with dubious intent and always looking to cause unrest and capitalise on people’s misery and turmoil, some are no doubt bots, used to fill up adds and likes to legitimise another bullshit post and article, and some are just plain and simple the lowest form of society, graciously dumped on us all without any concept of morality, decency or respect, and all content knowing that they aren’t within arms reach of what their parents should have given them when they were born nothing more than a mardy little twat.

Half sadly do fall into the same category, ill-informed redneck, maga hat wearing, conspiracy theory chasing deep state hypocrites, all bent on pushing their corrupt beliefs on everyone else whilst not even adhering to their own pious and self righteous bullshit, all with nothing to say, nothing to support their beliefs, and nothing to enforce their lies other than “God said it’s all good” bullsh*t.

So I think it’s fair to say n behalf of everyone else, who’s all sick of your horsesh*t, grow the f*ck up!

As a so called advanced and intellectual society, we’re ALL sick of tolerating your delusional nonsense. Like really, if you we’re a child it wouldn’t even be acceptable because kids f*cking learn, or at least have that hope!?

As a species, we take two steps forward and three back to drag your sorry uneducated ignorant halfwit lumps of burger eating flesh up to speed, only for you to deny logic, science and rational thought at every turn…why, because of your science denying, flat earth, deep state, lock Hilary up bollocks!?


We got a life to live, a planet to look after and a God to worry about IF and WHEN he ever f*cking turns up! Till then :


Firstly, if you can’t adhere to the laws that mankind as a WHOLE obeys, just get the f*ck outta here.  Just don’t try and pretend you can fit in and be civil when you can’t even live as human beings…

If you deny science and don’t believe in global warming, then deny yourself some more and refuse to partake in the Oxygen your body needs to survive, and do us all a favour, I’m looking forward to seeing how you God deals with that.

Secondly, if you need a book to tell you not to do or don’t do anything, make sure it contains some relative information, like an Encyclopedia, or a dictionary, or both, not Kanye West’s greatest thoughts…or Mary f*cking Poppins, but even that would be better than a book about a talking snake and a book that NEVER taught that is was OK to lie, like you all do, like a man you seem to support does, and who flaunts morality and common decency like it’s an illness.

You’re the illness, a blight on mankind and one I pray the rapture rids us of you soon enough before you pollute, corrupt and destroy any more than you already f*cking have!

And thirdly, if you can’t attack someones argument before you attack them as a person, and act like a loser online, don’t act all surprised when forevermore people see you as a feckin loser…

Like d’uh…

The Gospel according to decency.

FYI : Believing in religion is akin to spirituality, do so, it’s a wonderful thing, but it’s a personal thing.

Just don’t turn up with your delusional ‘holier than though bullsh*t’, pushing insane nonsense that NO one can back up, and expect it to be accepted without fits of laughter when you try and tell us you believe in things so inhumanely absurd and self serving, or racist and malicious, without being seen as a delusional and cruel lunatic.

Your God may well have told you whatever the f*ck he did in your book, mine if I had one, would tell ME to tell YOU to go f*ck yourself without prejudice and would tell me so equally if I allowed myself to be so brainwashed that I didn’t question the very fabric of a story so far fetched it bears no resemblance to the world and universe we actually DO know and inhabit…

Now we don’t all have to agree, diversity is a wonderful thing, but debate and disagreement don’t have to always end up in butthurt cry fests.

There’s many people I’ve fallen out with, disagreed with and yet had a laugh with over something else, happens most days in some way or shape and always will.

Hockey, love the sport, your team might beat mine, (I doubt it), but they might 😛 but I can still sit and have a beer and talk bollocks all night without sulking over it…

Live and let live, and if having a ‘God’ makes you happy and able to live like a human, we’ll all embrace your beliefs, just as I without a book am happy to equally live mine, but I don’t need to sell you or convert you to the world we live in, it’s real and surrounds us all, TODAY, and TOMORROW, and forever till we break the Planet we live on, but don’t live everyday thinking God will clean up after you like he’s your bitch, because ain’t no one dealing with that sh*t.

You just can’t pick and choose which bullsh*t is relevant when it suits, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

To coin a phrase :

“Please, ma cherie, I told you, we are all victims of causality. I drank too much wine, I must take a piss. Cause and effect…” – The Matrix.

Now convince me there’s a Monica Bellucci awaiting me in Heaven, and I’ll be in church repenting like a bastard every Sunday…

Peace out…

Here concludes my rant.


Putin unveils the new Russian federation flag in honour of Trumps commitment to the Motherland.


Helsinki, Finland 2018.

Trump’s blatant collusion wakes America!

Wow, quite the day, and a great header regardless. But made even funnier when it’s true, and yes, you really can’t make this sh*t up!

Not often you get to see a leader of a sovereign Nation surrender his own to an adversary without a single shot being fired.

I bet Hitler’s rolling in his grave…

With Thatcher, obviously… Like some kind of freaky Despot kebab. – You’re welcome.

All of a sudden Americans suddenly seem surprised, 542 days late, admittedly, but thanks for turning up anyway, and that’s not including the pre-election clusterfuck that anyone with half a brain saw coming even way back then, all the way from Moscow, by donkey, riding on the back of a turtle, Terry Pratchett stylee.

You can steadily hear a few more Democrats shouting for Republicans to stand up and call him out but surely even they must realise that if Putin had the foresight to hack the servers and get dirt on Trump and his immediate gang, then he’s clearly got dirt on the rest of the bottom of the barrel too.

It’s hard not to, just look at the cast, it’s like a who’s who of the Top 100 reprobates to ever have walked the Planet, and are you surprised they never stand out against him…the guy’s linked to the mob, he’s now had Putins buddies for several years backing him up online and working people over with poison etc, so go on, please do name me a brave American Government official in Trumps party who’s not had their spine surgically removed anyway, not to mention one who’d stand out against them knowing how he deals with people in the UK…

Just look at Trey Gowdy, when you have to sink that low you normally go blind and develop gills.

And shall we maybe assume that maybe a few aren’t like ‘Randy’ Roy Moore or ‘Deceitful’ Donald Trump either, lol, I know, ludicrous to even consider, but please do… so then maybe Mueller needs to open up a few more investigations too… #justSayin.  Money talks just as readily as it stops people talking.

That all changes when you threaten to take it away though, hey Cohen…!

Yeah Trump, we can all make stupid nicknames up, FYI… it’s not because you’re a ‘Stable Genuis’.

In all my time you’d never expect ANY Americans to shut up about anything when it came to Treason or surrendering a Nation to anyone, let alone Russia, all that kissing the flag bullsh*t and now you give it away.

As a nation you weren’t guilty of it being blackmailed away from you, individually you all just watched, but someone was, and willingly gave it away, and you all know who deep down…

Open Treason!?

If you watched the news today, and here below if you didn’t : *short version.

If you haven’t seen the meeting, then please check out the small video above, you can see the exact moment Donald Trump hands the USA over to Putin, they show it in slow motion so don’t worry, you won’t miss it…

I seriously suspect when the door shut and they were in private, Trump gave Putin a big Key to America like the Mayor’s of cities do and we’ll see a big cheque being handed over as we see a new Trump tower go up in every city in Russia.

What happened behind closed doors :

If you don’t know what happened in Helsinki, then listen up…

The doors shut, all fell silent and as Putin looked Dumbo straight between the eyes, he pulled out his phone, and said this as he played him a high definition video of a Russian hotel visit :

“So, listen up f*cknuts. If you still don’t believe we made you President and own your bloated ugly orange piss covered hide, then know it now.  Firstly we’re going to sit here in silence while you watch this and I see how the Mueller investigation is going, and when the Doors open you’re going to respond to the usual bullsh*t out there in the manner you do so well, send my love to Melania and we’ll speak again soon.

Now stop fidgeting and get ready.” – says a cheeky Anglo/Russian accent.

So, if you’re American, keep telling yourself your lies and preaching to your God while you bring upon your own individual rapture.

God bless America suddenly seems a long time ago now doesn’t it.

I suppose it was the same for Rome when that collapsed too. A nation watching on as it fell at their feet, those in power with gold lining their pockets, now realising that the money they lied and stole to get  is all worthless when no one accepts your currency or lies, and there’s nothing left.


Putin unveils the latest Russian flag, complete with the new 51 states of America…

It equates to America’s recent discussions about North Korea and ‘winning a Nuclear war’… The clues in the title, no one f*cking wins a Nuclear war you morons.  Like D’Uh!

I’m no expert and I dare say with a fair amount of certainty, that no one EVER will be, I’ll wager all I own on the losers being comparable to the winners by the time it’s over. #fact

But these are no ordinary times, this is Trump’s America and the world he is laying waste to as we all watch on.

As a species, we surely don’t deserve to live beyond this point if we allow what Donald Trump and his spineless party of sycophants now have come to be.

You only have to look at Greece and what their Political circus has became, the UK with whatever the f*ck Brexit is supposed to be doing, then there’s Italy and beyond to see it happening all over the world as even more become disillusioned with life, so much so that they are prepared to ultimately forego their own. and the lives of everyone else because of their own misery, spite, hatred or disillusionment…or stupidity, of which if this, they can’t even be educated to a wiser state.  Apparently it’s frowned upon to shoot them and against some sort of Law also.  Ho Hum.

If so, I’ll press the button myself.

On a more personal note, I literally died on the operating theatre a couple of months back.  When I woke everything had changed, I was a wreck, in pieces and emotionally wrecked having known how this was indeed my ‘second chance’ – if not more, and whilst waking at 5:30 am and being fortunate enough to see what was my first ‘new’ sunrise, was to read the news and see how close we were to the threat of Nuclear war with another crackhead loser, backed through either fear, subjugation, dedication or good old fashioned ill gotten gain or survival, all because of some mentally unstable f*ckhead who’s got a peanut for a cock and the brains to match it, someone who wishes they were maybe almost, half as charismatic as fungus and who has the etiquette and social grace of a chimpanzee on LSD, is allowed by so many to behave like this and cause so much collateral damage to everything he comes into contact with.

So I woke, words couldn’t describe that moment anyway, but to feel so beautifully overjoyed for being ABLE to enjoy another day, another sunrise and to live another moment on this beautiful Planet broke my heart, thinking how for the first time in my life, truly, I wanted to live.

And live like I’ve never lived before.

So if you’re fucking FBI (who I deeply respect, hurry up and lock him up and we’ll have no problems…throw his ass in jail), so, yeah, if you want to come and talk to me about my negative connotations of Donald Trump, then understand completely when I say this :

He threatened me, and everyone I know and those I don’t know with Armageddon, so tell him to kiss my peachy fucking arse, and if HE and YOU don’t like it, you can quite frankly go f*ck yourselves.

So, this whole collusion thing… Why do people assume that Trump knows anything about the chaos that unfolded behind his back while he ran for President…!? And this is the masterstroke! There is no collusion.

Trump didn’t need to know, Trump’s too stupid to know, and he’s so fricking moronic, that had he have actually known, then he’d have either accidentally told everyone by now without even realising, or boasted about it because he’s always considered himself better than everyone anyway and above the Law now he’s Dictator for Life.

Collusion, who needs collusion when all you have to do is give the average American something to think about and watch them tear themselves apart…

All you need to do is to light the fuse and stand back, and that’s all that Putin did.

Not that there’s seems to be an average American left these days either. There’s those with the common sense enough to know that their Nation is slowly being destroyed from the inside, and then there’s those who stand in their Chinese made MAGA hats chanting “Space Force”, all while their economy collapses around them, their Industries become victims to a needless trade war, started by a man who has as much Economic understanding as the Cheese burger he snuggles up to at night, and as the idiot they voted in does his utmost to dismember everything that currently works in the US, (and I use the word ‘works’ in a manner which implies that at least for now, you actually have something), they then applaud his Treachery without even understanding all of the above, and what’s to follow below as well…

I’ve tried my best to defend Americans throughout this abomination of a Presidency, but I can’t no more. You’re all complicit in this man being your President.

Those who didn’t vote deserve to lose everything you ever had just as much as those who did vote him in do, and as for the rest, well you’re all guilty of aiding and abetting and for doing nothing for the duration of his presidency thus far.

Turning up for a facebook rally and hanging about any number of the cities, parks and venues you as did, all happy taking your smug selfies and thinking that rallies are really what change democracies, well, quite frankly you’re as brain damaged as you are deluded.

You resist by DOING things. It’s how SH*T gets done… Millenials and the current generation of couch surfing do-gooders all seem to think that a good picture with some chick who’s nearly got her tits out will change the world. It won’t, some virgin nerd cooped up in his bedroom playing Fornight might get his rocks off, but tomorrow and the day after, *spoiler alert – IT’S ALL THE F*CKING SAME!

Parliament, voting, petitions and Court, extreme cases may require a darkened room and a few slaps in the face, and without condoning it, maybe a good high powered rifle a scope.

The press are guilty too and more than most.  For years the standard and quality of Journalism has fallen to lows never seen before and sure it’s because people don’t buy the papers like they use to. Digital media took over while you sat on your asses overcharging us for a Newspaper which even back then, at best was one or two agenda’s being pumped down our throats, and because of this, it allowed the likes of scum like Alex Jones and Fox N*ws, (apologies, I can’t even bring myself to put the term, Fox and News together, it makes me want to vomit) to stick their lying hypocritical racist views on backwater channels and ruin people the world over. But why is even this allowed!?

America sold it’s soul to Cable TV and that in turn sold it to the devil.

Well, the bad news is this, you still owe him, the good news :

Putin just paid him off for y’all.

But the news is pointless it seems, everyones more interested in showing their tits off and pretending to like other talentless numbskulls to appease their own fake like-ability status, or it’s Russian bots apparently!?

Depending upon your view, sex and Nationality, this may be not so bad.

These days we all have to become our own reliable source of information if we’re to invest in a story or news article online, facebook and twitter as by far the worst contenders lately as they freely allowed the message to flow for anyone without checking the content of the message or the intent behind the source, combine this with the leaks and software development abuses made my many of the data mining and hacker bot systems etc and it’s easy to see how this circus affects us all.

There’s just no excuse for it. Sure you can blame the Russians, Obama, the pixies and anything and everything you wish, but you ALL sat back and watched his circus come to town long before he was elected in.

Swayed by money, hype bullshit and ego, the American dream gone sour, he lied becoming Donald Trump the businessman and Tycoon that most people f*cking loathed anyway, and then despite decades of watching him being a c*nt, you then decide to let the spastic run for Office!

WT actual F…!? I mean, really, you want pity, screw you. He’s destroying the Planet by his actions on a Global level almost daily and threatened North Korea with Nuclear annihilation, tore up numerous agreements which safeguarded our immediate demise and has been on a warpath with everyone except the people who have slighted you as a Nation and abused their place in the world order for so long anyway, so F*CK YOU.

And if the FBI want to come and have a word about me joking about him being shot in the face or beheading him with a spoon, as may have been mentioned the odd time, well please do because I wasn’t kidding either.

If you love you truly love America, you’d shoot him in the face yourselves, and more than once just to make sure.

It’s astonishing that with over 17 million guns and the one of the highest murder rates on the Planet, you’re telling me you can’t or haven’t been able to find a f*cktard to do the job when it’s needed the most. And what’s the constitution actually about if not being able to arm yourselves and protect yourselves from exactly this kind of scenario… HELLO! Have you not heard of the word COUP!!!

Where’s our JFK moment when we need it…?

Trump didn’t need to know anymore or less about being voted in because he assumed he would win anyway, his ego trip over-rules any hint of irony or complicity when it comes to the last nearly two years of chaos, and Putin knew this.

Once it was clear that there was a trail back to Moscow for the election results, he knew America would fall apart, the divide between the few sane Americans and the over-ripe hillbilly Trump supporters was all he needed to know that regardless of the outcome, America would soon fall.

But in getting Trump to win, it ensured that an unhinged retard with no common sense, values, decency or experience would now in control of the train wreck that we now witness everyday, and be tantamount to throwing a grenade into a sewer.

His views were well known and his arrogance and stupidity would do the rest, it didn’t need direction, it was akin to letting him sit on that truck and pretend to drive like he did back in March 2017.


Train wreck America, all aboard…

Once you get something like that over someone like Trump you neither have to incriminate or exonerate them when you can just sit back and feed the anarchy, chaos has already begun, no one trusts each other, and combined with an angry three year old with no manners, and someone who clearly hasn’t a clue anyway, one who’s self loathing of repeated self inflicted failure to which he knows deep down, it’s all he is…drives his willingness to now have to appease a man who’s slowly unzipping his trousers as he motions him to his knees…

– “and Donald, this time I’ll tell you when to stop…”

No ones saying Hilary was the answer, the cure, Trump shook it up, but we all want more than what’s happening, and if not, then let the rest of us live, because we want to.

This is a long dark deep path America is treading now, at some point you have to accept that sadly it’s not the end, but it needs to be an end to the lies, the deceit to you as people, you deserve that, everyone does.

He’s so far out his depth just setting up mentally capable staff and his own personnel in key institutions, at least in the ones he’s not destroying, and then there’s the trade war that’s going to make everyone and everything become a rare commodity, industries that fail now won’t recover, technology is desposing of people in Industries half the world take for granted anyway, and we have no solutions for that now, allowing them to fail, markets to now shift, and who farms that when all your beans are pilling up?

Once China finds another source for what it buys off you guys now, you will NEVER have their business again after this… I promise you that America.

You think Trumps going to subsidise and bankroll EVERY export that will soon be stockpile and rusting, rotting or failing to be…

Blame Obama, blame Putin, blame Mueller and the FBI, the press or the Gods, it doesn’t matter when every day sleep walk into another day nearing the End of all we know.

Today we all witnessed it first hand. No fake news, no enemy of the people making sh*t up.

Reality. Welcome to my hell and thank you for staying and making it to the end.

We all need to enjoy life, and remember that living is ALL about that, and if it isn’t, we should make it that.That all changes when you threaten to take it away though, hey Cohen…!

Legitimate urban survival in Greece.

Everyone’s looking to survive the crisis here in Greece and it’s only fair I enlighten you all to a new alternative way of ‘beating’ those economy blues, literally.

Having spent somewhat of an already distressed experience here in Greece struggling due to one thing or another, it dawned on me that due to a prehistoric legal system and laws which are enforced to protect the rich, and yes, (I use ‘enforced’ in the loosest sense of the word), that there is a way for the average citizen to earn money, legitimately and in light of the current situation here, it’s in abundance too.

‘Beating off’ the Blues…

I found out recently through misfortune obviously. There’s seldom the opportunity for the word ‘fortune’ here at present and unless you believe in Unicorns and your parents work for the State, you’ve got as much chance of finding it as you do Alexander’s Tomb.

Meanwhile, it costs the average citizen 100 to have the Police actually act upon a crime against an individual. So, to my way of thinking we have several options now available to us to help us survive the crisis.

Option 1

Firstly, it goes without saying, mugging the poor.

Let’s face it, it’ll be open season here thanks to previous Governments.

Obviously a special thanks needs to go out to Varoufakis and the clusterf*ck which was Syriza’s opening gambit in Europe, and luckily for us now more than half the population probably qualify including myself, so game on.

Anyone technically who has less than €199.99 is now fair game and qualifies immediately and we don’t discriminate either.

Poor, elderly, immigrants, refugee’s, and the homeless. That’s right, you’re all eligible and unlike most bureaucratic experiences here, we’ll cater to all.

Lets say you only take the €100, there’s still f*ck all they can do about it anyway. It’s genius.

Obviously you’d take the lot just in case they found a cent or two on the way to the station, (unlikely I know, even if the streets were paved with gold, that would have been ripped up and hurled at the Police during the last riots), and then there’s the station experience in itself.

Trust me, you have to be committed to the cause if you want to endure that nightmare, and I’m guessing that for most people, a few hundred Euro’s isn’t going to do it either.

If they have less than a hundred Euro’s, consider it travelling expenses, it all goes in the kitty. It’s like spamming, the more you target, the better the profit.

Technically you could argue that you’re in fact helping lower the crime rate too.

The majority of these kind of crimes clearly go unnoticed for this reason anyway, plus a possible beating and a good mugging not getting reported has to be classed as almost ‘prevention’ by definition. Preventing the crime being reported surely has to count for something…

Suffering a crime and expecting the law to do it’s job… LOL, it just showed how naive my grasp of Greek ‘law was and I’ve been here long enough to have known better. You’d have thought!

Option 2

My favourite option would be this one as it somewhat equals out the current divide between the rich and the poor, and again would not only also help lower the crime rate, but also distribute much needed wealth around the nation as a result.

Robbing the Rich.

Now the core strategy in this case for it to succeed is being thorough. You can’t half-measure you’re way into Papandreou’s house and leave him with a p*ss pot to p*ss in, you have to take the p*ss pot and everything else with it. And I DO mean everything.

Make him sign over the deeds to the property, have a few friends help empty it and ensure that everything from clothes to cleaning products are all gone too.

Ensuring the sum of his value when you leave him out on the street doesn’t exceed €100, you’re in business. What’s he gonna do!?

To help maximise on this opportunity I’m thinking of setting up a legitimate ‘Financial Distribution’ network based in Athens. Hell I reckon you could even turn it into an NGO while you’re at it and get the Government to help fund you so you could then rob them afterwards!

It’s not just genius, it’s legal too!

First we gather up all the hard working people here who have unwillingly helped these cretins stay in power or position as they fleeced us all for years, and then we go house to house en masse.

Tazer, pepper spray and a few metres of rope should do it as far as expenses go for each crew, hire a lorry or two and pick up a couple of  Souvlaki’s on the way home and before you know it, the nations thriving, the Economy’s booming and I’m sat in Tsipras armchair reading Varoufakis’ house deeds as I explain on Papandreou’s mobile to Merkel how we transformed the Nation into the Country it deserves to be.

Then, the fact that people deserving of the money taken have it ensures that they no doubt go out and buy things they’ve been denied for so long, thus reinvigorating the Economy further at the same time.

They don’t call me the ‘Saviour of the Nation’ for nothing you know! Well, actually, they haven’t called it me at all, yet.

‘Enemy of the state’, probably, ‘Interfering foreigner’, I’m guessing, ‘Malaka’, well to be honest, I’d be very disappointed if they haven’t, but still, I have hope yet.

Not to be called Malaka, obviously… I just need to step out my house to assume it’s going out live somewhere, but to hope that in fact the Justice this Nation once had returns to it for it to ‘Protect and Serve’ the public it presently fails to do.

Other ‘great’ ideas to help rejuvenate the Country can be found here :

Insomnia – I can’t get no sheep.

It’s been a very long hard week. 8 years of misery and none the wiser. One more week of complication, doubt and endless worry for no reason too only to find out the illusion never ends.

The shock of what happened when I first came to Greece still cuts deep, it affected my health, my sanity and my trust in not just people but the state, the ‘system’ and the people who so readily abuse it.

The corruption and the ongoing fight to expose the criminal scum who for over a decade profited at the expense of those they pretended to help never seemed to end, their lies, threats and parasitic behaviour in trying to falsify a truth from their lies ate away at me and those who stood up to them and the fact that we achieved our goal, stood proud and did the right thing still weighs heavy.

This week is the ‘anniversary’ of me being here 8 years, when once full of hope and inspiration, I now sit worn, tired and sick of the low life parasites who feel it their right to abuse those who attempt to do the right thing.

My desire to have some inner peace at some point in my life prevented me from exacting my own revenge, something that on a day may run tired of restraint.

For years I fantasized about the many ways to dispose of such parasites and whilst being highly creative, fantasized about many of my own. These dreams still linger like happy thoughts, caressed into sight by the foolish thought that I’d be free for once of the misery I held back to allow them to still breathe.

Sometimes you spend so much time burying your demons so deep I can only assume I’m on the flipside of hell, looking up at them, trapped and destined to forever torment them, as they now torment me.

Raped by the damned and left to live out the night knowing that the day will never end.

You try to do the right thing and can’t always, you try to do what people hope you to be able to do but they don’t let you, and so you hope to do what you can when you’re denied the ability to do anything and it’s still never enough.

Sleep sometimes is the only place I am free of them. Death being the only other choice available, one I longed for these years.

A darkness so tainted would never leave, beckoning me forth into its midst, wishing me clear of mind and soul.

I resisted, time and time again only to question the purpose, family, friends and my dear cats keeping me strong, often blind to the hatred and pain tearing me apart inside.

Those who helped tried where many knew not as the spectacle played itself out, week after week, year after year.

The charade ran on, the circus grew large and the effort to keep focused ravaged me and those close.

Somewhere within burnt a fire forged from those who raised me to be better than those I fought, the crippling cost eased by the slow satisfaction of the truth being set free and yet no solace ever came, no peace helped shed the weight nor did the shackles fall away.

Then came the hurt, the loss to all I knew, what I had and what I hoped for and the pieces of my spirit ripped apart long to heal.

When that is taken from you, life eats away at you, slowly like the seconds on the clock, echoing out in the night as you lie awaiting the dawn.

If you could just rest, be at peace and relax, to in some way hide away the turmoil, the worries and the pain would be some consolation but it never comes.

To have them torture your mind, hour after hour is beyond cruel. Day after day, week after week and so forth pushes you to places feared.

There is no medication to give you back what is lost, there are no words, no feelings to replace or to reaffirm yourself to who you once were and only now when you see beyond where you started, the end flicker into view.

Our mind is capable of much greatness until we lose control of what we thought we knew.

Life evolves, people come and go and so we dance the dance again.

Faith once flowed freely as did a joy I know I had. Unrecognisable now for the scar I have in it’s place but healing slowly with each day, with each moment I try to enjoy a little more, knowing how quickly it may fade.

Enjoy the comfort of the bed while you can, as it either wraps it’s heavenly arms around you or suffocates you as you wrestle with your mind, flitting restlessly from thought to thought.

Inspiration gives us fight, a cause to the effect, as do the people we seek to unite with on the path we chose to walk.

Some days the path is lonely, not a footprint to be seen, other days may come a figure, one we hope share our route.

To each one we chose to hold dear, we leave a piece of ourselves.

Some treasure what we give, others break without due thought.

Where one sweet dream may end, a nightmare may begin…

We all tackle our pain in ways we may not understand, hoping that in whatever way it comes, it comes. Anything as long as it comes.


Two years ago the tunnel finally showed its light, a distant glow drawing near and such despite the rope hanging round my neck, slowly but surely I managed to step free.

Focus shifted and the pain slowly ebbed, just the thoughts still catching me unaware, less and less, but still aware.

Creativity if you have it is like a beacon in the gloom, lighting all before.

You can never control this, never predict when it comes and how long it will last, what triggers it or anything else to drive you from your shadows, but when it comes embrace it, long for it and feel in throughout for it may not come again.

I awoke a while back, but now I can see once more.


2008 – 2016 : Fighting to expose *ACTUP in Greece.

Nearly 20 years of state sponsored abuse, malpractice, theft, bullying and treating people like filth to exploit the HIV/Aids sector and illegally pretend to be Doctors and then persecuting myself and those who stood up to their fucking diabolical tyranny.

*You only still draw breath for I was too weak to do what I should have.

NO, can we just have NO to f*cking about instead!

Don’t want to overcomplicate the day, but yesterday, there was a Government who failed in overturning or changing the situation in Europe as promised in it’s election campaign, who brought about a last ditched Referendum, something it discredited the previous Government for, who now having used misinformation in this ‘NO‘ campaign it set into motion to which (had it not have walked out on in the first place), could have been already moving things forward, something it hasn’t been able to do once ,yet in it’s Governing of Greece, plus when previously it also lied about the terms being offered, now promises the people of Greece that in 48 hours they will have resolved the EU/Bailout issue, something which they couldn’t do previously on better terms in (6-7 months), and now after walking out and calling this desperate Referendum to which the people now wait for the follow up, not to mention as the crisis here still deepens, with everyday, as it was exactly the same, as Yesterday.

Referendum, Greece, Votes, Results, verdict, EU

Never before has such little factual information been given to so many in such a short period of time.

Now the Government in question, either return to the table and try and negotiate a deal, which they couldn’t manage a day previously, under a campaign of failure with the same mindset, or pull out of Europe with absolutely no back up plan for when the Banks shut down, the Hospitals and the emergency services collapse and as suggested probably an Import ban and European confidence makes trade for the rest of the world even more difficult, all this as the stores are empty because they frittered away the last 6-7 months of reserves playing games, Thankfully to get right back where they are now, today, either ‘IN‘ or ‘OUT‘ of Europe.

So, at what point are we celebrating for when the same lies, as told by the Governments of old, which are the catalyst for Greece now being in this never ending spiral of debt, are we celebrating with nothing achieved so far?

Tsipras, celebrating, woohoo, referndum, result, victory, democracy, NO vote, Οχι

Well done, back at square one, with less money, less negotiating power, less time to waste and f*ck all closer to the goals you set in the first place, congratulations, now have a lolipop and get a f*cking GROOVE ON.

The banks have suggested that there will be no more money for propping this up, while the debate ensues, meanwhile assets will then will be raped from the people when federal reserves run dry, in approx 2 weeks according to the finance Minister, when Banks just take whatever is left in them, remember (Iceland etc), and at this point and despite all the goodwill and idealism of a ‘NO’ vote and all the principles it stands for, I have yet to see 1, (yes 1) response from the Government on how it plans to keep a Country thus crippled from complete anarchy when everyone realises there are no more cookies left in the pot. No more Bailouts and no ones accepting the treasuries Monopoly money tokens.

Euros, Money, cash, burning, economy, fail, crisis

If you can afford to do this, you’re not even affected by the f*cking crisis here so sh*t up. I don’t know anyone who can willingly burn money, the people who are suffering sure as sh*t can’t.

I hate to say it, but really, it’s just a case of ‘same sh*t, different day’.

This tragically, is the reality.

Groundhog Day – Day 1

Dear Syriza, please allow me the opportunity to indulge in some constructive criticism. . .

Please allow me a minute or two of your time. If you will.

I’m by no means a Politician, nor a particularly renowned Economist, nor an Expert in anything hugely relevant other than maybe a few subtle aspects of life which on the shop floor of society, I feel may have passed you by in your Political pursuits.

I am just another wannabe survivor in the wasteland which is sadly, and rapidly becoming Greece.

I have lived here for over six years now and had privy to much more than the average person in my escapades, this unfortunately due to my active role in refusing to help steal from your Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Greece when I mistakenly thought a long standing NGO here in Athens was something more than a front for State Sponsored Corruption within the Medical sector.

My observations through the Courts however may be of great help, and my willingness and ruthlessness in helping to hang the bastards responsible for much of the peoples financial misery, may, be of some solid use to yourselves during these trying times we now face.

I think I can speak on behalf of most people here when I say that regardless of a persons Political affiliations here in Greece, and maybe even Europe, that it’s genuinely been a refreshing change to see the previous incarnations of Government temporarily removed from office, even if for no other reason than to just give an illusion of hope for a change, then we’ll take it as it comes.

Time is the key and we all know that the clock is ticking, so please consider investing a few moments in to some of the suggestions, observations and comments I’d like to raise if only because they won’t do you any harm, and maybe, could aid in your fight to liberate a greatness in Greece which has been bound and gagged for so long, Nationally.

So, first things first.

Not to be a stickler or anything, but I’m quite old school when it comes to values. I was raised and given a glimpse into the world through my parents and indeed my Grandparents eyes, who presented a world through slightly more mature insight, but who never the less taught me so much about the things I, and many still hold dear to.

One of these things is almost elementary, and yet it’s still significant in many walks of life, and I’ll paint the picture to you as it came to me through my upbringing.

1. When you go to Court, regardless of the reason or a wedding, or a funeral, it’s unfortunately taken as Gospel to try and wear a suit for the event. You know, shirt, tie, polish your shoes and just be seen to have made the effort, for that day at least.

I’m pretty damned sure that if I were to present myself in the European Courts, appealing to the better nature of people who are about to be meeting ‘the new kids on the block‘ and be harassed into opening their minds to alternative solutions or strategies, then I’d damned well borrow a suit for the occasion.

You seem educated people and its clear from your attire that you are smart, well dressed, well presented, and yet even so, didn’t feel that wearing a suit, to what is essentially a suit wearing convention, would be a wise move. . .

Surely you must be surrounded by officials, Parliamentary people, stars, family and friends, and I’m guessing that you must have watched the news before, you must have seen what happens at these events on the TV previously, and despite this, not one thought, “you’re meeting the leaders of Europe, spruce the f*ck up”!

Looks great for Bouzouki, but old fashioned principles still stand strong, you try and turn up in a suit, if your in Europe begging to be heard as a new Government, make an effort at least!

It’s a game, we all know it is and it shouldn’t matter, but it is. At least turn up wearing the uniform.

Varoufakis, Yanis, Eurozone, Grexit, tie

Still, it could have been worse, they could have thought he was a male stripper at a gogo bar!!!

The price of failure is to devalue an already financially weak Country, lose currency and wipe everything off the value of everything that is left.

Had my nan been there, she wouldn’t have even let you in the building without a tie on principle alone, and would have probably tried to have you escorted off the premises for wearing a Burberry scarf. I know it’s mainly a cultural thing in Europe, one whereby some people actually wear it as a fashion accessory, however there’s also a social stigma to being seen as a Chav. Not a good look in Europe I assure you.

As a brit, I’d give you an ASBO with it for lack of effort and general failure to meet the minimum requirement. It’s like spelling your name wrong on the exam before doing the test.

Matteo Renzi, Alexis Tsipras, tie, government

Tsipras thinking to himself, thanks but I already have a belt, and this one has no buckle. . .

The rest becomes irrelevant, and under the circumstances of the meeting, is not one whereby you get second chances. I mention this because its a simple thing which shouldn’t matter, but it does, to many.

And to those it does, you shot yourself in your Calvin Kleins.

FYI, it’s not a dig. As a rule Greeks have indisputable taste in many things, fashion being amongst them, and it was clear to everyone that your a smart bunch, but maybe too over reliant on trying to look good as the new guys. I appreciate your new, but come on, play the game. . .

Borris, Bug Bunny, Clown college, Grexit, Prime Minister, lunatic

Look, I have no defence for the UK, we have this. No one knows what it is, but we have it. So, no comment please, you win. . .

Secondly, you need to tackle the whole transparency in office issue to gain any true respect off foreign Governments, let alone your own people. This lack of accountability in Office is pathetic, and the reason why Greece is f*cked at the minute and still not doing anywhere near enough to show that you mean what you say about the whole sordid affair.

Further to this, how can you honestly expect to earn the trust of Greeks, your own people if you as a Government in principal say that you are invulnerable from prosecution if you suddenly get the urge to rob and steal when the opportunity strikes.

I’m not implying that you will, but let’s just mull over the Countrys track record for a minute shall we. . .

So, you see what I’m getting at here. We have a history of nearly 30+ years of people running the Country and fast tracking peoples savings, insurance, and worldly possessions out the back door of Parliament. It seems that lately, the only time this isn’t happening is when Greece has no money left to steal and or people have blocked off the escape route with a protest or march.

See the connection.
Cause and effect.

Many would feel empowered knowing that the current Government would tackle these crippling injustices immediately, as there is simply NO REASON NOT TO.

I myself would suggest that as an Idea, you would forever become Saints, Gods, Legends in knowing that anyone ever to represent the people forever more, would be fully accountable to the people. We all know as a fact, that this is something much more than the people would like to see. This is what the Nation deserves. It should be your defining goal if you truly do care about your Country, now you represent it.

You’d also have the rest of your glorified careers to reflect and be praised for the long term, never ending future of security and potential trust which you gave back to the people, because whether in power or not, you’d forever know that you had a large part in making sure that no one else could EVER abuse the opportunity given them without facing up to lady Justice.

It’s relevant on so many levels because at present we live in a Nation where no one feels that you as a Government deserve to be trusted with their money. People scarcely have jobs, contracts, security in any shape or form, and when we do claw our way into saving a spoonful for ourselves, you want us to give it you, only for us to be able to tune in or read about which f*ckwit stole all we gave.

Poverty, loss, unemployment, Greece, faith, chance, salvation

Another eager shopper awaits the sales, courtesy of the financial hardships many now endure..

So how can you expect people to willingly be honest themselves. We have a ‘you f*ck us‘, ‘we f*ck you‘ mentality, and nothing in the bank.

No Insurance, no taxes, no employment, trade or commerce, because if anyone here is fortunate to be able to earn it, they’re gonna become like Al Capone.

Meanwhile, you have Europe, the IMF or who ever else is next in trying to help the Government ‘fix’ the problems and its getting worse and worse. And worse, and oh, here we are, where it really will struggle to get worse, but we’re under no illusion that it won’t, because we all know it will.

Meanwhile we have people going crazy about Germany, the EU, the IMF and everyone including the Eurovision Song Contest from what I hear. And why? Who set this show on the road? Who put the people here, Government, ie, you, the people who need to get a groove on plugging the internal flood of money which never seems to stop evaporating way.

Personally, I blame Bjork. The volcanic eruptions years ago, their Economy and the Bakns, coincidence, I think not. . . Who knows what powers she has in her voice.

Bjork, Grexit, Eurozone, Syriza, bailout, IMF, Sugarcubes

Some people have also suggested that Bjork is in some way connected to the Greek submarine incident too. . .

Hostility and anger at the ‘Austerity Measures‘ is like blaming the wound after chopping your own arm off with a chainsaw, and something unjustifiably aimed at the wrong people in much of this f*ckup.

EU, cuts, bailout, grexit, eurozone, IMF

Optimism, often the mother of all f*ckups gets a whooping at the IMF conference in Brussels. . .

I’m by no means saying Germany and the IMF is fair either but, if people want to get mad, they only have to walk around the capital here in Greece, the islands and to visit all the Ministers basking in the sun on the peoples money!

I’ll say it again, the Lagarde list. It’s like, we have the names and people who can give us the means to recover most of what the people had stolen, but do nothing, still. . . WTF, get mad at them.

Siemens!? Anyone remember the ‘great submarines scandal‘, “International Mine Initiative“, Mayor of Thessaloniki to name but a few, and still no one in Government is being made accountable. . .

Submarine, scandal, corruption, Greece

Amazing, you wait for one submarine scandal to come, and then three more turn up at the same time!

For years the world marvelled at the Beatles and their yellow submarine, but imagine if only people would have know that it was owned by a Greek Minister!!!

Seems like Syriza are just as keen to ensure that loophole stays as open to them as previous Governments, so why would you trust any Government who doesn’t hold it’s own Ministers accountable, and I ask that to Greeks? How do you allow this?

And similarly to everyone, why would any other Government trust anyone who allows such ridicule?

The Party who grows a pair and who changes this will forever lead the way forward, anyone else who doesn’t is as guilty as the rest before they even start and not worthy of standing for the people.


Nothing to hide, prove it from DAY 1. . .That’s what the people need.

Otherwise why would you expect the people to adhere to the rules if your own Government doesn’t, and that’s what we have now.

And that last comment is by no means a blight against Greeks, it’s the way I see it here.

‘F*ck them if they f*ck us, and ETSI and a frappe to go. . .’

You’re showing promise, now show direction and lead the way.


The Greek ACTUP, this time Insurance theft.

February 2015, ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS had their appeal thrown out by IKA for failing to fulfil their legal obligations to myself having withheld part of my salary in 2008/2009 under the guise of it contributing towards my Insurance as per my Contract, and keeping it for themselves.

This appalling behaviour from an NGO which falsely claims to support the rights of workers, immigrants and the people, yet again exposes the true character of the people who abuse the name, the Organisation and the cause for themselves.

An NGO which exercises Hypocrisy like it's FAT!

An NGO which exercises Hypocrisy like it’s FAT!

This appeal dragged out for several years due to their continual failure to present themselves when required, provide factual evidence and to lie and fabricate falsehoods to deny people access to the truth surrounding this immoral and unethical NGO.

Despite having their own court case thrown out in 2014 for lying about my Contract and having all their evidence revealed as lies, their maggot of a lawyer who eventually did turn up at IKA tried to sell the same lie again, classic!

There must be somewhere this level of Stupid gets taught surely because these pricks can’t all have been born this retarded! It’s not possible, you couldn’t even make it up if you tried.

Their numerous other court appearances also faced the same verdict when the Courts had access to the truth and the ongoing lies which they have hidden behind for so long, their own case against myself for highlighting the fact that the President had been illegally pretending to be a Doctor is nothing short of Comedy genuis. Nothing can or will be able to replicate the look on the Judges face when the case started, sheer disbelief on a level never EVER seen before.

The President Kostadis Kaburakis, Chysoula BotsiKonstantinos Zikkas, and George Papachristos all now face Penal court for the lies surrounding their 6 year hate campaign against me for refusing to defraud the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in 2009, and for exposing them for the lying thieving parasites that they are.

The ongoing lies which they have taken refuge behind whilst blaming everyone who previously worked there, volunteered or who similarly found out what the NGO really represented over the time these people took charge of it by deception all stand vilified in their refusal to bow down to their threats, non legal court cases and slanderous behaviour.

The trial against them for defrauding the state is ongoing as are the many other investigations against members of the Board of Directors for nearly 20 years of providing false documentation to run an NGO and embezzle Ministries out of funding, illegally pretending to be Doctors, working and running unsafe projects whereby their sole purpose was to gain access to highly sensitive medical data where possible.

Cases such as the many to which have publicly come to light lately shed light on who it is within this sector which has access to the data and the ‘problems’ which are caused, and the same people who magically appear to be on hand to help defend those exposed! Coincidence!?

Hmmm. . . Hardly.

Considering that many of the NGO‘s working alongside this Organisation knew of this for so long and allowed it to happen points to a far deeper evil abusing the very people within the HIV/Aids sector for their own gain.

As the people highlighted within ACTUP here in Greece have proven, lying, working for the state and representing an NGO they run who’s main role is to criticise the very projects and programs implemented by the Greek National Health plan, (to which they are working for by the CDC), shows complete hypocrisy and a systematic abuse of the sector by those who run it.

Cherry picking EU and State projects, opportunities and career opportunities that came available after lying to run up the NGO is just a small list of the many liberties taken by the people in charge over the period in Question. Stealing state funds, persecuting those who dare stand up to them and abusing every opportunity behind a lie is the sad truth to how this once respected name took advantage of those who turned to them for help, who volunteered and worked for them, and the many people who put their faith and trust in people who have no respect for anything.

The lowest form of people would only dare to stoop so low, and worst still would those who protect them. . .

For the last 6 years, whilst the many people, Organisations and so called ‘respected’ people listened to their lies, they abused, threatened, and tried to sue me for exposing them, and while they hid behind campaigns to pretend to raise HIV/Aids awareness they persecuted myself and two others who stood up to them.

The list of people who share the same low lying immoral behaviour is f*cking dismal. I’ll be taking great delight in covering that shortly so people can see the true extent of the horrors of the HIV sector, the NGO‘s who work alongside them and the ‘civil groups’ and other ‘responsible’ causes that claim to provide’ social well being’ in general just so people can see the extent of the cover up.

On a positive note , despite having to endure the misery inflicted on me for so long by these dmbass criminal halfwits, the best news is all the positive reactions and genuine responses I’ve had from all concerned in bringing these c*nts to light.

Everyone from the Court secretaries, the Magistrates and Judges along the way, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Athens and the many IKA employees who found themselves involved, the behaviour, attitude and work expected of them has been nothing short of what I would have expected anywhere in the World.

In some cases (and I do mean quite a few), the sympathy received for having to endure such appalling treatment by these cretins has been touching. Several people almost felt responsible for this barbaric treatment having seen over the years here in Greece so many people abuse the state and those who dare interfere, and with me refusing to back down shows how having faith in the Greek system, and YES, there is one, is something more people need to do.

Sadly, it is underfunded due to bast*rds like this who abuse the state in the first place, who take all they can and who give nothing back, and who then clog up the system with inept, selfish immoral court cases against the very people who expose them for being criminal scum like it’s their right to work for the state and do as they please. It’s not, and if they were too stupid to know before I came to Greece, they know now!

I haven’t had chance to thank all who helped me yet, and it’s not fully over either so I’m sure I’ll see some along the way yet, or to thank those who didn’t even help, those who were just good enough to do what was required of them, because for those of us in need of the simple things being done to regain our lives, it means the world, and for that I am forever indebted to you all.

The many unsung heroes of Greece will never be mentioned in Parliament, nor be in the papers or have a Statue placed in their name, but for the people striving to fight to do right, they are everything, and I’ve been lucky to meet so many along the way.

All genuinely decent people, most who are every bit as sick of the plague of petulant self serving thieves who abuse the system for their own gain, and that’s the reality of change here.

You can make a difference if you try. It’s not easy, it takes time, energy and patience that would make the Gods applaud, and will slowly f*ck you up in the pursuit, but it’s worth doing if you want to stand proud.

More to follow. . .