Support NGO’s not the ‘Malakas’ who abuse them. . .

Finally some much appreciated and valued support from a genuinely concerned person like many who is sick of the corruption, and malpractice which plagues this Country and who wants a level of moral and ethical behaviour sadly lacking in this sector to be brought about by a change for the better. And I don’t just mean in the HIV / Aids sector, I mean the two faced hypocrisy as shown by those connected with it, all keen to talk the talk whilst doing nothing, those who moan and bitch about the Country being in a mess whilst actively condemning those who get of their fat arses and who do do something.

So, with pure and genuine warmth, I thank you ‘those who listened’ for also helping to do the right thing where so many people have failed.

As an FYI :

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Let’s stop all the f*cktards stealing all the money shall we?

You wouldn’t believe the level of corruption shown, even when trying to highlight this malpractice and corruption to ‘so called’ people who care and or work in this sector. It takes an outsider, a foreigner at that to have to spend 5 years in and out of the Courts fighting to make this place a slightly better place through doing the right thing, and often all I get is abuse or people trying to cover it up.

So if your Greek, don’t say ‘Etsi’ and just shrug your shoulders thinking nothing can be done, it can. FFS, if I can get sh*t happening here with my limited (if not slightly amusing) broken Greek, no support whilst taking on your state and those who make a career out of abusing people and thinking they CAN, (but don’t) get away with it, then imagine what YOU could do yoursellf.

Sure, it’s not easy, it’s painfullly slow, cost you time, money and effort, but that’s the price of change, reform, something positive happening. No faeries come and sweep it all up at night, that’s for sure.

Yes, of course it drives you mad, often I’ve myself even contemplated walking into these government offices wired to the max and putting us all on the moon, but I persevered, sometimes even found it either funny or enlightening, as the many things you witness can cause a greater inspiration, but also, whilst doing this I’ve met some great people and seen those who do want change, who are mad and doing something too.

Then you have the Ignorant and ill-informed people who work this for a whole different reason, the celebrity factor. You have people like Zoe Maroudi who has recently been trying to milk a documentary whereby 12 women were abused by the state, which appears to be nothing more than a shallow opportunity for her and those responsible for this corruption in the first place, to YET AGAIN stand behind those they allow to be neglected and manipulated by a system and sector of Healthcare which seems to be openly involved in covering this up.

The women, and as before with a different case, the immigrants who get hung out in the public eye by the very people who let them down, only for them to appear on the bandwagon rallying for support seems to be nothing more than a vain and vacuous attempt to again appear to be doing something in the media when doing nothing good when asked of them, suits them best.

Who fed these women to the wolves in the first place? Who had privvy to being able to give the highly sensitive medical data to the Police and authorities other than the people who sheltered them in one way or another, and it’s simple, it’s either through the National HIV program to which they work in or run, or the NGO’s to which they abuse and manipulate whilst working for the sector which now appears as saviours?

Then you have people like one of the current front running representatives for Mayor here in Athens who when approached nearly five years ago, was well aware of all this and yet, despite being another ‘so called’ devout saviour the the Country and State, offered this soundbite for the press at the time “This Circus has to stop”.

Well, ‘This Circus’ he talks about is one he helped start, one whereby he was one of the NGO’s founder members, one whereby he worked with, alongside and next to for over 15 years, and one he oversaw and dealt with as a key member of the KEELPNO (CDC) board, the very people who (illegally) it seems misrepresent and abuse the f*cking people to which they are employed to protect.

So, that Circus he talks of, it turns out he’s a key Ringmaster of. As I’ve said before, if he didn’t know that everyone including the committees he sat on were taking the f*cking p*ss, then he’s too stupid to be Mayor, and if he did know and chose to do nothing but be a spectator to all that has happened, then he’s as guilty himself and too corrupt to be Mayor.

Personally, he probably stands a better chance of being voted in as Mayor if he says he is corrupt and did know of it, but that’s just based on a theory. . .

Similarly we should throw all the two faced lying thieving scumbags to the lions in order to genuinely help anyone who DOES need help, after all why have a Circus without having some entertainment . . . But guess who’s now helping with the Documentary, and the women exposed by the state recently and on the ‘Ruins’ bandwagon’, that’s right, the same people covered above, despite me contacting them directly and wishing to help them with regards to this case.

– What did they do, they removed the information provided, censored the truth about what this sector did, and those who they now affiliates themselves with, blocked me from contributing and now seeks ‘funding’ for the NGO’s and Lawyers to help fight the case. . .

I wonder if this ‘funding’ will go towards cases whereby the President of ACTUP prosecuted myself and others for exposing them? Is this how it works. . .

Makes you wonder, as that IS what happened to me after I exposed ACTUP, the state (KEELPNO) tried to cover up and provide false information as submitted by those guilty of the crimes, the NGO’s who all knew about this and did nothing dissappeared into the background when an Innocent person was being persecuted by an NGO of their own sector and the guy mentioned above, now running for Mayor who in one of his other soundbites online said he was prepared to “roll up his sleeves to help the people of Athens”, not to mention his own sector, the very bread and butter of his life by all accounts, clearly not.

Rarely a single day goes by without us having to hear how badly the economy is doing and how ‘yet another Lamoyo assh*le’ has robbed this place blind, AGAIN, and mostly all the people involved can do about it is shrug their shoulders and be spectators to their own downfall. Wise up.

corruption, fraud, NGO, MKO, theft, malpractice, ACTUP, Kabourakis, Kostadis

500+ NGO’ (MKO’) in Greece, and people wonder where the money goes?

Not for me, I couldn’t give a rats ass anymore, Do it for yourself if no one else.

I’ll do what needs doing for my own greater good and so that I can sleep at night but I’ll happily watch you wallow in your own ineptitude as life passes you by, and gain strength from knowing that I contributed, a lot, and probably more than them, EVER.

FYI for the haters and people who feel it their right to begrudge me being involved :

People have sometimes had a hard time with me doing this, sometimes because I’m not from here, but that’s ok, meanwhile when for the last 5 years I’ve been in and out of Court, at great expense and mental anguish trying to save the Country money’s stolen from it, helping fight and expose people abusing the Health sector to which we all need and use, ask yourself, where in the queue were YOU?

Because I don’t recalling you do anything else other than just bitchin and moanin about someone who actually did do something.


World Aids day – Not just a fight against Aids, but clearly the corruption and neglect that runs rife within this sector…



To be honest I’m new to the whole HIV/Aids thing and if I’m honest it wasn’t what I thought I’d ever be involved in. An accidental bad career choice when I came to Greece exposed me to the corruption which had plagued one of Greece’s founder establishments – ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS and since I still fight on having seen how ignorant so many people are within this sector, NGO’s, the government who have tried to cover this all up and the rest within this community who have failed to help themselves.

A previous member who has come out on the 10percent forum highlights further how the current president of this NGO exposed their medical details after they confided in him with such details – and that is only half the problem.

I worked there for nearly a year at the bequest of their President of the organisation after he asked me to turn down a job in crete having done several 3D promotional works for ACTUP for UNAids meetings in New York and Vienna. Unbeknown to me the current Board of Directors had been running it without any regulation for the best part of 10 years, gaining funding for non legal projects, claiming to be affiliated with other leading HIV/Aids organisations whilst not being connected in any way, just using their name to further their own career ambitions as they screwed the system, the people and the many people who had foolishly supported without question their methods, morals or their qualifications or experience.

Sadly since, a two year farce has exposed massive flaws in the whole network that claims to be apart of this integral support mechanism for those who are unfortunate to need such protection. As it turns out putting your trust in such organisations is more likely to cause you more harm than good in anyway whatsoever as they all seemingly allow, condone by affiliation or fail to address the massive areas of concern that highlights a complete breakdown in this so called community for the people.

What bothers me the most having come across this fckup of a situation is that it seems the people connected to working within HIV/Aids and the many Organisations they claim to, is that they don’t want to seem to even help themselves…

If that’s the case then why the hell are you doing what you pretend you’re doing? I know the people who do need help and support would probably like to know that if they feel they have to confide in someone that they aren’t going to have some criminals with connections to the government gain access to their details, jeopardise their health and safety and confidence and allow God knows what to happen with their trust and their medical details – which incidentally is what is currently being allowed to happen here in Greece as the main Ministry responsible for HIV/Aids, the Greek CDC (ΚΕΕΛΠΟ) is doing having, employed them in the first place!

Yes, welcome to World Aids day in Greece. Not got enough problems in general with the IMF f*cking us all up, we all happily allow the state to f*ck us when people need dedicated help and medical support… I read earlier than an organised event is taking place here called ‘F*CK AIDS‘, they should just lose the niceties and call it ‘F*CK YOU‘, part sponsored by ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ‘s finest no doubt, the very same Ministry which allows anyone to pretend to be Doctors, and steal YOUR tax paying money. A whole hierarchy which is happy to cover up endangering people’s lives, but let’s not stop there when we can ‘F*CK‘ everyone some more…

So far in Greece, many of the organisations who are inter connected within this community and health sector have ALL failed to address the issues raised. Forget for now the fact this organisation has been stealing state money for it’s own means, forget that they have been running non legally since the current Board of Directors elected themselves into their respective positions in 1999 0r 2000, or 2002 onwards, (depending upon which lies the president has elected to tell you at the time), and try and forget that they have and still are laughingly employed by the system of health that so many of these organisations work within. This however pales into significance to the fact that the current President Kostadis Kabourakis and another member of the board Andreas Grilleas have been illegally claiming to be Doctors without qualification or registration – and employed by ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ, the Greek CDC which has still failed to address such issues, nearly 2 years after it being brought to their attention. The fact that the Financial Director of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLASC.Botsi has been covering this up and is responsible for the results of the funding Investigation by ΥΔΑΣ which found them guilty of defrauding the state of nearly 200,000.00 euro’s of deception, for providing non valid receipts when she was the head of ESTER and the European projects within Greece – at the same time she chaired a committee of NGO’s for ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ! – Says a lot about the integrity and current way the many organisations and the state work within this sector.

These receipts incidentally were the same ones in which the President asked myself and a volunteer to fabricate documentation for in which we refused and then he changed the locks and pretended I didn’t work there after highlighting this to the rest of the Board! The same receipts that the President claims we tampered with by myself and the volunteer some six months after being denied access to the property, and in which he then submitted to ΥΔΑΣ (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) who after finding him guilty of such activities, tries to claim in his statement that we were responsible for their verdict! The fact that these receipts were witnessed by myself during the Investigation, as well as severalk other interested parties, not to mention the ΥΔΑΣ financial team, whereby we confirmed that they were the same non relevant receipts that we’d originally refused to commit fraud with, which contained items for everything from trips to the Financial Directors summer house, Cat food and sun tan lotion is a true reflection on what happened to the funding that was abused by the current Board as they failed to also provide valid account of the projects that they claimed to have been involved in during this period.

This was all highlighted in a meeting I attended at Praxis nearly a year ago whereby members of most of the other NGO’s within this field sat and listened,  the shameful parody here is that most of these members present were aware of this and still have failed to do anything yet happily like to fool themselves into believing that they are the ‘responsible’ sector governing this area of health and social concern.

One such member of one of these NGO’s removed items highlighting the corruption in this sector as they planned a march to demonstrate against the Ministry who had failed to address many issues so far. The same Ministry which had allowed ΑCTUP and ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ to run itself in such a way. This was the same NGO which knew of these issues and which has failed to act so far despite having personally met members who pretended to be interested when it suited them to know and prepare their response no doubt if questioned about why they have done nothing to help the system so far, allowing this to go on further, damaging more people, allowing the to gain further illegal funding as they masquerade as this Organisation still, slandering all they can in an attempt to divert the truth from being exposed.

Then we have organisations such as helMSIC and many of the others who have been approached who deliberately try and suppress the facts from people, collaborating still further with people who have deliberately set out to deceive the authorities, public and people who gave their trust – the patients.

Firstly this seems to send out a worrying message to the rest of the community declaring that they clearly have no morals or ethics either and will happily ally themselves with people who commit such atrocities within the health sector knowing full well the issues and the main problems highlighted which are exactly that this sort of acceptance is what has led to the whole system here being not only untrustworthy, but failing to have a backbone and support standards in which you’d expect an organisation to adhere to.

Then we have organisations such as which seem to openly support such actions by allowing the President of ACTUP to provide his slanderous press release and yet as they we’re clearly given my email address in advance to be able to block me from adding further comment disallow myself from being able to defend against the false accusations that have been provided by an already known liar and thief who has so far blamed everything except Global warming for his actions.

hivHumanism - blocked my email address to deny me the right to defend myself.

hivHumanism - blocked my email address to deny me the right to defend myself.

It appears it’s a good thing to know like minded people with no ethics who will cover up your actions and present a slanderous allegations without allowing you to defend yourself from them. Another organisation to trust ? Clearly not when they affiliate with such overt immorality, protecting their own.

Within ACTUP‘s slanderous statement is the fact that they still failed to address the current tuths which have been discovered but also a selection of complete and deliberate lies to cast aspersions on those who like myself have been fighting to expose these people. Interesting to note that they bring up allegations of Blackmail nearly a year later, and after they have been exposed in the national newspaper for their activities, and even more so as the only ones capable of possibly gaining such information to Blackmail people are the very same people who deliberately set out to deceive from the very beginning. The only ones who had the opportunity to confidential data within this organisation were the ones who had been collating data from HIV patients, those who had lied and taken part in ‘research’ within the main HIV/Aids unit in Greece who had been providing false documentation to validate their NGO from the beginning… There are obvious contenders with their behaviour so far to date that stand out, threatening their former members, disclosing medical data, theft, providing false documentation, and usurpation by illegally claiming to be Doctors to name but a few items so far proven! Their slanderous accusations have only made further evidence available for the courts and provided a real in-depth view into what these people represent.

I myself worked as web designer within the offices of ACTUP whereby any information was bare at best, usually working with no phone or Internet as they hadn’t paid the bills, and as the president was the only one to appear rarely when it suited himself incidentally all real information ie,  all medical data or files, research or otherwise was deliberately kept at the shared house of Kabourakis and Botsi, the president and Financial Director’s house. The same two people working at KEELPNO with such access. Since, the number of people who have sought issue with the exposure and the people who highlighted this as opposed to the facts is a sad reflection on the lies and negativity people have to seeking the truth rather than relying on hear say and idle gossip.

This whole process that has now been handed over to the many relevant authorities was done with information provided, in black and white by the respective bodies, data collected proving these claims and with the sole purpose of trying to get responsible people to act, those within this community rather than people such as myself who have no direct affiliation or knowledge on such matters, and who speak the language here a little stronger than myself however this never happened, and apart from a few people, no one has sought to apply common sense, decency or rightful action in this matter and I try by writing these damned entries to refresh people’s responsibilities in the hope that someone will at least try and show that there is this is a community which cares and will act, I hope for Organisations to show their self worth and to provide proof that standards exist, and there is good in the world somewhere… How stupid is that?

Its truly remarkable to see so many people with such negative energy helping people of what can only guess are people with the same standards. They clearly have no interest in really helping the community, the people they set out to help, or those who they say they are their to help, and yet this is all some people have.

The list of people who have provided the platform for such activity is astounding, Politicians, Organisations to the Ministry and its Board who set this up.

After contacting ALL the respective organisations within this sector to warn them of such behaviour, of such immoral conduct it shock me to see how few are prepared to actually do anything. Is it because they are all as bad? Is it because they think this sort of behaviour is acceptable and something that is widespread within the whole HIV/Aids sector? Is it because they all have something else to hide maybe when so many interconnected organisations all sit back and openly allow and in some cases such people to practice as they do?

Surely not the correct response you’d want from such organisations. Non Government Organisations were originally once their to support the people, to fight for what the government didn’t do and for standing up to the many things that for whatever reason were unjust in the world. Is it that all these organisations have also similarly lost sight in their ways, or is it far worse than that now.

Maybe like ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ ΗΕLLAS, NGO’s are just an extension of an already ineffective system which cares only for itself and it’s own backslapping. People creating causes to make themselves feel self important, fighting problems which they fail to address let alone fight, after all, three of the members of the board of ACTUP were employed by the Government, providing the annual state report on HIV/Aids and yet ridiculously then being allowed, or allowing themselves to provide the shadow report as ACTUP… Asking themselves for funding, and bizarrely having it granted without accountability… Hmmm…

So, is it a case of Corrupt NGO or Useless Government policies run by criminals – you work it out as to me in the brief experience I’ve had so far there’s a line so minuscule to see that separates the two, if one at all.

Unfortunately I’d like to report that I have gained some leverage on people being able to do their job properly here, to tell you of the many organisations who were shocked and appalled by such activity and that the system really does care, people aren’t still illegally claiming to be something that they are not – but I can’t.

Organisations which deceive everyone like this will serve time for providing false documentation to the many bodies which are now investigate them, they will be exposed for their slanderous behaviour and their any illegal activities, and they will be recognised by the community for what they truly are, but whether or not I’ll ever be able to say that the many organisations within this field are actually the sort of organisations who have morals, ethics and help push and fight antisocial behaviour, well, I still hope so.

Hopefully World Aids day will mean something one day when people actually try and help make the system that they all idly boast abut actually be something to be proud of, for those in need it’s a shame.

The process has begun but the fight goes on…

I’m sick of doing this for people and sick of people saying I shouldn’t but if someone doesn’t will you?

For those who have been allowed to carry on and who lie and misrepresent themselves as they abuse their positions still, rest assured that the truth is out, justice has begun as it was always going to expose the facts regardless of the many lies coming out.

So, why fckdup athens…?

Well, I thought today would be a good opportunity to clear the air and kill two birds with one stone so to speak, (if only)…

As we’re over the holiday period and our beloved Legal services are back in full flow, I though it would be nice to refresh the air and remind people as to some of the serious issues that affect us all here in Greece – and inform a few who don’t already know how the name ‘fckdup‘ came to be – Plus it’s just good to see everyone’s shiny happy faces again, back at work, I know you’re all loving it deep down…

Especially if you work for KEELPNO I’m guessing – those much needed opportunities to steal state money and cover up all the scandals and lies must have been causing some staff withdrawal symptoms by now…! Plus I bet some members were queueing up to get in early the first day back, such was their desire to rob us all some more…

So, let’s start the fun… I will try to keep this relatively short but sadly due to the complex nature of the reality involved in this, you may discover that it get’s a bit heavy. C’est la vie…

Plus, my Legal disclaimer – The names HAVEN’T been changed to not protect the guilty, we have the facts in black and white sh*t heads so live with it…  Apologies for that, but it just had to be said… I don’t write any of this stuff to be politically correct or gain friends and please people, life’s a bitch, sometimes life’s just ‘fckdup‘ and it has to be said the way it is… Θ)

So… The name ‘fckdup athens‘.

Far from being a derogatory slur on Athens or Greece, it actually came from when I worked for a well known, so called non government organisation called ‘ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS‘ based here in Athens. As I later discovered, it was neither non governmental and knew fck all about what it claimed to be doing within the health sector. Run by a Board of Criminals and lowlife scumbag’s it managed to reveal much to us as we pursued it and it’s members, and are still doing with vigour…

I’ve never really been a City person but I fell in love with Athens when I first came here, I’m sort of from quiet sleepy village life in area’s of rural Britain, well, still full of drunks and maniacs, just not as many as the main cities are. I originally stayed in Exarheia when I arrived and love it. It’s alive with everything and if I could I’d personally make everyone spend time there when they come to Greece. You get to understand a lot from it, and feel the energy. Admittedly it’s not the best place to be when the Riot kicked in but experience is just that…An experience.

So, I worked there for nearly a year as web designer and graphics/IT person, having to do many other duties also due to the incompetence of the Board of Directors who were never present or seemed incapable of doing anything other than manipulating the state for funding on bogus or illegal projects which we never saw happen, yet heard rumour of and slowly became aware that certain people had already spent the money.

In my spare time for ACTUP I set up numerous profiles online : Facebook, MySpace, YouTube etc… As we had set up the website as we also used the name actupathens online for the profiles, thankfully as it turned out, as I don’t want to tar all the other genuine ACTUP’s of the world with the actions of the few lowlife’s who ran this one till recently.

Clearly as time went by, things at ACTUP proved to be just so ‘fckdup‘ it was unbelievable, and so the name was born.

It turned out to not just be ‘fckdup‘, but to be a freak show in many ways and as myself, a colleague and a genuinely concerned member of the public dug deeper… The digging hasn’t stopped yet either, the more you dig, the more sh*t you discover, if we get any deeper we’ll probably be able to get those Chilean miners out, and we could probably set up a business selling manure to Greek farmers and never EVER run out, so, the saga continues…

By Christmas 2008 myself and a volunteer had pressured the President of the Organisation Kostadis Kabourakis into revealing what the hell was going on with the finances, having been lied to for my duration working there, cut off electrically and losing our phones and Internet several times throughout the year, being chased by a Lawyer on behalf of the landlady for not paying the rent despite being told that the funds had been in place, and whilst being told by the president how we were owed money by ΥΔΑΣ – The ministry of Foreign Affairs to name but a few.

This farce went on till myself and a volunteer were presented with a bag full of dodgy receipts dating back nearly ten years whereby half were either illegible or grossly inappropriate – (ie meals, clothes, sun tan lotion, cat/dog food and travel to the Financial Directors summer house) – not bad for funding for a non-legal hotline which turned out to risk the confidentiality of those who would call it and give access to people who had no right to such details who could manipulate it in any way…

Keep the promise

Keep the promise – We promised to pretend to be Doctors, to lie, steal and cheat the system – and we did.

Summary of phone line :

200,000.00 Euro’s for a call line – Incoming calls… Volunteer’s running it… Is it me or did Goofy do the financial planning for that one… Hello… it’s a f*cking incoming phone line (80.00 euro’s a month rental maybe), run by unpaid people, (wages – Nil) Ok, so we have to buy a phone…how much does a new phone cost here…? (100 Euro’s, So ok, they get fancy one) Erm, I’m sure I could find a bit of change left over somewhere out of 200,000.00 Euro’s. Ah yes, advertising, flyers which were sat gathering dust and not being used anywhere, half with the wrong details, and which were provided under a separate quote often by providing documents to themselves in KEELPNO for separate funding, and then done by a friend of the Bosses for virtually nothing… Hmmm… Smell something yet? I do!

Maybe having gained access to ΥΔΑΣ funding illegally allowed them to manipulate a system whereby they thought they wouldn’t get caught had something to do with it…Just maybe? Maybe getting onto the register by manipulating their statute the year they elected themselves into their positions to gain funding from ΥΔΑΣ also helped, and maybe providing false documents to all relevant parties also had an impact, especially as they technically weren’t legal in any way! Maybe this just had an effect!

So, we went on to examine these receipts that were eventually brought to us and discovered that the amounts for so-called projects which had been claimed were at least some 50,000 euro’s short for one year and that was only the year we managed to do, the other looked worse. Upon later explaining this to the President we were asked to fabricate receipts to make up the difference. Needless to say we had a very heated discussion and left to discuss the matter further another day after bringing this matter to light with the other Directors.

We then tried to discuss the matter with the financial Director (Chrysoula Botsi) after already discussing the matter with the Secretary of the Organisation (Konstantinos Zikkas) who both made it clear that we were no longer welcome or appreciated for doing what we had done and that the funding was just as it should be.

Upon returning to work they had changed the locks and begun the joke that exposed them for what they truly are.

Let me just also add a relevant addition to the story, also brought to light by their press release as it bears relevance to matter and the receipts : They claimed that myself and the volunteer had tampered with the receipts which would have explained why in the radio broadcast on SKAI where they claim they weren’t being investigated for financial Irregularities, lol, when they were. And which after ‘not’ being investigated for financial Irregularities, they were found guilty and ordered to pay back nearly 180,000.00 Euro’s for their abuse of priveledge and the way in which they gained the funding. They also stated that the reason for which they were late presenting the receipts for which they ‘weren’t’ being investigated, was due to our involvement, and then had to take extra time, gaining fresh receipts. These ‘new’ receipts as provided by themselves were then rejected by ΥΔΑΣ, and in the course of our investigation, we saw that the receipts were the same ones anyway… And as well as bringing out an illegal court case against myself for stating that they were being investigated by ΥΔΑΣ, when they were in fact being Investigated by ΥΔΑΣ, despite them lying to everyone for over a year about it, and now claiming they are happy to be Investigated by the serious financial crimes unit… Not as happy as I am, that’s for sure…!

I’m currently owed several thousand Euro’s due to them stealing my salary, withholding my Insurance money despite later discovering that they hadn’t paid any of it, and neither dealing with my taxes as their responsibility. I’m now dragging them to court on so many cases and regardless of the outcome know that they will face Justice for their actions and the slanderous accusations they made against myself and the others who only sought to do our jobs, and will pay dearly having abusing their positions in KEELPNO, in ACTUP and in general..

Having since been threatened and slandered by the very same Members, the same people who failed to present themselves at court despite the arrogance of their false statement claiming to want Justice, who failed to present any information to (ΖΟΗ) the serious financial crime unit, and when now being Investigated for serious financial crime after already being proven to have gained funding illegally from ΥΔΑΣ for projects which jeopardised the safety and confidence of people living with HIV/Aids, having also presented false documentation to declare themselves as Board members in the first place, it became clear that for ten years they illegally robbed the state, businesses and people for the funding of false, illegal and unsafe projects in which they clearly helped themselves to an NGO’s funding whilst abusing the name of a once genuine organisation dedicated to helping people who needed it the most.

Just priceless

Just priceless

It doesn’t stop there. The President Kostadis Kabourakis and another member of the Board of Directors (Andreas Grilleas) have been pretending to be Doctor’s for possibly as long as they have been involved in the NGO, maybe 10 years or more… Kabourakis even being employed by KEELPNO as the head for Trafficking…lol This from a man who on record spoke of human rights and for people being insured after stealing mine.

If deception isn’t bad enough anyway when you work and are paid for by the government, and we’re talking in the health domain, not only risking the lives of those who sought help and genuine medical assistance but also the medical confidentiality which they abused by falsely claiming to be Doctors.

If you suffer with HIV/Aids how would you feel about this? Someone lying and abusing their position to gain access to your details. What personal damage could these people inflict on you either maliciously or by accident?

What also came out recently was that the very same people who claim that people were being blackmailed by people – using the results of HIV people, were the people who had lied and falsely gained access to such details, the only ones within the organisation with such access in the first place… Interesting, coincidence, or more smoke where fire already rages out of control…?

Chrysoula Bosti – the financial Director allowed and conspired to help the others gain access to projects within KEELPNO, Andreas Syggros hospital and more, by using her access through her position and her influence in such circles that they worked, Kostadis Kabourakis and Andreas Grilleas suddenly gaining access to all the records available… Interestingly she then was the head co-ordinator of European funding for HIV/Aids projects within Greece, and coincidently involved with an NGO which gained such funding without supervision from KEELPNO…!

I’m personally sick to the back teeth with these people by now anyway and I’m sure some may be also, but these people are still working for KEELPNO, – f*ckin funny I know, but that’s the sadness. When you get ill and call the health sector and they send round a f*ckwit idiot who put’s your life at risk you might as well invite them in and ask them to help themselves to your hard earned money and possessions. Blame yourself if you chose to stay ignorant because this is exactly what is happening.

By no stretch of the imagination is all the health domain here like this, these people though represent the section I’m talking about, because they are FACTUAL, we have this in black and white fact, nearly two years of wading through red tape, people trying to cover it up and hide the facts and now it’s slowly gaining momentum.

I hear people telling me what’s the point here, ‘Etsi’ – nothing will change – Wrong. It has already in some ways, if you sit and do nothing then yes, enjoy your ‘frappe’ and complain about nothing happening, it won’t f*cking fix itself now will it? On the upside, Greece is much easier to fix than most people know as just about everyone you deal with at the level we have is lying, not doing their job properly, and probably guilty of half the crimes you’re accusing the ones you want dealing with anyway. With the right knowledge you can make change happen as there are laws that even the state has to abide by. Sure they lie to you, make it so that you don’t know about them, they ignore them and fck you about to the point whereby you just want to lock the doors and burn the place to the ground, (trust me, I know about that first hand), but presented with the facts, the law and they’re own job description if you have to, you can make them at least do what they are there to do, and if not you bust their ass in court like we have and do the same to the next halfwit who tries to be smart and not do his job, over and over till they know you know, and the next person just doesn’t want the sh*t he’ll inflict upon himself by covering up for those guiltier than him.

I choose not to do this by preference, I have a million other better things to do with my time, my life and my understanding of Greece. This wasn’t my Idea of how I’d learn about Greece. Neither do the people already involved who worked so hard getting this to where it is now, however in the last two years whereby myself and a select few have been bothered to try and sort out the many issues discovered on our voyage and it becomes clearer that someone has to because this joke is something that we are all paying for.

One of the people involved became involved simply because she was so appalled that her government could allow this to happen to innocent people who tried everything they could to do their best. The system lied and did it’s best to win but I got news for you, it didn’t. When it’s like this – it never will. Riots achieve satisfaction but rarely anything else, fcking the government with it’s own rules affects everything and does make a difference.

You’ve got to think of it as foreplay, it takes time before you can give it the proper f*cking it deserves and needs…

The country’s in decline, were all getting taxed to fck and where’s the money going? One example, case closed…

The true tragedy is that the system in place made this. KEELPNO who have exposed themselves as worst than ACTUP employed these people knowing they weren’t Doctors, and since has pressured and lied, tried to cover it all up and since done nothing to rectify the situation. The legal department have tried more than most to diplomatically cover it up, denied us access to documentation proving what we knew to be true, blatantly lied and refused protocol to documentation that we ALL have a legal right to view, employ known criminals who have been perverting the law, providing false documents to Ministries, and exposed as thieves. Claiming to be Doctors is just sick, gaining access to peoples medical records without right in such a highly sensitive domain is almost beyond words to me, to think that the Ministry allowed this is Criminal – Literally.

There’s a simple fix really and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist either..

Therein lies the tale of ‘fckdup athens‘, it wasn’t easy to explain without giving many of the specifics as I want you all to know the facts that certain people have tried to cover up recently and also refresh people to the saga and the state of KEELPNO.

Ten years of lying to people has proven to be a hard habit to break for some people recently and anyone can talk bullsh*t and speak volumes without presenting any factual accounts in or out of court about what he said and she said. but that’s why we’ve spent two years gathering FACT’s for people. We don’t go slandering people, lying about the facts and threatening people as others have.

Maybe no coincidence that at KEELPNO they deal with parasites and viruses… Half of them work there!