Dear America, like seriously!?

Well, where to f*cking start for one…!

You’ve suddenly become that fruity senile old racist xenophobe who sits in the corner of the ‘Worlds’ nursing home, rambling wildly and abusing everyone because your meds won’t EVER fix a problem you continually nurse into full effect. All those years of snorting Moonshine and Crystal Meth Enema’s whilst shooting N*ggers from the balcony finally seems to have finally taken it’s toll as you struggle to recite your crusty old bible backwards in a vain attempt to appease the God of Ammunition.

If you were a dog, we’d be inclined into thinking that taking you out the back and putting a few rounds through your head would be the best alternative to having you continually to try and hump everyones leg, as you do.

In fact ever since you wiped out the Native Americans you pretty much haven’t stopped trying to hump people’s legs. Full stop.

So where did it all go wrong?

Popular opinion would be to question when if ever did it ever go right?

Can’t ask the Natives, they’re all dead. Can’t ask the Blacks, they’re not all in custody yet and might do something unpredicatable like ‘voice an opinion‘ so that’s out, can’t ask Gays or Lesbians or anyone else who falls outside Adam and Eve’s extreme and yet beautiful incestuous circle of ‘love’ and you can’t ask many of the others who are left, because they still think Aliens anally probed them and are still sat around in their pants wearing tin foil hats waiting for Trump to become president.

The ones who are either ‘sane’, educated or sensible enough to know ‘common sense‘ and who try to live and do the right thing just darent fucking step outside the house and are probably peering down a Snipers sight listening to Radio Freedom and waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse as we speak.

Personally, I’m with them.

So, the last couple of years I suppose is as good as place as any to start and let’s face it, the focus could easily get lost along the way if we even dare look beyond the immediate and current circus which is currently swallowing up the world so effortlessly, and not for the reasons I’m sure most of you think either.

Mass-Debating… (Think about it)…

Let’s skip over the recent debate media debarcle that is the ‘now’ and can we just tackle one of the things which I feel is on most peoples minds globally…

Ronald McFlump… Doughnut Trunk, Whatever the f*ck his name is, it matters not.

Donald Trump, America, USA, Election, Map America

“One small step in sh*t for man, one Giant leap for Stupidity”

It can be nicely summed up with this little soundbite : What a complete and utter wanker.

The question is how did it EVER get to this, I mean COME THE F*CK ON!!!

America, or should I say the US of A, (don’t want the true America’s getting their knickers in a bunch, I hear ya!), so, a population of 324,701,378 (at the time of writing), and naturally subject to births, deaths and Blacks being shot by the Police obviously… and you honestly mean to tell the World that you can’t find a better candidate…!?

This is the best you have, like seriously!?

No ‘one star‘ McDonalds staff available? No car park valet’s looking for work, no homeless people aware that the White house might need a new squatter soon? No crack heads needing a roof over their heads?

Donalt Trump, hair, hairpiece, corn, cob, sweetcorn, president

I mean, was this Corn on the Cob NOT F*CKING AVAILABLE???

Instead we’ve got to watch Elmer Fudd run for Office!

I’d apply myself if I could but apart from not being a US citizen, it appears I don’t fear Muslims enough, I don’t hate ‘blackies‘ either and I actually do love the company of women as people, I don’t despise Mexicans and I quite like social diversity and haven’t got guns in every room in case I want to go ‘Postal’, plus having half a brain and trying to be engaged in the whole ‘human dynamic‘ is another failing which I regret otherwise I’d be all over that sh*t like Monica Lewinsky was.

On the upside, there’s clearly plenty of time for me to lose my mind, become rich and hate everyone non white, so I’m not ruling myself in the future. Just sayin…

Where is the Love?

Do Americans hate themselves that much? Is it not enough that you allow every lunatic to own a gun, grenade launcher, Mini-Nukes, and then moan about crime, assault and people f*cking up your show whenever they lose the lottery, cross the road, go to school, fart too loudly…

Makes you think. I’m beginning to wonder if you can actually die of natural causes in the United States these days, War, civil conflict, gang related shootings and ‘The Police‘ seem to have cornered the market in Death these days.  It’s hard to see how illness or misfortune can ever stand a chance.

Or is it that widespread these days that a bullet to the head now is just classed as ‘natural causes‘?

Police brutality, getting shot for not being a criminal, oh, you mean ‘State Assisted suicide‘… Lot’s of it about apparently.

I remember when criminals use to worry about going to prison and facing the Death sentence, at least that had a 10 year appeal time and you could be proven to be innocent in some cases, seems like these days hoping to get the Death penalty is safer than walking the streets if your Black…

Not that America suffers a racial biase in anyway, they presently have a the misfortune of a Black Muslim born Mexican running the Country from what I’ve seen and heard, and what a fine job Obama Bin Maracas has done too!

It’s just a shame that in the aftermath of a non white religious biggot running the Country  for once, and doing rather well at it, plus the added shock of him not turning out to be a Cotton Picking halfwit and bringing the Country to it’s knees, that now the desperate race to re-install a lunatic white f*ckwit racist to appease the hill billy crackers is on and in full effect…

Basically, anyone will do, clearly…

Forget Hilary and whatever you think about her running for Office, just the fact that Arnold Stump is able to is beyond words.

Donald Trump, Simsons, Homer, Cartoon, hair, Homer Simpson, 2016


Homer Simpson is sadly just a cartoon otherwise he’d be most peoples favourite I’m sure, and to be honest, half the world would breathe a sigh of relief it it was Homer Simpson…

Donald Trump : An NKVD infiltrator or 2 North Korean’s in a Dumbass suit?

It’s a genuine thing, it has to be!

I can only assume that he’s part of either part of a North Korean or Russian plan to infilitrate the US and bring it’s own end upon itself. People often blame and claim that covert and underhand Politics are all part of today’s war games, and who can blame them.

There’s no way you’d do this to yourselves, surely? Not even in private. Not even for pure humiliation, and I’m no stranger to kink… But seriously, this is the worst self abuse you could ever subject yourselves to, honestly…

It’s not just bordering on the surreal, it’s ridiculous as a concept, as a premise, as a f*cked up reality that you’d pray scientists would discover in a Matrix simulation, somewhere FAR FAR WAY…

Sadly, this is our Matrix, our reality and it’s very much like someone put too many ‘scooby snacks‘ in the cookie tin and we’ve all got the munchies.

If you’ve ever been soooo stoned that you’ve willingly sat through daytime TV, you’d expect to see this on the Jerry Springer show, Jeremy Kyle, ANY COMEDY SHOW.

Not the news. Not the World News, and not as a serious story.

More a case of “Meanwhile a 300 pound Monkey escaped captivity and is now heading for the White House, experts hope to catch him before the rest of the Country f*cking vote it in…”

Donald Trump, monkey, sexist, racist, uneducated, primate

“White house, Hello?”

You do realise that the rest of the World can see all this? I mean, you’re not all living life thinking like you’re in your own ‘Truman Show’, sooner or later it’s turns out that it’s just a wacky gameshow…

So time to reset. If not for our sakes, the sake of the Planet, but for yourselves.

Surely you do understand that part?

Reset the USA, reformat, USA, America, start again, new begining

Try just one more time to be sure…


κ.Γιάννης Ν. Ραγκούσης

Dear Γιάννης Ν. Ραγκούσης,

Thank you for your email.

I hope that in it’s sending you are keen to hear back from people who similarly share a hope in the context of what was sent and that you are not just another suit hoping to rub shoulders with the already well stocked ‘rogues gallery’ of potential successors to the current Comedy Government, as myself and 10 million Greeks seek something new and better than what has come before and we are all more than ready to see you prove yourself by your words and deeds if such is your plight.

I myself am a relative newcomer to Greece in the grand scheme of things however in my 5 years here have been fighting to highlight corruption and malpractice within the Health sector myself due to foolishly being led to trust in this sector by those who so easily have been allowed to mistreat it.

It is nothing but positive to see that some aim to help where help is long needed and I myself would further aid where possible as would most given chance to help push Policies retake power from the greedy cartels and individuals who seek to burn Greece from within.

I neither care for Political parties here and am neither swayed into believing any at present are truthfully seeking to help Greece build upon it’s foundations, most rather seem intent on helping themselves to what is left whilst whatever bounty is still available on the way down. I am however similarly affiliated with like minded individuals who I know here who just want the Country to be moving forward at a time when so many in power seek to bask in the spotlight of Government rather than the attempt of future glory.

Having witnessed first hand the level of systematic abuse which goes on within Greece on so many levels, and foremost in Government itself, I cannot stress enough how someone in a position such as your’s needs to address the trust of those you seek to vote for you if you are to ever gain anything.

My fight has been with (Non Government Organisations – MKO’s), although KEELPNO and other sectors within Health have proven as guilty too however I find it appalling that the state not only allows this to happen, but seemingly has it as standard procedure when it comes to this sector in particular. Fortunately my time has been tied up with this and trying to survive whilst the state persecutes those for fighting it, and yet rewards the criminals for their audacious malpractice and behaviour, otherwise I’d have happily helped lift the lid on many other issues as well, not particularly because I want to but because it needs doing and someone has to, something few within roles capable even vaguely attempt to do so. . .

I am keen to help in anyway with Greece as it is now my home, one I love and I have and will do all I can to help make this place a better place, for not just myself but the many Greeks who once boasted of it’s wonder and only now watch to see it robbed, abused and neglected by so many of these ‘Lamoyo’ scum who have made a living out of helping run this Country down in their own selfish pursuit of either fame, money or status.

On a personal note, I’d personally bring back hanging and be rid of half the problem by lunchtime tomorrow, by the time their assets would have been seized we’d have Sakis back in next years Eurovision and have change from all the Champagne I’d have been buying Greeks in celebration of a job well done. But that’s just my opinion, on the upside, all the ‘now’ empty positions would mean that as a result of so much greedy, incompetent or ‘connected’ driftwood cast aside, we’d also have solved the unemployment problem too, but hey, that’d be crazy right?!

So, the links you’ll find below cover just a fraction of what has been discovered and highlighted on how KEELPNO (ΚΕΕΛ) has illegally employed staff to pretend to be Doctors, ran non legal via projects through NGO’s who in-turn  have stolen state & EU funding whilst their staff masquerade as something they are not, abusing those they claim to help and misinforming those whilst prolonging their deceit. Take this as a test case and apply it across the general practice of such Organisations and before you know it you’ll have saved hundreds of millions of Euro’s, rid the world of another couple of thousand Malaka’s and given people a reason to trust the state and NGO’s once again.

If you’re mail is one of virtue and your intentions are clear to purpose with making Greece a better place too then many issues need addressing, the ‘Lagarde list’ as mentioned in your mail is a point which drew attention however whilst many people debate over whether or not the gaining of this list was acceptable, the context of what the list represents highlights a small fraction of where Greece’s monetary value has disappeared over the many years individuals have found opportunity in such avoidance.

Arguing about why and how the list happened is irrelevant when the life of a nation hangs in the balance and until the core issues are addressed it only weakens any hope for progress anyway.

As a foreigner and having come from the UK, my first alarming observation is how the System, the People and the Law allow and have allowed Politicians, the wealthy and State employee’s who have been known to embezzle or rob from the state freedom and immunity from prosecution in many cases over time. This is clearly one of the most important issues that needs amending within the Constitution, (TODAY), and is something which subsequently will help seize much needed assets from those who still spend the money which led the Country to now borrow from the IMF in the first place.

Few people seem willing to acknowledge the fact that by allowing people in Government a ‘get out of Jail card’ to start with also gives them a ‘steal all you can’ card the very same day they start office.

Failure to change this means that all finances gained will still prove benefit to those seeking to steal them rather than spend them on the Greek nation and people who voted them in to at least do their jobs correctly. It won’t stop the problem overnight but accountability enables a Nation to properly govern it’s finances, where at present whilst EU money comes in the front door, MP’s and civil servants are passing it out the back door we have no hope.

I would like to put some faith in yet another Moral and Ethical defender of Greece and would like to see action come to task in fighting these and many other problems however fear that presently Government is just an old boys club where corrupt MP’s just pass the baton to the next recruits when window dressing needs re-shuffling due to media pressure rather than Policy’s being forged into bonds.

Please prove me wrong and stand up for the people as I sincerely hope you will however change needs sacrifice, I know I’ve been through hell just trying to get those within the state to do the right thing and know from first hand experience here that corruption sadly still runs this Country on too many levels.

Also on a personal experience which I lived through here and saw first hand, I am saddened to have experienced being treated like a criminal by the state for refusing to steal state money and by approaching the authorities to help when those who committed such unethical behaviour were discover by myself and a few others who tried to do the right thing, sadder still to see elements of the press and certain factions work to cover this up only to finally get to the Government body responsible which then spent the best part of a year denying the facts, providing mis-information and by allowing those found guilty to continue. . . WTF.

The message that the system gives to everyone right now is ‘be a criminal, we will protect you’, hardly a vote of confidence or something to inspire the people with.

Making a nation great again will take more than popularity and Policy, it will take Balls and in my humble opinion they’ll need to rival King Kong’s. A popular person won’t ever be able to make a difference because what is needed won’t make that person popular, (so bear in mind that if you want to succeed, you need to be hated to get sh*t done), something I know which largely conflicts with the current media vogue when MP’s set to running for Office these days, however if you haven’t already given up on common sense and still feel Greece can become what it deserves to be once more, then you have my help in anyway possible, and I’m sure you will have that of all the Greeks here keen to see their lives becoming their own once again too.

Put simply, stop the corruption, punish and seize from those who have stolen, make people accountable and make people know that their taxes are being spent where they need to be spent, no one here presently likes the idea of growing old only to get to a Hospital and find their either on Strike, out of medication or have to wait 2 days to be seen by a f*ckwit plumber who’s paid by the state to pretend to be a Doctor. . .

And yes, that’s what’s happening now. I know, I’ve been fighting it for nearly 5 years and these pricks are still doing it. . .

That’s what these years of Austerity measures have done for people’s confidence, F*CK ALL. . .

Be different than the other’s who’ve come before : Do something good for a change. Please.

Links of note :

yours sincerely,

Simon A.Rawicz