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Dear Syriza, please allow me the opportunity to indulge in some constructive criticism. . .

Please allow me a minute or two of your time. If you will.

I’m by no means a Politician, nor a particularly renowned Economist, nor an Expert in anything hugely relevant other than maybe a few subtle aspects of life which on the shop floor of society, I feel may have passed you by in your Political pursuits. Continue reading

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The daily fumble…

A new ‘Strike hotline’ is being prepared so if you have an Industry, a business or a commercially viable project which could be earning money or helping society get on the road to recovery, then we can provide an instant ‘Strikeforce’ to turn up on your doorstep and cancel out any proposed financial gain being made. Continue reading

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Greece – A Country at war with itself…

I haven’t taken to throwing petrol bombs at people and to ripping the city down but I understand what makes people so mad that they would.

“One bullet, a good scope and a high powered rifle are all you need to make an impact in Politics…” Continue reading

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