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Darned pikies stealing all our crumpets

Athens burns, Obama is the Anti-Christ, Strikes are imminent, Merkel has a Penis and I have a beer. F*ck it, whatever… Continue reading

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If In doubt – Monica Bellucci

Technology! What a wonder that became, Now all I get to see is people walking into lampposts as they stare into their phones, tripping over raised paving slabs and stumbling over steps as they wade through dogsh*t and bounce off people tweeting about where they’re next off to. Continue reading

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Kiss my peachy arse you futhermuckers…

If it were up to me right now, there’d be a lot less to worry about, FACT.

I know this because many of you would have been lined up and shot along time ago, well before you had chance to read this and well before your ‘tut’s, ‘groans’ and general discontent would have been noted.

Harsh I know, but in my defence – I care not.

Τoday I’ve had about enough of the world as I can take. Continue reading

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Things to look forward to in 2011…

Inspired by KEELPNO and the Greek CDC… WhoTheF*ckAreYouLyingToTube was unfortunately shut down due to having too many members who had been lied to and abused and the server couldn’t handle the amount of people or complaints, not too mention the … Continue reading

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